Thursday, January 22, 2009

And we're off...

Edited to add: You must go to DarkUFO and read Things I Noticed by Vozzek69. He is one of the best Lost recappers and his take on last night's 2 episodes is brilliant. Plus, he mentions Sayid, dishwasher, and badass in the same sentence...which made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I'm not the only one who dug it!

If you didn't think that was the finest 2 hours of television (since last May), then you're hanging out at the wrong blog. The first hour was my favorite, but as a total package, it was a brilliant premiere for season 5. I think it even tops Season 3, when we got to see Oceanic Flight 815 split in two, mid-air, from the others' perspective. (I thought nothing would ever beat that. I was wrong.)

So much to much to discuss...let's get started.

Here's a few ponderings, questions, and highlights that I have. Yes, I took notes:

*Daniel in the Orchid? And how 'bout the foreman telling Candle/Halliwax/Wickmund/Whatever that the drill bit melted. Melted? I thought it was supposed to be freezing cold down there. Regardless, I now have to ask: Is Daniel the key to the entire story? Everything about these 2 hours suggests that his role in discovering the who/what/when/why of all this craziness might center on Dan and his knowledge of the time/space continuum.

*So the island is now moving and we don't know when the islanders are. How long will it keep moving? How far into the future? How far into the past? Are Charlotte's nosebleeds the harbinger of her death? I really think she has an enormous role to play in the island's story. Is she Ben and Annie's daughter? Was she born on the island? I've said it before, I'm saying it again...Charlotte's one of the main characters to watch this season.

*Speaking of Charlotte...loved Sawyer's "Shut it, Ginger!" remark. Then again, I just love Sawyer.

*Miles intrigues me. Is dude a ghost himself? (OK, maybe I should phrase it this way: What is Miles? Seriously.) We know something's up...he knew where to go to find a dead boar.

*Oh Sayid, my badass Iraqi. Death by dishwasher! Truly awesome.

*I clapped when Desmond came out of the hatch in his bio suit. But here's where I got really pulled in...when Daniel was begging him to go to Oxford, to look up his (Daniel's) mother, I immediately texted my brother-in-law and my friend Lacey, saying, "20 bucks says Dan's mom ends up being white-haired lady from Season 3--who sold Des the engagement ring for Penny." Yeah, hold that thought.

*The second Hurley pulled over for the cop, I yelled out, "It better be Ana Lucia!" Thank you, writers of Lost, for giving me that one. Classic. And the shoutout to Hurley from Libby? As genius as last season's, "Checkmate, Mr. Eko."

*I want to state now, for the record, that I have loved me some Bernard and Rose since they appeared in Season 2. (Well, since they were reunited as a couple in Season 2--of course Rose as been with us since the beginning. Who can forget her precious self praying with Charlie? Loved that.) They need their own spin-off show. Rose is who I'd definitely want to be stuck on an island with. Oh--HOORAY for Vincent's bit of screen time. I truly love that dog.

*Darn that Neil for giving Sawyer a shirt to wear. Speaking of, darn that Neil, period. Writers of Lost, we need no more debacles the likes of Nikki and Paulo. I was relieved to see Neil meet his fiery demise. RIP, Frogurt.

*A big round of applause for Lost's music supervisor. Yes, that was Cheap Trick's "Dream Police" playing in the convenience store when Hurley bought that horrible t-shirt. The show that has, in the past, treated us to scenes with the tunes of Three Dog Night, Petula Clark, Mama Cass, Glenn Miller, and Patsy Cline, delivered again, musically. Yes, I am a music geek, so yes, I notice these things.

*Oh, Mr. Reyes...we know you watch Expose' while chowing down on a caviar-laden sub sandwich. And we love you for this. (But Cheech--dude, get a new hairpiece.)

*Raise your hand if you even slightly teared up when Sun was remembering her final moments on the freighter. I cried more than Kate. Yep. Oh Jin...surely you're not really dead.

*Finally...the crux of the 2 hours...the 2 scenes that grabbed me the most:

Ben. In a butcher shop. With a semi-frightening woman named Jill. And Ben telling her, "Shephard? He's with us." Dum-dum-dummmmmmmmmmmmm!
Methinks this is a very pivotal scene. So much happened in these 60 seconds...I'm telling y'all, Butcher Babe is a big deal.

Finally, this scene:

I already had it in my head that Dan's mama is going to be Mrs. Pawn Shop Lady of Season 3, aka Miss Hawking. (Hawking--is her name a clue?) The second this scene began, I literally screamed, "It's HER, it's HER!" Now, I don't know that she's Daniel's mother. But still...she rocks and I was happy to see her in this ep, and so obviously working on finding the island. Shocker to see her with Ben, presumably in L.A., but still. I want to know more about her. Especially if she turns out to be whom I think.

