Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Few Unanswered Questions

I know I can't be the only one who feels like there were many things left unanswered by the end of our favorite show.

A friend of mine sent this video to me and I'm not sure if it upsets me more now that I know these are questions that we will never know the answer to......

I know some of it is just going to be open to interpretation, but seriously. Watch this video and see if this doesn't make you feel like Damon and Carlton owe us an explanation.

What do you think? (click here if video doesn't load)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Beginning of The End.

While it made me tear up, I really wasn't surprised to receive this message...from the finest cast of the finest show on television:

Strip away every mystery, every unanswered question, and every theory, and what remains is the characters. For six years we have journeyed with these fictional people--and hasn't it been a blast?

We, the viewers, have spent this these final few days preparing for The End. I find it awfully kind and classy for the cast of Lost to have taken a moment out of their day to do the same for their audience.

If you have written or will write a post about our favorite show on your personal blog, we Sussers want to read it! Link it up here and let's all enjoy the very final turn on the exhilarating ride we call Lost.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Across The Sea

The mystery surrounding Jacob has endured since his name was first uttered in Season Two. At first we wondered who he was, and then what he was and now we begin to wonder why he is. He often served as a protector and adviser, but his manipulations were driven by an unknown purpose, with occasionally fatal consequences. He is truly an enigma.

We met his fellow inhabitant of the island, known to us as the "Man In Black" in the Season Five finale. At the time, we didn't know his significance. Only that he had been there a loooong time and harbored ill will towards Jacob. An ill will that led him, in the form of a now deceased John Locke, to convince Ben to kill Jacob, an act we were left to assume he was not capable (barred by island magic?) to do himself. Since then, MiB, as Flocke or the Smoke Monster, has doled out one beating after another on anyone who stood in the way of his goal of getting off the island.

Throughout, Jacob has been seen as the positive or "good" force on the island, while the MiB has been the "bad." One fair, one brunette. One always clothed in white, the other black. Light and dark. Good and evil. Or so it seemed. With this episode, we are forced to rethink our previous ideas. Turns out, much like the weather outside here today, there's a lot of gray involved.

So let's get sussing!

The episode opens to the wreckage of a boat and a lone survivor clambering for the surface. She finds her way to the beach and we see that she is pregnant. Stumbling through the forest, she comes across a stream where she cups water to her mouth. Seeing a reflection in the water, she is startled to find a woman looking down on her. The woman seems kindly and helpful, bringing the pregnant woman to her camp where she feeds her and prepares poultices for her wounds.

As she is eating, the pregnant woman, who has introduced herself as Claudia, grimaces. The baby is coming.  The kindly woman helps her deliver her child, whom Claudia names Jacob, and then wraps him in a white cloth and sets him aside. But Claudia grimaces and we realize that there is another baby coming. Twins! The woman helps deliver this baby, too, and she sets him next to his brother wrapped in a dark cloth. "I only picked one name," Claudia says. (I thought for sure we would finally learn his name here. RATS.)

But then the kindly local woman turned midwife apologizes to Claudia and BASHES HER BRAINS IN! Quelle surprise, no?


Teen in Black is sitting on the beach when his fake mama sits down next to him. A conversation follows that produces the following gems:

"Jacob doesn't know how to lie, he's not like you. You're special."

"There is nowhere else. The island is all there is."

"Dead is something you will never have to worry about."

Clearly, there is a special relationship here. Some favoritism, perhaps? 


The boys chase a boar through the jungle when suddenly it is speared by an unknown man. The boys hide, watching these "others" that they have never seen before. The race back to their mother. "They're not like us," she says. "We are here for a reason." "What reason?" Jacob asks. "It's not time yet." She says. But when pressed, she says "come with me" and leads them through the forest. As she drags them behind her, blindfolded, she tells them that they come from another part of the island, she explains about the people. But when Teen in Black asks if they can hurt people, she stops and pulls down their blindfolds so she can look in their eyes when she says, "I've made it so you can never hurt each other."

