Thursday, January 29, 2009


If you are a Desmond fan (love me some Scottish brotha!) you must have enjoyed last night's episode. And rightly so! Just as Season three's "Flashes Before Your Eyes," and season four's "The Constant," last night's "Jughead" has proven to be extremely pivotal. It's become a given equation: Desmond-centric+anything to do with time travel=TAKE NOTICE! But that could be said about every Lost episode, of course...still, I think the Desmond-centric episodes are some of the best each year, and I love that his came early in the season.
Just as I love this:
The minute Dr. Foreign procclaimed, "It's a boy!" I said to my mother, "It's CHARLIE! They named him after Charlie!" And by Charlie, I certainly don't mean the child was bequeathed that moniker to honor his maternal grandfather. How much do I love Desmond even more now that he's paid homage to our late, great, one-hit wonder?

Admit it. You are now singing "You all Everybody." I truly hope the powers-that-be release Drive Shaft's greatest hit(s) one day. I will totally buy it. And while we're at it, some Geronimo Jackson would be lovely, too. (Season 2...the hatch? Locke's high school locker? Hurley's surprise party last season? Remember?)

Early in the episode Juliet reveals yet another of her many talents: Latin, which she learned in "Others 101." How classic is that? Our girl Juliet has some of the best lines. Remember last season's quip to Jack? "It's very stressful being an Other." No doubt!

While Juliet is engaging Gun Boys in an ancient tongue, I kept telling my mother (who could have cared less, I might add), "Those dudes are from waaaaay back...seriously, they have to be from the 50's or something...look at their hair!" It never crossed my mind that Head Gun Boy would end up being the Big Kahuna. I just wanted to know how far back in time they'd flashed this go around.
Meanwhile Locke's all gangbusters in his quest to reach Richard Alpert, he of the heavily-eyelined eyes. Juliet clears up a long-standing mystery when she tells Locke, "He's always been here." That's ageless Richard she speaks of, naturally. I need to know more about him.
One reveal from this episode that I found fascinating was Locke's instruction to Richard, "If you don't believe me, come and visit me." We now know John sent Richard to visit him at his birth, as a young boy, and while in high school. This is altogether thrilling...and confusing. All this back and forth between John Locke and Richard Alpert makes my head spin. I love it.

And then we come to Theresa, and Desmond's attempt to glean information from her. This is all I'm gonna say about Theresa:
Season 1. Boone. In Locke's vision, before Boone meets his Maker at the hands of Yemi's aerodynamic drug cartel. Ring any bells?

"Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs."

Is this the same Theresa?

If so, I will continually bow down to the greatness that is executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. Mysteries are becoming unraveled, things are starting to fall into place, and I still don't understand much of it. I won't even go into the whole "Daniel's time experiments have ruined Theresa's life/Widmore is paying for her care" scenario. 'Cause literally, all I can ponder is "Theresa falls up the stairs..." And Boone's bloody face.

(Yes, Boone tells Locke that Theresa was his babysitter. Yes, the above Theresa is bedridden and in a comatose state. I realize these could very well be two different Theresas. But come on, y'all...this is Lost! I may be wrong, but this show has proven time and time again that names are not just casually thrown out for no reason.)

And just because I love him:

Hi, honey!

Near the end of the episode I kept focusing on Rifle-Toting Ellie. Since she was in Daniel's face the entire hour, I know she's a Very Important Person and not just background filler. Is she Penny's mother, possibly Charles' island love? Or is Ellie short for Eloise, as in Mrs. Hawking? (The producers confirmed, in the informative repeat of "The Lie," that Hawking's first name is Eloise.) As in possibly Daniel's mother? Is she both Penny's mother...and Daniel's? Another secret sibling matchup? Jack and Claire, anyone? Oh, the deliciousness of it all just slays me.
Finally, whose mouth dropped open when it was revealed that head gun boy was none other than our very own Charles Widmore? I squealed like an eight year old! I also squealed when Richard confirmed to Locke that he was in the year 1954. This revelation opens a new can of worms and I won't pretend to have knowlege of the ramifications of Charles' presence on the island fifty years ago. Oh, the did he find himself there? How long was he there? Why did he leave? Has he always been completely angry and insufferable? How did he become so doggone wealthy? Again, it makes my head spin.