And there you have the crazy musings of my mind. I have to watch it again before I can wrap my head around possible theories, and even then I'm usually clueless. Thank God for all the fabulous Lost websites out there. Look over on the right side and check out some of my faves.

Commence with the discussing, please!

Oh, I'm SO EXCITED it's back on. I mean, seriously...I'm doing my happy dance even now.


Heather said...

You took notes? I was so gonna, but then I thought y'all would laugh at me.

Now I'll know. If anybody's laughing, it won't be Lula. And that'll be okay with me :)

I am so glad they didn't disappoint! Sawyer on the beach, in the jungle, shirtless. Was there any more? 'Cause I got kinda stuck in a daydream after that...

I am so gonna watch it again, right after the kiddos go to school!

Sunshine said...

Oh girl, I do not even know where to begin (in regards to commenting on your theories)...

My head, Oh my aching HEAD!!!


It was a fabulous night indeed.

I do believe that Daniel is *key*...
And that Charlotte is in fact..dying.. (remember Desmond on the freighter)..whatever..she still annoys me.

And Sawyer is a freaking genius.. my favorite - last night's recap.. when he was trying to get some love from "Freckles".. "You need me to make you a mix tape?"

I laughed aloud (again)...
I love him.

And Jin cannot be dead.. He cannot!!!

I have no other comments ..I can't even begin to analyze this show.. I'll just read - and comment every once in a while..

Oh, one more thing..

I love Cheech... but not his hairpiece - uh uh.

Shannon said...

1st question:

Do you think Miles could be Halliwax's baby?

Heather said...

See...and I was going to say that Charlotte is Halliwax's baby. How could they have birthed a baby on the island? And the baby looked a little white to me. A little too fair to be his baby. Did he maybe steal it? Bring it with him to the island?

But then I read Shannon's comment and thought, "OH, that makes more sense."

I dunno. And at some point in time, they got through the rock to the wheel. And why wasn't Halliwax more surprised that there was a wheel stuck in the middle of a mountain? It didn't seem to phase him. And why would he have people down there drilling if he already knew there was a deadly amount of "energy" that could be released.

And now I think Hurley's mom is going to get in on some stuff. She knows too much now. I thought she was going to die straight off after he told her.

I think Sawyer and Juliet are totally going to hook up.

In the "scenes from this season", is that Penny in labor???? Did I miss that she was pregnant on the boat? It looks like she goes to the island with Desmond (as she should).

Do we know yet what's up with the smoke monster or polar bear?

Jin is alive...I can feel it. But is Claire? Have the Other's found a way to get around getting sick from the time travelling? Is it to become somehow ghosty?

Lula...I told you I had a bojillion questions.

Lula! said...

Shannon, I hadn't even thought about that one. And clearly he had a baby, as we saw in the opening scene.

Wow, that would be amazing. Especially if he was born on island and LIVED. Or didn't live, and that's why he's a freaky ghost hunter, or whatever he is. Something is totally up with that dude.

Denise said...

Daniel: I agree, he has an extremely important role to play in all of this. How exactly did he get down into the Orchid looking like he does right now. How many years ago would they have built The Orchid? Obviously time travel was involved. Why? Why then? Oh, and he IS a genius realizing that Desmond was different and special and telling him to find his mother.

Charlotte: She's a goner unless she finds her constant. Maybe its that polar bear in Tunisia.

Miles: He's not dead but does speak to dead people and ANIMALS. I love it. I knew when he wandered off in the jungle he was going to communicate with a dead boar.

Sayid: Oh, Sayid. Too bad he was unconscious for most of the 2 hours. Obviously he has to know who's after them, but then perhaps to MANY questions would have been answered in one night and I would have needed that debfibulater.

Ana Lucia: That one caught me by surprise and then I thought "sure it makes sense. Lot's of other dead people are showing up to help Hurley." Speaking of dead people showing up to help Hurley. I think its because he was the ONLY one who didn't want to lie. I think he will be a key element for that. Jack saw Christian and Kate saw Claire (who HAS to be dead!) but not actual conversations, just warnings or scares.

I saw Vincent and thought about you Lula.

Personally, I am against violence but I'm sure I wasn't the only one to say "Finally justice is served" when a flaming arrow pierced annoying Neil's heart. Just sayin'. So who shot the arrows? I think it was the Others. But who or what was the army? Could that be the tie in to the guys who heard the numbers that Hurley heard from the guy at the mental institution in Santa Rosa?

