Friday, January 23, 2009

Topic For Discussion: Sun

Does Sun have an ulterior motive for meeting with Kate?

Could Sun be the client who hired the lawyers to subpoena Kate for a blood sample?

What are your feelings about Sun? Is she up to something? She said she doesn't blame Kate for Jin's death... but are those her true feelings?



Shannon said...

I'm not sure yet what Sun is up to...

But here is what I want to know...

They've been off the island for 3 years now, right? When Sun showed the picture of her daughter to Kate, it was a photo of an infant. Ji-Yeon would be at least two years old... so why didn't Sun have a more recent photo???

kara with a k said...

I hadn't thought about the pic, that is interesting, isn't it?

It may just be coincidence that Sun just happened to call Kate (and knew her cell number) while she was on the run, AFTER the men came wanting a sample. But this is LOST we're talking about here.

I get the weird vibes from Sun. I don't trust her, but I don't completely blame her for going to the dark side (if she has), after losing Jin.

What I really think is that Widmore or Ben sent those men. If Widmore did, it was to get Kate to run so that Ben couldn't find her. If he knew she would run he could have let Sun know she was running and with his resources had her cell number too. If Ben sent the men, it was just to scare Kate and possibly send her running to Jack, who Ben already had. So either scenario is possible.

Now. Sun has an agenda of her own. She is only teaming up with Widmore to get revenge or possibly find Jin if he is in fact still alive. When the season finale aired I was convinced he was still alive. But if he was part of the radius of the island then he would have washed to shore by now (perhaps?). But then again maybe he has and they haven't found him yet. Perhaps he wasn't part of the radius and floated on some debris and has amnesia (which is kind of a lame soapy story line, but whatever) and was found by fishermen and is living on an island somewhere. OR was found by Widmore and is just being held captive by him, or perhaps doing the same kind of work he used to do for his father in law, and somehow he and Sun's paths will finally cross. I obviously have a big imagination, because I really don't want him to be dead. I love Sun and Jin together.

All this to say, Sun isn't someone you mess around with. She proved that in how she dealt with her father after she came back from the crash.

Melissa said...

Something is definitely up with her. I thought the same thing when I saw that picture.

I think she is upset with Kate. Kate assured her that if Sun got on the helicopter with Aaron, that she would get Jin on, too. And we all saw how that went down. I think Sun secretly wants to go back to the island. It's where their life took a turn for the better.

She knows something.

I want to know what Sawyer whispered to Kate on the heli. That has been bugging me.

Denise said...

Sun is trouble, but what kind I'm not sure of. At first I thought that she ordered the blood tests but then decided that Ben did it to make Kate want to escape. Remember she really can't leave with Aaron to go to the island because she's on probation and can't leave California for 10 years.

But I rewatched the episodes last night and now I'm not sure about Sun ordering the test. She didn't seem surprised and was pretty quick to tell Kate to do whatever it took to keep Aaron. Why? Why such a strong reaction? Then she goes on to say that Kate said she'd get Jin but didn't and that Sun didn't blame her. But then she instantly asks about Jack. I don't think any of that was coincidence. She's got tons of money, she could be keeping tabs on all of them and know Jack has flipped out.

I don't trust Sun. At one point she and Hurley were close (Hurley was there to visit the cemetery after the baby's birth) but what about now? I'm not sure what she's up too.

Lula! said...

Melissa--DarkUfo had the video of Sawyer whispering to Kate just before jumping--they got the audio up, so obviously the Lost producers knew the crazy fans would figure it out. He told her he had a daughter in Alabama...and to find her, and tell her he's sorry.

You Tube used to have a video of this, too--I'll try to find it later.

Let's not forget who Sun's father is. She is his SEED. Ha. So that apple ain't gonna fall far from the tree. She's raging mad, but I'm not for sure that it's at Ben...she's just playing Widmore. I think. Maybe.

I dunno--but girl is on a mission. And evil mission. Bwahahahahaha!

Denise said...

I have throw this out there and get everyone's opinion. My brother thinks that Ben is a nice guy now, on Team Jack and company. I tell him that Ben is out for Ben and their interests just happen to mesh in this instance. He won't let it drop and and sites the second to the last paragraph of this recap from Dark UFO
Ms. Hawkings, a Pendulum, and Some Very Serious High-Level Mathematics
It appears that disrupting the historic course of the island has sent things spinning toward an impending, disastrous end. As Hawking tells Ben in the big revealing scene: "Seventy hours is what you've got". If we assume this season ends with the O6 returning to the island, then the entire story arc of our season will fit into less than three days. Three off-island days, that is. Who knows how much time that translates to in Sawyer/Juliet/Locke hours. But if Jack's group fails to get back in time, Hawkings 'Every single one of us will be dead' prophecy seems like it will be fulfilled. Doesn't this finally put Ben on the good guy team? If not I'm not sure what does.

Your thoughts?

Denise said...

A person on Dark UFO who thinks Sun ordered the blood tests on Kate and Aaron.

Anonymous said...

I don't think she blames Kate cause she told her dad there were 2 people responsible for her husband's death. One was her dad and the other has to be Ben.

I think either Ben subpeonad her to scare her into getting away from her life in the "real world" or Widmore did cause he's a dick.