I loved this episode. Completely. Some mysteries were answered, and in Lost's grand tradition, new mysteries surfaced. Also, please don't kill me when I mention this, but I enjoyed not seeing the Oceanic 6 for an entire episode. The crux of the story is island-based, and I appreciate that a whole episode was devoted to the events taking place there. I know Jack and company "Have to go back...we have go baaaaaaack!" but honestly, the action is on the island. Plus, Sawyer and Juliet are on the island, and those two happen to be my favorites. I'm just sayin'.

Let's commence with the discussion please, including the nuggets I didn't mention. What do you think of Charlottte's chances for survival? How awkward-but-adorable was Daniel's profession of love for her? Did the bomb get buried? What will happen to Des, Penny, and Charlie when they attempt to return to the island? How old is Richard actually? And when will Sawyer and Juliet hook up? I'm so over Kate it isn't even funny.

Again, as always...I love this show. Why the rest of the world doesn't laud and applaud it is beyond me. People are strange, as Jim Morrison famously sang. And stupid, too.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can't wait to talk tomorrow.....

Ooooh. I'm so looking forward to hearing from you all tomorrow.

We need to talk. I hope you took notes. I'm going to have to re-watch this one.

I'm trying to be considerate of those who are on the West coast....:)

Crazy. Pure craziness.

The Little Things

Sometimes it's the little things in life that make us happy.

Like that little box on top of my TV.

You know, the box that will lovingly "Record this series" of Lost for me, while I am working a 16 hour shift tonight at the hospital.

While I am assessing my patients, passing meds, cleaning poop, drawing blood, consoling families, holding a hand or two, conferring with doctors about plans of care...

Sun will be plotting, Des will be sailing (maybe), Sawyer will be lusting (or we'll be lusting on him, whatever), and Ben will be scrambling to get the O6 back to the Island.

I will not be back to discuss until Friday, when I have recovered from my lack of sleep, watched the missed episode once (or twice) sans commercials, taken and reviewed my notes (thanks for the idea, Lula), then read your take on the show.

Until then...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"I'm a complex guy, sweetheart..."

Rhea expressed her love for Desmond...whom I love, as well. I have four favorite characters on Lost, with Sawyer being my number one man. (I'll give the other 3 shoutouts in future posts--one or two of them may surprise y'all.) I make no apologies for it, nor waver in my belief that the dude is a giant among men. In four seasons his character has grown more than probably any other. And, if nothing else, he's constantly reading...literature, y'all. Tell me that's not sexy. It is. For sure.

I want to be stranded on a spooky island with a scruffy, Madeleine L'Engle-reading, cigarette smoking, not-so-southern-gentleman. (He was reading A Wrinkle in Time, folks. That was season 1. Oh, the foreshadowing.) Amen.

Way back in 2004, in the second episode of our much-loved show, Sawyer (is he a redneck? a bad guy? a rebel? eye candy? ) joins Kate, Charlie, Sayid, Boone, and Shannon on a trek to higher ground, in an attempt to boost the signal from the airplane's transceiver. Kate offhandedly says to Sawyer "You decided to join us." His snarky reply is the title to my post. I knew at that moment this dude-with-dimples would prove to be more than just a pretty face. I felt certain Sawyer would become a character who, once fleshed out, would be riveting, complex, and integral to the overall story that is Lost.

I was right. Which is a rare occurrence, but still.

He's also provided lots of laughs over the years. If you have five minutes of your life to spare, this clip highlights Sawyer's infamous nicknames from the first three seasons. Honestly, it made me chuckle. And that's no lie.

I think it is worth admitting to y'all now that I own a "I heart Sawyer" t-shirt. I also own a "Hanso Foundation" one, as well. Are you getting the gist of my fangirl status?

