Monday, July 27, 2009

LOST at Comic-Con!

Thanks to reader/commenter, T., who sent us this link regarding the Lost preview/panel at Comic-Con, this past weekend in San Diego.  I would have cut my right arm off to have been there for it.  No lie.

Also, Ain't It Cool has all 4 videos  from the Comic-Con panel, as well as two teaser/spoiler videos.  Click here if you're a super fan/nerd. Like me.  Ahem.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who Wants To Own a Piece of The Island?

ABC has announced when the series ends, they will be auctioning off "Lost" props, costumes and set pieces to the highest bidders.

A few of the reported items up for grabs: Hurley's winning lottery ticket, Locke's hunting knife, Kate's toy plane and Charlie's guitar.

(Hmmmm... I wonder if they'll be auctioning off a shirtless Desmond...)

What item would you like to see up for bidding? What iconic prop would you like to win?

*UPDATE: Lots of pics of the auction items can be found here!

*UPDATE #2: Looks like I can get my can of Dharma beer! HA!