 "This is the reason we're here," she says:

"Light. The warmest, brightest light you've ever seen or felt. And we must make sure that no one ever finds it. A little bit of this same light is inside every man. And they always want more. They will try to take it and if they try, they could put it out. And if the light goes out here, it goes out everywhere. So I've protected this place, but I can't protect it forever. It will have to be one of you that takes over."


Playing the game he created, Teen in Black sees his real mama. Jacob can't see her. She tells him she's dead and leads him to a field overlooking a village. "They came from across the sea," Claudia says, "there are many things across the sea. You came from across the sea, too. I am your mother." (in her best Darth Vader voice)

Teen in Black wakes Jacob and tries to get him to come with him to go live with "their" people. When he tells Jacob that she isn't their mother, Jacob goes whackadoodle and throws Teen in Black to the ground, beating the tar out of him. Fake Mama pulls him off, but Teen in Black is not to be deterred, "We don't belong here, she killed our mother! Come with me." But Jacob says no. Fake Mom says "Whatever you've been told, you will never be able to leave this island." "That's not true," Teen in Black responds, "one day I will prove it."


Jacob and Fake Mama sit on the beach. He asks if she killed their mother. She admits to it, but says that if she had let her live, she would have taken them back to her people and they are very bad. She couldn't let him become like them. She needed him to stay good. "Am I good, mother?" Jacob asks. "Yes, of course, you are. Will you stay with me, Jacob?" How could he say no? And the seed is planted for Jacob to stay on the island.


After 30 years with the other people, the Man in Black thinks he has found a way off the island. He and the People have discovered that metal behaves strangely in certain spots in places all over the island. When they find those spots, they dig. And they've found something.

Fake Mama comes to visit the Man in Black as he works. He tells her that although he searched the island over, he could never find the Light again. So he thought. And he deduced that the light was coming from underneath. So he dug.

He shows Fake Mama the wheel he is building that will harness the power of the light and he will finally be able to leave this island.

"Then I suppose this is goodbye," FM says and approaches her adopted son. She reaches to him and pulls him into a hug. She holds his head as she looks into his eyes and says, "I am so sorry" and then she rams his head against the stone wall. That woman ain't right.

(After that I scene, I texted Shannon, HE'S one of the skeletons! I marvel at how Damon and Carlton pulled that back to this. This is one of those times where I wonder if they had that in mind all along or if they worked that back in to the storyline.)

Back to the show.

FM leads Jacob to the Spring of Light. What's down there?" he asks. "Life, death, rebirth. It's the source, the heart of the island. You're going to protect it now. Just don't ever go down there. You'd be worse than dying if you do." As she pours out a cup of wine (the same bottle it seems from when he described the island as a cork to Richard in "The Substitute"), she murmurs an incantation and  hands him the cup. After a pouty bit, she talks him into it and he drinks the wine. "Now, you and I are the same," she says. Same what? Immortal? All-knowing?


At the People's camp, Jacob comes to with a nasty headache, only to find his well collapsed and all of the People killed. He finds his game box among the charred remains of the village. And now he's angry. You won't like Man in Black when he's angry.


Jacob leaves FM to go collect firewood in preparation for a coming storm at the behest of FM. She returns to her cave to find it in a shambles. Or more of a shambles, it is a cave after all. On the floor, she finds the game box and in it, two stones, one black, one white. Just as she picks up the black one to look at it, she gets stabbed through the stomach from behind.  As she falls to the floor, bleeding and on the brink of death, she thanks MiB.

Jacob comes into the cave and finds MiB standing over FM. "She was crazy," MiB shouts as Jacob drags him along the forest, "You can't kill me, she made it that way." "Don't worry, brother, I'm not going to kill you" Jacob says as he throws MiB down in front of the Spring of Light. "You want to find the light, you want to leave this place, brother? Then go." Then Jacob throws him down into the water and he is sucked tout de suite down into the spring.