Just for fun...

You Are Sun

You have a past history of being secretive and deceptive.
You're the type of person who will protect yourself at all costs.

While you can be crafty when you need to, you are usually giving, friendly, and likable.
You truly care for other people, and you are very sensitive.

People tend to underestimate you. You seem like a fragile flower, but you're not.
You are gutsy and clever. You have a way of getting what you want without anyone noticing.

Who are you on LOST?

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Go Now!

Click HERE.

This is my favorite Lost blogger, "E," (Erika is her name) and I've been reading her for over 3 years now. Last year she made my life complete by giving me a shoutout on one of her posts before the beginning of Season 4. (That's HERE, if you're so inclined. Seriously, I felt like I'd won an award or something. This explains how geeky I am about Lost, y'all.)

OK, go...
Yes, now.


*p.s. Be sure to put your cursor over the pictures "E" uses in her recaps...she always gives them hilarious subtitles that are worth reading.

Constant Theory

I was just thinking.......this whole constant thing. Okay, here goes......Everyone's constant is someone on the island. They are all connected as we have seen throughout the series. They've all seen each other at different times in life before being on that plane together. Oceanic is somehow involved with the island and getting that plane to it......

What do you all think?

This is quickly becoming all I think about (well food still ranks pretty high, but..) I try to figure out these mysteries. I will need some serious intervention soon......

Who is telling them to come back???

At the end of season 4, Jack and Ben are talking in the funeral parlor where Locke (a.k.a. Jeremy Bentham) is in the casket and Jack refers to someone telling him they have to go back to the island. Who are they referring to? Richard? Jacob (don't think so, but at this point, anything's possible)?

What are your thoughts?

Desmond's Bringing Sexy Back

I know the big hotties on the show are Jack and Sawyer...but my personal favorite?


He's special.
Not sure why.
Maybe because he lived on the island for three years?
Maybe because he turned the fail safe key and was in the explosion
(that left him naked and precognitive)?

I want to know more about him.
I'm so glad he and Penny are together again.

Does he have to go back to the island too?
It doesn't seem like he was included in Ben's orders...

Did Desmond lie to Charlie when he said he "saw" Claire get on the helicopter?

Tell me what you love about Des.

Friday, January 23, 2009

What Sawyer Said--Or As Best As We Can Get.

There's some discrepancy about what is actually said, but you can watch and read the captioning. It was about his daughter, though. And it was Albuquerque, not Alabama. Sorry!

*Also, it must be said--this is a general consensus about what went down between Sawyer & Kate. The producers haven't verified this, so take it for what you will.


for the truly dorky...

Go here to read a very interesting theory about the "dead" people who keep appearing on and off island, such as Yemi (Eko's brother), Charlie, etc. It also explains a bit about the whispers, which we've been hearing since Season 1.

Man, I love this stuff!

What are your thoughts on.....

I want to hear your theories on what Sawyer whispered to Kate on the helicopter at the end of last season......

Topic For Discussion: Sun

Does Sun have an ulterior motive for meeting with Kate?

Could Sun be the client who hired the lawyers to subpoena Kate for a blood sample?

What are your feelings about Sun? Is she up to something? She said she doesn't blame Kate for Jin's death... but are those her true feelings?


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Topic For Discussion: Could Miles be Halliwax's son?

Could Miles be Halliwax's baby?

Episode 1 begins with Dr. Halliwax (aka Dr. Pierre Chang) getting out of bed to feed a bottle to his infant child.

The baby's name is never said... nor is it even stated whether the child is a boy or a girl. But who thinks the child could be Miles?

Let's discuss...

And we're off...

Edited to add: You must go to DarkUFO and read Things I Noticed by Vozzek69. He is one of the best Lost recappers and his take on last night's 2 episodes is brilliant. Plus, he mentions Sayid, dishwasher, and badass in the same sentence...which made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I'm not the only one who dug it!