The way Expose' keeps appearing and reappearing in different eipisodes, I have a feeling we'll be seeing Nikki and Palo again in some kind of important role.

Sun: I don't trust her. She's up to something. She seemed somewhat insincere at the beginning of Kate's visit. What she;'s up to, I'm not sure yet. She might be the one to have ordered the blood tests but I suspect it was either Ben or Jeremy Bentham(Locke)trying to flush her out of LA. In any case, I don't see Sun's baby going back to the island.

I wonder if Locke's REALLY dead. They really seem to be protecting his body. Maybe he got purposely bit by that spider that bit Nikki and Palo. Besides, Richard told him he had to die. Locke's pretty selfless when it comes to the island but I really think he knows he won't really be dead. But why does he have to die? Maybe it has something to do with Christian who was dead when he came to island but "came to life."

Mrs. Hawking obviously is Daniel's mother. (Well, maybe not obviously. Everything that is obvious isn't always what it appears on Lost) But why is she in LA? And who is Jill? Are they Other's or people who live in the real world. If they have 70 hours to return, where is the portal? It must be in LA but WHY?

Ben: Did he know that moving the island would cause this all to happen? Why did he tell Kate and Sayid they could leave on the helicopter? Was he sloppy or caught off guard. Its hard to imagine Ben being sloppy but its not like him to be caught off guard either.

Okay, that's it for now. I'm rewatching the episodes later and taking notes this time. I wanted to enjoy it for entertainment the first time. Really analyzing comes second.

Lula! said...

Heather, I still have a bojillion questions.

So where/when are Claire & Christian during all this island skipping through time stuff? What about Danielle? I swear to y'all, at the end when Sawyer & Juliet (who better hook up--'cause I am digging that scenario in a big way!) were being wrangled up by those men, I first thought it would be Danielle coming out of the jungle. Yeah she's "dead," but since they're moving back and forth through time, that means they could end up during a time when Danielle was living by herself on the island.

And speaking of Danielle...
I'm also wondering if she's not a bigger part of the overall mystery. I never fully accepted that she landed there with a science team who all died off, delivered her baby, had the baby taken from her, and then continued to live there for 16 years all by herself. Uh, no. There's more to that story. Has to be.

OK, more quetions and bunny trails.

Heather said...

I really think it's the characters moving through time and not the island. It wouldn't account for the plane being in the vines and then down on the ground. I think they showed that to prove a point.

AND if the island were moving, then wouldn't everyone stay the same and remember each other. Desmund, guy with the gun, even Richard tells Locke "I won't remember you the next time we meet." He even says, "YOU'LL be moving on soon." Not him. If the island were moving, they'd all be moving.

And they'd see themselves on the island. See what I'm saying?

OH, OH, and Locke was in a different time than the others (not to be confused with the Others) at first because remember, it was raining where he was and the others were on a sunny beach.

Kelly Deneen said...

Okay, I love that you took notes! lol.

Cheech's caviar sandwich grossed me out a bit.

It cracked me up that Sawyer spent the majority of the episode trying to find a shirt to wear. :)

I don't think Locke is really dead.

Yeah, what is up with the melting drill bit??

And Daniel suddently became SUPER interesting!!

I had no idea that the white-haired lady sold the ring! I kept wondering who she was.

SO much happened in those two hours that I feel like I need to watch it again. I am so glad Lost is back! And it was so GOOD.

Denise said...

I think the island is moving. But if the island is moving "in time" why would it disappear to the Oceanic 6 with the turn of the donkey wheel? Wouldn't it still be there? The Oceanic 6 didn't move in time. Why are the Other's moving in time with the island and the Losties (with the addition of Juliet, Daniel, Charlotte and Miles) move together? It can't be because they were together at the time of the big move since the Others were gone to Locke after the big move. I think it has more to do with the Others really being "Hostiles" who were there before the Darmha people. The big question (to me) is are the Tailies (the flight attendant and the kids) still with the Others/Hostiles or are they flinging around with the Losties?

I've also been the island moving/Losties moving and trying to dig into my physics from college. I remember be fascinated with the Theory of Relativity. I learned that if someone traveled at the speed of light and was gone for 10 years, they wouldn't have aged 10 years. I think they looked and were the age the were when they left. That would explain Richard not aging. But Ben has aged. I'm confusing myself now...

Denise said...

Sorry for all the typos. My 18 month old and 2 year old don't appreciate the cerebral exercise their mother is getting this morning.