Within seconds, a rumbling erupts and an inky column of smoke emerges from the Spring, clacking and screaming as it pours out into the forest.

Crouching over the stream, splashing water on his face, Jacob looks over and sees the body of his brother washed up on a rock. He tenderly carries him to the cave and lays him out next to Fake Mama. Entwining their hands around a small sack containing the black and white rock. "Good bye, brother, good bye."


Questions and Thoughts:

- Why didn't Fake Mama age? She was clearly mortal, because she died. Was she "gifted" with the job of protection by a previous person?

- Was the ghost of Claudia real? Or was she the embodiment of the evil force on the island, that same force that later takes the form of Christian and Locke among others, doing what it had to do to drive a wedge between the boys?

- Clearly someone finished the wheel. Was it Smoky/Man in Black?

- Do you think the flashback at the end to Jack and Kate finding the skeletons was unnecessary?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Candidate

This one's going to be painful, y'all.

I can't even deal with what happened on the Island yet... so let's begin with the events of AlternaLost:

Locke is in recovery from his emergency spinal surgery. Jack is there to tell Locke he's a "candidate" for a new surgery, saying, "I can fix you."

But Locke turns down the surgery, something Jack can't comprehend. And because he can't leave well enough alone, Jack decides to find out the details of how Locke ended up in the wheelchair. He tracks down Dr. Nadler, who did some oral surgery on Locke and "Anthony Cooper" a few years ago, following their accident.

Did anyone else get creepy vibes coming from Bernard?

Jack tracks down Anthony Cooper in a nursing home, where he also runs into Helen. She spills that Cooper is Locke's father, and we see he's also in a wheelchair and a vegetative state.

Jack catches up with Locke as he's being discharged from the hospital. (Oh, before that, Jack was at Locke's bedside, and as he's sleeping, Locke mumbles, "I wish you had believed me.") Locke gives Jack the details of his accident (a plane crash!)... adding that he was the pilot and his dad, his very first passenger. Something went wrong and now it's Locke's fault that his dad is the way he is. Jack says to Locke, "Whatever happened, happened" and that he needs to let his father go... just as Locke told him to about his own father. Again, Jack tries to get Locke to agree to the surgery, but Locke wheels away. Jack yells after him, "I wish you'd believe me!"... and although Locke pauses for a moment, he keeps on going.

OK, now onto the hard part... the events that happened on the Island:

Somebody hold me...

Jack wakes up in one of the outriggers, finding Sayid on the beach of Hydra Island, who tells Jack that the MIB camp was attacked (no sign of Ben or Miles)

I'm not the only one who gets nervous each time we see an outrigger, am I? I'm still waiting to see who it was Juliet (may she rest in peace) shot during the chase last season...

Anyway, Sayid tells Jack that Flocke saved him, and Jack wants to know why he was brought to Hydra. Flocke shows up and answers, "Because your friends got themselves captured" and he needs Jack's help to rescue them. Jack agrees to help, but insists he won't leave the Island. Locke tells Jack the reason he should be trusted is because while Flocke could kill Jack and his friends, he's chosen not to.

Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Sun, Lapidus, Claire, and Hurley are taken by Widmore's team to the cages. Widmore asks why the sonar fence isn't "live" yet (does this mean it wasn't when Flocke confronted Widmore on the beach???) and that it had better be soon, because "he's coming".

"He" being Flocke, of course... and come he does, taking out Widmore's men. Jack arrives to get the rest of the gang out of the cages.


Here was my favorite Hurley moment of the episode:

"And we're dead."


After finding Sayid in the jungle, the group meets up with Flocke at the plane. Flocke has found explosives on the plane... and since it's not safe, they'll be taking the sub off the island. Sawyer hangs back and asks Jack for help in keeping Flocke off the sub once everyone else is onboard.