If you didn't think that was the finest 2 hours of television (since last May), then you're hanging out at the wrong blog. The first hour was my favorite, but as a total package, it was a brilliant premiere for season 5. I think it even tops Season 3, when we got to see Oceanic Flight 815 split in two, mid-air, from the others' perspective. (I thought nothing would ever beat that. I was wrong.)

So much to much to discuss...let's get started.

Here's a few ponderings, questions, and highlights that I have. Yes, I took notes:

*Daniel in the Orchid? And how 'bout the foreman telling Candle/Halliwax/Wickmund/Whatever that the drill bit melted. Melted? I thought it was supposed to be freezing cold down there. Regardless, I now have to ask: Is Daniel the key to the entire story? Everything about these 2 hours suggests that his role in discovering the who/what/when/why of all this craziness might center on Dan and his knowledge of the time/space continuum.

*So the island is now moving and we don't know when the islanders are. How long will it keep moving? How far into the future? How far into the past? Are Charlotte's nosebleeds the harbinger of her death? I really think she has an enormous role to play in the island's story. Is she Ben and Annie's daughter? Was she born on the island? I've said it before, I'm saying it again...Charlotte's one of the main characters to watch this season.

*Speaking of Charlotte...loved Sawyer's "Shut it, Ginger!" remark. Then again, I just love Sawyer.

*Miles intrigues me. Is dude a ghost himself? (OK, maybe I should phrase it this way: What is Miles? Seriously.) We know something's up...he knew where to go to find a dead boar.

*Oh Sayid, my badass Iraqi. Death by dishwasher! Truly awesome.

*I clapped when Desmond came out of the hatch in his bio suit. But here's where I got really pulled in...when Daniel was begging him to go to Oxford, to look up his (Daniel's) mother, I immediately texted my brother-in-law and my friend Lacey, saying, "20 bucks says Dan's mom ends up being white-haired lady from Season 3--who sold Des the engagement ring for Penny." Yeah, hold that thought.

*The second Hurley pulled over for the cop, I yelled out, "It better be Ana Lucia!" Thank you, writers of Lost, for giving me that one. Classic. And the shoutout to Hurley from Libby? As genius as last season's, "Checkmate, Mr. Eko."

*I want to state now, for the record, that I have loved me some Bernard and Rose since they appeared in Season 2. (Well, since they were reunited as a couple in Season 2--of course Rose as been with us since the beginning. Who can forget her precious self praying with Charlie? Loved that.) They need their own spin-off show. Rose is who I'd definitely want to be stuck on an island with. Oh--HOORAY for Vincent's bit of screen time. I truly love that dog.

*Darn that Neil for giving Sawyer a shirt to wear. Speaking of, darn that Neil, period. Writers of Lost, we need no more debacles the likes of Nikki and Paulo. I was relieved to see Neil meet his fiery demise. RIP, Frogurt.

*A big round of applause for Lost's music supervisor. Yes, that was Cheap Trick's "Dream Police" playing in the convenience store when Hurley bought that horrible t-shirt. The show that has, in the past, treated us to scenes with the tunes of Three Dog Night, Petula Clark, Mama Cass, Glenn Miller, and Patsy Cline, delivered again, musically. Yes, I am a music geek, so yes, I notice these things.

*Oh, Mr. Reyes...we know you watch Expose' while chowing down on a caviar-laden sub sandwich. And we love you for this. (But Cheech--dude, get a new hairpiece.)

*Raise your hand if you even slightly teared up when Sun was remembering her final moments on the freighter. I cried more than Kate. Yep. Oh Jin...surely you're not really dead.

*Finally...the crux of the 2 hours...the 2 scenes that grabbed me the most:

Ben. In a butcher shop. With a semi-frightening woman named Jill. And Ben telling her, "Shephard? He's with us." Dum-dum-dummmmmmmmmmmmm!
Methinks this is a very pivotal scene. So much happened in these 60 seconds...I'm telling y'all, Butcher Babe is a big deal.