Lula! said...

Go read Vozzek69's take on DarkUfo...he says it's the PEOPLE moving, not the island, and has a lot of points that back that theory up. Good stuff.

Elena said...

I want to know if anyone else was bugged by the fact that the people left stranded in the lifeboat in the middle of the ocean last year, just miraculously "were in the radius" to move with the islad last night? End scene last year, they look up and NO island, then last night, they suddenly appear on the island. Did they move after they saw the island disappear?

The rest of the show was fabulous. Neils firey death was welcomed by me, and when Sayid knocked that guy off "death by dishwasher" I reminded all my kids, "That's why we always load knives sharp side down." :)

And do you think they are going to start seeing old versions of themselves when they travel back in time? Kind of "Time Traveler's Wife-ish"?

Mariah said...

I was confused by the *melting* also maybe you have to go through a very hot area before you reach the internal freeze.

Bless Sawyer.

Charlottes nose bleeds are concerning--but they couls mean something totally different. I missed the last 45 minutes, so I need to rewatch and then I may come back with more profound words.

Bless Sawyer

Shannon said...

I'm starting to think Charlotte was born on the island, too. As was Miles... why else would Miles want to know why Charlotte was leaving the island when he knew she had spent time trying to get back there?

Babies could be conceived and delivered on the island before the "incident" (whatever happened that caused someone to push the button every 108 minutes)... since then there have been all the problems with infertility and/or the pregnant women dying before their 3rd trimester.

I think Daniel has done a lot of time traveling! Not just studying it. The Daniel that Halliwax bumped into looked a lot like the Daniel that is currently on the island.

I'm also wondering if Sayid really wants to get back to the island. He told Hurley to do the "exact opposite" of whatever Ben tells him. And after Sayid woke and attacked Jack... he seemed a little worried about who was with Hurley.

Who were the soldiers that attacked Sawyer and Juliet? Why did they say "our island?" I don't think they are Dharma... but I don't think they are part of Richard and the other "Hostiles", either. Where did they come from?

kara with a k said...

Miles as Halliwax's baby is a great idea!

Loved Sawyer in with no shirt on, love the idea of him with Juliet. I think she calms him down when he's all hotheaded (not that I mind when he's hotheaded).

I totally called Hawking being Daniel's mom. At least I hope she is. That would be awesome.

Daniel was my favorite addition from last season and I love that he has a more central role this season. I gasped when I saw him in the Orchid back in the Dharma glory days. But I definitely fear for his crush, Charlotte. She is not long for this world I think.

And did anybody think Sun might be playing Kate? Like maybe she is trying to lure her over to Widmore, she was totally fierce when she brought up Jin's death.

And my dear Desmond! Going to save the day! I love that Daniel went back and told him to go find his mom at Oxford.

Funniest line: Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?
Hurley's mom gets all the good lines. And I love that she believes Hurley.

Rhea said...

I haven't had a chance to read DarkUFO or Lostpedia yet today, but I take notes while I watch LOST.

I think that wheel under the Orchid station that moves the island is the steering wheel from the Black Rock ship.

It's awesome that last season our flashbacks moved foward and backward...and now the island time is moving forward and backward. Confusing, but cool.

I think Jin's alive from a comment Carlton Cuse made in the recap episode last night.

I had other thoughts but totally forgot them...more from me later.

Oh, totally impressed by the Dan's mom idea. I hadn't thought of that lady being his mom. Perfect.

Rhea said...

BTW, I always knew Desmond was special. hehe

I just love him.

Brooks said...

OMGoodness. THe best discussion that I have read all day! ALL week! ALL year!
I am with Shannon on the Miles being Halliwax's child. And Charlotte being born on the island too. I have so many things to add, but have to get kids from school...

WHy can't I follow this blog?

Denise said...

There's lots of great ideas and theories being thrown out here. I'm loving it because usually its just me and my computer and a couple of big websites-- no real interaction. The problem I see right now is we're all throwing out lots of stuff and I'm having trouble narrowing my responses to other people's ideas. Maybe we could have a post for Who is the baby-- and we could discuss in the comments there. Maybe narrow down the topics. What do you think?

Mama Bee said...


I only have a few insights/thoughts:

Sun - totally don't trust her. I think losing Jin broke her and now she's out for blood.

Jin - he's totally not dead. I always thought that he couldn't bailed from the ship before it went ka-blewy. AND, during the recap, the writers (or whoever they were) said, "Sun thinks that Jin is dead..." What?! Oh yeah.