As they come to the dock, Sawyer, Frank, Jin, Sun and Hurley run to the sub first. They make it safely into the sub, so Kate, Hurley, Claire and Sayid make a run for it, with Jack and Flocke bringing up the rear. But before the second group can board, Jack pushes Flocke into the water... they're fired upon by some more of Widmore's men.

I can't believe Kate got shot!

I can't believe they left Claire behind!

Flocke is pissed.

Or so it seems. But then when Claire is running after the sub, Flocke grabs her and tells her, "Trust me, you don't want to be on that sub."

On board, Jack is tending to Kate. Looking into his pack for a shirt to stop her bleeding, he finds instead a bomb. Which was placed there by Flocke, using the same explosives he had found on the plane.

Everyone starts to panic... except for Jack. He tries to convince everyone that they'll be fine... that if Flocke could have killed them, he'd have done so by now. Sawyer's not buying it... but Jack says, "James, you have to trust me."

Has Jack referred to Sawyer as "James" before? Does anyone know?

Sorry, Doc... but Sawyer doesn't trust you, and he pulls the wires. The bomb doesn't go off, but the timer starts ticking down faster. Sayid tells Jack where to find Desmond, and that "it's going to be you". He then runs off... WITH THE BOMB!

Although I'm still reeling at the loss, I'm glad he sacrificed himself to save the others... I think we were all hoping there was still some good left in Sayid.

From the explosion, Sun gets trapped. Hurley and Kate make their escape while Jack, Sawyer and Jin try to free Sun... until Sawyer gets knocked out. Jin convinces Jack to save himself and Sawyer while he stays behind with Sun...

OK, we all know what happened next...

Geez, just posting that pic has me welling up! Cuse and Lindelof, you two are cruel, cruel bastards.

Jack makes it to the beach with Sawyer (who's breathing, yay!) and here come Kate and Hurley. While watching what happened to Jin and Sun did bring me to tears, it was
this that reduced me to a blubbering mess...

I know I wasn't the only one to be done in by Hurley's sob.

Jack breaking down didn't help my weeping situation, either.

The episode ends with Flocke knowing the sub has sunk, but not everyone on board died. How does he know this? He then starts to walk off, and Claire asks where he's going. His reply?

"To finish what I started."

A few more thoughts:

  • If anything, this episode proved once and for all that Flocke is evil.
  • Are we to assume Lapidus is dead? I know we didn't actually see him make it off the sub... but we didn't actually see him die, either.
  • Cara's thoughts: "I'm thinking more and more that AlternaLost is the one that is real." What do you think, Sussers? Could AlternaLost be the "real" timeline?

Let's discuss!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Recaps will resume tomorrow!

*tap* *tap *tap*

Is this thing on? Anyone?


I could go on and on about how we here at SOL have been busy these last few weeks... but, honestly, I think the reason we've slacked on the recaps is that we're all in denial.

Denial that the most awesome show ever to grace the television airwaves will cease to be by the month's end.

Denial that when this month is over, there will be no more exlaimations of "Dude!" courtesy of Hurley.

No more Shirtless Desmond...

or Shirtless Sawyer...

No more Kate...

Oh, wait a minute... never mind.

I'll be back tomorrow with the recap of tonight's episode, "The Candidate", as well as catching up on what's gone down on the Island and off these last few weeks!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Package

I've always been intrigued by the Sun/Jin love story. Coming from such disparate backgrounds, they fell in love, but happiness was tough to find living under the iron will of Sun's father. He forced Jin into impossible situations and drove a wedge between husband and wife. In some ways, it seems that the island brought them together in a way that might not have been possible had they made it to LA. We know that her father would have found them and they would never have been given the time to really get to know each other. To fall back in love.

I know I'm late getting this up, so this is just a quick recap to grease the wheels for tonight's episode. Let's get sussing!