Finally, this scene:

I already had it in my head that Dan's mama is going to be Mrs. Pawn Shop Lady of Season 3, aka Miss Hawking. (Hawking--is her name a clue?) The second this scene began, I literally screamed, "It's HER, it's HER!" Now, I don't know that she's Daniel's mother. But still...she rocks and I was happy to see her in this ep, and so obviously working on finding the island. Shocker to see her with Ben, presumably in L.A., but still. I want to know more about her. Especially if she turns out to be whom I think.

And there you have the crazy musings of my mind. I have to watch it again before I can wrap my head around possible theories, and even then I'm usually clueless. Thank God for all the fabulous Lost websites out there. Look over on the right side and check out some of my faves.

Commence with the discussing, please!

Oh, I'm SO EXCITED it's back on. I mean, seriously...I'm doing my happy dance even now.


So are the people moving or is the island moving? 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Loving Reminder...

When it's 11 pm on the east coast and we are all smug and satisfied in the beginning of our Lost journey, remember our beloveds on the West coast (and in between) who haven't even begun to walk this season's road of fabulousness.

(All caps is so annoying. But attention-getting. 'Nuff said.)

If I don't see Vincent tonight I'm staging a formal protest. Just so y'all know.

Vincent Pictures, Images and Photos

Just a few hours to go...

While perusing the 'net earlier today for all things LOST (in anticipation of tonight's premiere), I came across this article... the author has seen the first three episodes of the new season and shares a few points on what we can expect...

(From the article):

After a torturous eight-month wait, new episodes are here, and so are some tidbits on this season's adventure:

  • This year the audience will learn a "greater sense of the island's history."

  • Physicist Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies), mysterious Charles Widmore, and ageless Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) all become pivotal players this season.

  • You'll definitely see Jin this season-- he's a series regular (don't mistake this with Jin being alive, however)

  • You won't see much of Claire this season, she's not a series regular (but producers say she'll re-emerge in Season 6)

  • As an apology to fans for neglecting Sawyer last year, Josh Holloway is heavily featured this season-- and so is his bare chest (me= smiling)

  • The person that Ben works for... is "probably Ben," say Lost producers.

  • Desmond honors an old friend in a way that will make you want to cry. Jumping through time can be bad for your health. Just a warning.

  • The two factions continue to co-exist on-and-off the island, as we anxiously await for them to converge. The Oceanic 6 are back home dodging bad guys (with Jack trying to collect everyone to bring them baaaaack!), while the island gang is caught in a cataclysmic time warp.

Now... my thoughts!

Regarding Desmond making us cry: We've all seen the promo showing Des, Penny and a newborn baby, right? Oh, I just know he's going to name the baby Charlie!

Anyone else hoping to see Jin alive and well? Maybe he made a leap off the freighter before it exploded? (But if he is alive, where/when is he? Did he start swimming for the island and make it back before it "moved"?)

Knowing there will be more of Josh Holloway (and his bare chest!) makes mama happy.

"Ageless" Richard Halpert gives me the heebie-jeebies... not sure if I'm looking forward to him being more pivotal to this season!

I want to know what "bad things" happened on the island after the Oceanic 6 left...

What are you most looking forward to this season?

Prepare to be Lost

Husband and children forewarned that mom will be MIA starting at 8:50pm: check.

DVR set to "record this series": check.

Mike's Hard Lemonade chillin' in the fridge: check.

Homemade corn-avocado salsa with chips: check.

Lula's summary of 2008 season studied and memorized: check.

Ready for another season of Lost addiction: check.

Only a little more than twelve hours, folks. It's on!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Season 4 Finale Repost

My sussing from the season finale last May:
(The referencing of Beckie--she's the friend who said she'd boycott my blog if I didn't cease all the Lost chatter. Then she rented all 4 seasons and got caught up by Fall. She's since changed her tune, obviously. But she's a perfect example of why I needed this blog, so that the Lulaville peeps didn't start rolling their eyes more than usual.)