Locke - I think he really is dead but will be brought back to life by the island. Remember the article that Jack held in his hand when he went to the funeral home the first time? I freakishly freeze-framed that forever and I think I remember it saying that Locke jumped from a balcony or committed suicide or something. I think Locke will realize that he's not convincing the 6 to return and will have to "die" to convince them that he is right.

Miles - I LOVE the idea of him being Dr. Halliwax/Candles/Chang's son. Anyone know Miles' last name?

Okay, that's all I got! ;)

Rebecca Jo said...

YIPEE for this blog!!!

And I too thought instantly - VINCENT is still there when they were running! The DOG with nine lives!!

Sayid is BAD TO THE BONE! Who knew dish washers were a weapon that could be used!

And are they going to have to break Hurley out of jail now to go back to the island????

Lula! said...

Miles' last name is "Straume." His name is a play on the word "maelstrom." Which is a very powerful whirlpool--a free vortex--a tidal current.

Freaking brilliant. I swear the writers at Lost are the best in the business.

Miles Straume = Maelstrom.
Get it?


Kristen @ {dancing} said...

I HAVE to ask, is anyone else getting a sinister vibe from Sun? I don't trust that chick right now. Her conversation with Kate left me with a BAD feeling. I love the Sun/Jin story line (and he is SO alive, he has to be!) but I think his "death" has messed with her deeply. She's out for blood that one and I don't want her messing with my loves.

KDLOST said...

Hello! I am here from Lulaville... SO glad to see that this site exists!!!! FINALLY people that share my love. WHA HOO!

Rhea said...

I'm totally getting bad vibes from Sun. She's gone creepy bad, I think.

Too much of a coincidence that she just happened to call Kate as Kate was on the run.

Who is after Aaron? (Sun?!) If they want him, would they maybe want Sun's baby too, since she was conceived on island?

Lula! said...

Hello Brooks, Mama Bee, Kara with a K, and Rebecca Jo! Welcome to our madness! It's fun! (I'm not saying hey to the rest of you gals because I already KNOW you!)

Denise--great suggestion about having topical discussions. We're working on that now, in fact.

Kristen--Sun has gone to the dark side. I feel it. I don't think Widmore has any idea whom he's messing with. And I think Kate is WRONG to trust Sun. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree--look at who her dad is! I rest my case.

Mama Bee--you are onto something with your analysis (!) of Locke. Is he really dead? Did he have to "die" to get the Oceanic 6 back. Heather B. and I discussed earlier today that maybe he got bit by one of those spiders--you now, like Nikki & Paulo, and he's not really dead. That's kind of far-fetched, but to think about.

Speaking of Nikki and Paulo...who thinks we're going to see them again, before the series ends? I do. Last night's brief "Expose'" shoutout wasn't random, I'm sure.

Eudea-Mamia said...

I'm totally with you guys concerning Sun - something is not kosher there, at all. I love it.

Hurley's mom - I also agree something seems a little fishy there. I kept waiting for her to morph into someone else. Like his eyes were playing "tricks" again.

Anna Lucia - brilliant. "Libby says hi." Nice.

And Sawyer with the mix tape comment - one of the best lines ever written for tv.

I'm with Brooks - I can't Follow. Any trick?

Mrs. S said...


The ginger comment. I laughed. Outloud.

I dont laugh outloud when i am by myself watching tv.

is that weird?

Melissa said...

Okie Dokie. A coupla things here. First of all, my head hurts from trying to read everyone's comments and theories. I dig it. I really do.

Second, I think the island does move as well as the people. The O6saw the whole thing disappear. Plus, Jacob told Ben to move the island. I will take Lula's advice and go to Dark UFO for some enlightenment on that one.

Daniel. Has he changed much? Not really. Maybe a different hairstyle, but other than that....I think he and Richard have something in common.

I agree with the theory that Hurley's truthfulness is what is causing dead people to help him.

I'm confused about the white haired lady. Didn't she kind of look like Jill the butcher shop lady? I just assumed it was the same person. I guess not.

I must watch it again to get more details.

Fire dart guy was a good thing. He needed to go. I don't like it when someone has like NO Role and then they can't shut up. Those kind must be done away with. Only on TV, though.

Sayid is so hot. He was about as hot as Christian Bale in The Dark Knight when he opened up a can on the intruders in his safe house. A man who can defend himself and thwart the efforts of his enemy. Nothing sexier.

Charlotte. Not sure about her, but a thought came to you think Richard has a daughter??? Just throwing that out there to put a wrench in the works. I'm probably totally wrong on that, but with this masterpiece, you never know.

Later Ladies.....and gents (if we have any yet)