How surprised were you that Sun and Jin weren't married in Sideways world? Even when Sun handed the hotel clerk a registration slip for Paik, I didn't pick up on it. But then when Jin points to his bare ring finger and says "No Married!", I was like ein minuten, bitte?! Concluding that they weren't even an item, I couldn't figure out why Sun would have made the trip with him. UNTIL...

Sun invited Jin into the hotel room and started unbuttoning her blouse! At first, I thought, she's seducing him but it was quickly apparent that this wasn't the first time for these two. I love Jin's face as Sun opens button after button, asking, "should I close this one?" 

When Keamy showed up at their hotel room, you knew nothing good could come of it. We'd already seen him get the beat down from Sayid, but beyond that, we just know that he is not a good guy. So I was definitely not surprised to learn that his job was to kill Jin. His sensitivity caught me off guard, though. "The heart wants what the heart wants" he said. "But maybe some people just aren't meant to be together." After all the troubles Sun and Jin have been through, on and off the island, those words are all the more meaningful.

The show down in the OK kitchen. You just knew that Jin was going to be a bad ass. Muscles like that, man knows how to use 'em. But Sun taking a bullet! And then as Jin is carrying her away, she says "I'm pregnant!" DUDE. 

 Back on the island...

It was the Hydra Island "others" who were watching the camp via night vision goggles when the show opened. So clearly they had been plotting an opportunity to attack the camp and grab Jin. Did they wait until FLocke took off or did FLocke know what was coming and Jin being grabbed was all part of some plan? Since FLocke/smoke monster could easily have taken out any one who threatened them, the former seems likely.

Flocke is clearly in a tizzy that Widmore took Jin. So much so, that he attempts to bring Sun in to the fold to entice him back, but she makes a run for it. Banging up her head in her escape, resulting in aphasia, or the inability to speak. In her case, only English. But Jack, back to form, turns up with a pad and paper and an answer to her problem.

So Flock sends Sayid to Hydra and prepares to make the journey himself. Sawyer asks why he doesn't just turn into smoke and fly over there. Something I had been wondering myself. I love it when tv shows actually address the weird questions. The answer, he can't. So is it that in his natural(?) state, he can't travel over water?

Flocke finds a series of pylons on the beach of Hydra Island emitting a high electrical field. And the answer to the strange security system around the Dharma camp comes clear. It was to protect the inhabitants from HIM. When Widmore greets him from the other side of the fence, denying his request to return Jin, Flocke says: "A wise man once said that war was coming to this island. I think it just got here." Now THAT was a look that could kill.

Trouble is coming, friends. And we know who is going to be at the heart of it.

The countdown to tonight's Desmond-centric episode is on. Are you all as excited as I am to see what Sideways Lost has in store for him? And to see why and how he is "the Package?"

Sunday, March 21, 2010


No brilliant opening for this post... let's just get to sussing about this Sawyer-centric episode!

Beginning with the events on the island...

Sawyer has been taking care of the injured Jin at Crazy Claire's makeshift tent:

Jin's all, "Dude, we gots to get outta here! Before those whackadoodles come back!"... but Sawyer's like, "Chillax, Kato... it's all good." Sawyer lets Jin know that he's with Locke, "or whoever he is", only because he can them off the island (or so he says).

Flocke, Crazy Claire, Kate, Sayid, and the rest of the Others from the Temple finally appear. Everyone wants to know what happened to those who stayed at the Temple. Flocke's answer: "the black smoke killed them".

Before they head out, Kate sees Crazy Claire's creepy squirrel-baby. And she's as freaked out by the thing as I was {

On the way, Flocke pulls Sawyer aside and drops the bomb that
he is the smoke monster. And that he wants Sawyer to paddle over to Hydra Island for a little reconnaissance. Flocke believes there are some others from the Ajira flight who "mean to do us all harm".

So Sawyer goes off to Hydra, and Crazy Claire tries to kill Kate... but luckily, Flocke saves her just in time.

Did anyone else scream at the TV, "
Sayid! DO something!", during this scene? Or was I the only one?