I had to chime in on the greatness that was last night. After I THUMPED & picked myself off the floor, I realized a lot of my questions & musings from yesterday's Perspective post had been answered. Wow--Lost left us with a few more answers than questions? Amazing! Here we go:

*The highlight of the evening--Desmond and Penny got their reunion. Hallelujah! As soon as I saw that boat and heard the Portuguese being spoken, I yelled, "IT'S PENNY, it's got to be!" By the time Desmond boarded the boat I was literally sobbing. Henry Ian Cusick and Sonya Walger perfectly performed this scene...they didn't go crazy, didn't scream or bawl uncontrollably (like me). It was tender, it was beautiful, it was perfect, and it was right. Oh, it made me happy. Thank you Cuse & Lindelof for not making us wait another 2 years for this.

*My brother-in-law, Robbie, questioned if the show jumped the shark last night. He's convinced the moving of the island was too out here, and the special effects too cheesy. I had to disagree him. (So did Heather.) Yeah, the "blip" noise and the island disappearing was rather wild, but the whole moving thing has caused my brain to work overtime. Remember a few episodes back--Ben's flash forward entitled "The Shape of Things To Come?" We saw him flat on his back, wearing Halliwax's parka, breathing "cold breath," with a cut on his arm. Last night fully set that up with his descent to the wheel, so we know that after he moved the island, his next destination was Tunisia. With me? OK. But...keep going with me here...when he checked into the Tunisian hotel, the clerk confirms the date as October 24, 2005. Current island time (as of last night) is not long after Christmas of 2004. theory is that the island doesn't necessary move geographically, but in time. When pushing the frozen wheel (and for the record--Lost is in full-on Sci-Fi mode now, and you gotta know how happy that makes me!), Ben moved the island forward approximately 10 months. I can't even get a good grasp on this theory, and like all that is good regarding Lost, I could be wrong. This is the theory I'm leaning towards, though.

*YES! Rose (Bernard, how I missed ye) got in a good quip, in the grand tradition that is the Lost finale, chiding Miles (who fascinates me--as with all the freighter folk--looking forward to learning more about them next year) for eating those apparently sacred peanuts. Or maybe she just didn't want an outsider macking on their supply of snacks. Her, "I'll be watching you, shorty," was hilarious and you can bet we'll see her doing just that when Season 5 gets underway.
*Waaaaaaaalt! He's a big boy now. It's strange seeing him as a teenager, but we all know what Peter Brady says regarding the time to change. Kate's comment to Jack about spending "3 years trying to forget what happened" was how the writers' answered the question, "How are we gonna explain Walt's foray into puberty?" I want more Waaaaaaaalt, please.
*Keamy, you evil dude. You deserved to die, but I will forever proclaim Kevin Durand's ultra sexy voice and swagger. So his heart stopped beating? Then the freighter blew. Whatever, that means nothing on Lost. (And while we're on the subject, are Niki and Paulo still dead & buried?)

*Speaking of the freighter...I was on the edge of my couch, saying, "Please Desmond, get to the helicopter, please God, don't let Desmond die!" Because I like to involve God in my day to day conversations. He and I are tight like that. As soon as Christian appeared to Michael, I said, "Aw, heck--they're dead." Then...BOOM. Oh, Jin...Jin, Jin, was heartbreaking. Sun's reaction was gut wrenching. But...wonder if Jin's really gone? Hmmmmmmmmm.
*Daniel didn't abandon his skinny tie. But who's excited to learn more about Charlotte? Me, me, me! She'll be the one to watch next year. You mark my words.

*Sawyer. Sawyer. Probably the most redeemed character over the past four seasons. What a storyline arc he's had. (But I'm still grumpy over his lack of flashback/forward this season.) As I said before, he is the reluctant hero. 'Til last night, when his glory was on display for all to behold. Lula-n-Sawyer, 2gether, 4ever.

