Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Package

I've always been intrigued by the Sun/Jin love story. Coming from such disparate backgrounds, they fell in love, but happiness was tough to find living under the iron will of Sun's father. He forced Jin into impossible situations and drove a wedge between husband and wife. In some ways, it seems that the island brought them together in a way that might not have been possible had they made it to LA. We know that her father would have found them and they would never have been given the time to really get to know each other. To fall back in love.

I know I'm late getting this up, so this is just a quick recap to grease the wheels for tonight's episode. Let's get sussing!

How surprised were you that Sun and Jin weren't married in Sideways world? Even when Sun handed the hotel clerk a registration slip for Paik, I didn't pick up on it. But then when Jin points to his bare ring finger and says "No Married!", I was like ein minuten, bitte?! Concluding that they weren't even an item, I couldn't figure out why Sun would have made the trip with him. UNTIL...

Sun invited Jin into the hotel room and started unbuttoning her blouse! At first, I thought, she's seducing him but it was quickly apparent that this wasn't the first time for these two. I love Jin's face as Sun opens button after button, asking, "should I close this one?" 

When Keamy showed up at their hotel room, you knew nothing good could come of it. We'd already seen him get the beat down from Sayid, but beyond that, we just know that he is not a good guy. So I was definitely not surprised to learn that his job was to kill Jin. His sensitivity caught me off guard, though. "The heart wants what the heart wants" he said. "But maybe some people just aren't meant to be together." After all the troubles Sun and Jin have been through, on and off the island, those words are all the more meaningful.

The show down in the OK kitchen. You just knew that Jin was going to be a bad ass. Muscles like that, man knows how to use 'em. But Sun taking a bullet! And then as Jin is carrying her away, she says "I'm pregnant!" DUDE. 

 Back on the island...

It was the Hydra Island "others" who were watching the camp via night vision goggles when the show opened. So clearly they had been plotting an opportunity to attack the camp and grab Jin. Did they wait until FLocke took off or did FLocke know what was coming and Jin being grabbed was all part of some plan? Since FLocke/smoke monster could easily have taken out any one who threatened them, the former seems likely.

Flocke is clearly in a tizzy that Widmore took Jin. So much so, that he attempts to bring Sun in to the fold to entice him back, but she makes a run for it. Banging up her head in her escape, resulting in aphasia, or the inability to speak. In her case, only English. But Jack, back to form, turns up with a pad and paper and an answer to her problem.

So Flock sends Sayid to Hydra and prepares to make the journey himself. Sawyer asks why he doesn't just turn into smoke and fly over there. Something I had been wondering myself. I love it when tv shows actually address the weird questions. The answer, he can't. So is it that in his natural(?) state, he can't travel over water?

Flocke finds a series of pylons on the beach of Hydra Island emitting a high electrical field. And the answer to the strange security system around the Dharma camp comes clear. It was to protect the inhabitants from HIM. When Widmore greets him from the other side of the fence, denying his request to return Jin, Flocke says: "A wise man once said that war was coming to this island. I think it just got here." Now THAT was a look that could kill.

Trouble is coming, friends. And we know who is going to be at the heart of it.

The countdown to tonight's Desmond-centric episode is on. Are you all as excited as I am to see what Sideways Lost has in store for him? And to see why and how he is "the Package?"