Sawyer makes it to Hydra and finds the Ajira plane. But first, he comes across Kate's dress in one of the cages:

Again, was I the only one thinking, "
Really? After THREE YEARS of being outside, the dress is still in that good of shape?"

Unfortunately, the plane isn't the only thing Sawyer finds. He also finds a pile of dead bodies... and... Zoe, who says she's the only one left from the flight:

Sawyer figures out Zoe isn't who she says she is... but she's
not alone, and before he knows it, he's taken to a sub and meets Charles Widmore.

Sawyer agrees to deliver Flocke to Widmore, in exchange for him and his friends getting safely off the island.

But then! Sawyer makes it back to Flocke... and proceeds to
tell him the plan of turning Flocke over to Widmore!

At nightfall, Sawyer finds Kate on the beach. He also tells Kate about Widmore and his people and while everyone's "fighting it out", they'll be taking the sub away from the island.

Now for what happened in Alterna-Lost...

Sawyer's in bed with an un-named woman:

And then he does the whole, "
Oops! I didn't mean to open this case full of money in front of you!" My first thought: "Ah, Sawyer. He's up to his old tricks."

But the woman pulls a gun on Sawyer, saying she can spot a conman since she's married to one:

Sawyer then begins to tell her that this is a set-up and the room has been bugged. It wasn't until Sawyer uttered the "magic word" that I believed his story! The cops bust in the room, arrest the woman and we meet
Detective James Ford's partner:

Miles! I didn't see that coming, either! But I
loved it.

Two more things I loved about this scene: 1), it was Sawyer's turn to be called by a nickname ("Dimples") and 2), the magic word ("La Fleur").

Detective James Ford is using his cop skills for personal use... even in Alterna-Lost, he's trying to find "Anthony Cooper":

I don't know how this is going to play out. Because
we know who Anthony Cooper is. And in Alterna-Lost, he seems like a good guy!

Meanwhile, Miles has set his partner up on a blind date with a good friend of his, who also happens to work with his dad "at the museum". I thought (and hoped!) it would be Juliet, but the blind date turned out to be:


Of course, Charlotte and
Detective James Ford hit it off and end up in bed together:

But the good times don't last very long. Looking for a tee shirt, Charlotte happens to come across the "Sawyer" binder hidden in the dresser drawer.
Detective James Ford goes all postal about what Charlotte saw and kicks her out.

And as if that wasn't bad enough...

Miles finds out his partner has lied about being in Australia and isn't too pleased about it:

Miles knows he's being lied to... but again,
Detective James Ford won't tell the truth. Miles storms off, saying he's no longer Detective James Ford's partner.

And of course, as with every episode this season, we have the central character staring at their reflection:

Later, Detective James Ford makes up with Miles by finally telling him the truth. "Anthony Cooper", aka "Sawyer", is the man responsible for his parent's deaths. He's been searching for "Sawyer" since leaving the police academy and finally found a lead in Australia. Detective James Ford reveals his plans to kill "Sawyer" when he finds the man.

A car then slams into Detective James Ford's car... and he and Miles are on the pursuit. The fugitive turns out to be none other than:


I was a little surprised at this. We know that our Losties keep interacting with one another in Sideways World... but thanks to Erica, I thought the next person to run into Kate would be Jack. Remember when Jack and his mom were searching for Christian's will... and when found, it mentioned "
Claire Littleton"? Jack and his mom need to find this mystery person... and what's the easiest way to find someone? Run a credit check on them. Who has Claire's credit card? That's right... Kate. So I figured Jack and Kate's paths would cross next...

But now, the big question is: What's Detective James Ford going to do? And maybe even a bigger question is, why didn't he intervene in the airport when he noticed Kate in handcuffs???

Time to end this here recap... and for our female readers, I'll leave you with a few more gratuitous images of Shirtless Sawyer...

You're welcome.

Now... get to sussing!