The man has grown up (figuratively) on the island, and his helicopter leap proves that probably for the first time in his life, Sawyer loves someone more than himself. Sob! I'm dying to know what he whispered to Kate, but I'm presuming it had something to do with Clementine. That babydaddy is a good man. I have the best boyfriends in the world, huh?

Um, yeah...I'd hit that. Just sayin'.

*Speaking of Sawyer--which I could do all day--he had my favorite line of the night, to Lapidus. "Hey, Kenny Rogers!" Hysterical. One of the best nicknames James has had thus far.

*Hurley, I love you. His shock over Walt's visit was almost too much for me to handle. But my second favorite line of the evening came from him, at the end of his visit from Sayid: "Checkmate, Mr. Eko." The sound you heard immediately following this scene was me yelping all the way from Pennington Gap, Virginia. YES!!!!! Love me some Eko. Invisible and all.

*Sayid got his ninja on once again, proving there's a reason why he used to make his living as a professional torturer. He kicked Keamy's butt, no two ways about it. There was no neck breaking, nevertheless it was a jungle smackdown. Sayid, you rock, dude.

*Finally...dum-dum-dummmmmmmm...we know the resident of the coffin. And yes, I'll say it again...totally figured it out. As soon as Ben walked into that funeral home (all steely and bug-eyed, as per usual), I told Scotty, "IT'S LOCKE--it's gonna be John, you mark my words!" Scotty was all, "What? Really? And more importantly, who cares?" Clearly I care. So poop on you, honey. I think I first figured it out when Ben was telling John that whomever moves the island can never return to it...that was my first inkling. Next, Richard's (he of the heavily eyelined eyes) "We've been waiting for you, John" welcome was veeeeeery strange for me. I realized then and there our Man of Faith, John Locke, was not only eventually getting off that island, but also living as miserably as he did before the crash of Oceanic 815. But when? How? Why? We have 8 months to wait for another ride of the Lost roller coaster.

Finally (Beckie, are you still reading?), there was one small scene not many have commented on yet, but a scene I'm rooting for as a set up for Season 5: Sawyer & Juliet. I'm sorry, but his beach swim up was hot, and I gotta say that buzzed Juliet was cute. For the first time ever I thought these two were a noteworthy combination...this one, little scene piqued my interest enough to hope that maybe the writers' are throwing the us a bone. "Hey fans, chew on this for the next 8 months and let's see where it takes us..." I'd love to see them together on the island, 3 years after annoying Jack & whiny Kate are gone...they could drink more rum, make babies (that LIVE!), frolic on the beach, and Sawyer could give her all kinds of sweet little nicknames. Sawyer and Juliet...yeah, I can so see that. Poop on you two, Jack and Kate.

We've reached the end, and those of you non-Lost lovers are gonna be so happy when I make my next promise: No more Lost posts 'til next year. The rest of us who are right with God can continue to chat via e-mail...right, y'all? And Beckie...I love you...all of you...please don't boycott my blog again. Rather, REJOICE over my final words.
THE END. (cue Lost sound effect.)

Exotic Matter

OK, with Lula's permission, I'm going to jump right in here:

In the season finale, we learn The Orchid is not really a botanical research station. Instead, The Orchid was designed to investigate 'unique properties' of the Island, it is these properties create a kind of Casimir Effect. He points to a white triangular door, calling it the vault.

Halliwax explains that the vault was constructed adjacent to what they believe to be a pocket of negatively-charged exotic matter. Halliwax then warns the viewer never to place any metal objects inside the vault. Halliwax then places a white rabbit inside the vault, closing the doors and stating that they will send it 100 milliseconds into the future.

I'm curious. Exotic means foreign, not native, right? (I looked it up in the dictionary to be sure) So, Where did it come from? Outer space? There are hieroglyphics on the rocks and such down in that icy place where Ben goes to "move" the island.

How does it work? How do they move the island? Where does it go? How will the Oceanic Six find the island now?

I'm curious if you guys have any thoughts on this.

Let's discuss!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


OK...get's almost time. Let the fun begin!!!!

Lost Season 5 Pictures, Images and Photos