Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just a few hours to go...

While perusing the 'net earlier today for all things LOST (in anticipation of tonight's premiere), I came across this article... the author has seen the first three episodes of the new season and shares a few points on what we can expect...

(From the article):

After a torturous eight-month wait, new episodes are here, and so are some tidbits on this season's adventure:

  • This year the audience will learn a "greater sense of the island's history."

  • Physicist Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies), mysterious Charles Widmore, and ageless Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) all become pivotal players this season.

  • You'll definitely see Jin this season-- he's a series regular (don't mistake this with Jin being alive, however)

  • You won't see much of Claire this season, she's not a series regular (but producers say she'll re-emerge in Season 6)

  • As an apology to fans for neglecting Sawyer last year, Josh Holloway is heavily featured this season-- and so is his bare chest (me= smiling)

  • The person that Ben works for... is "probably Ben," say Lost producers.

  • Desmond honors an old friend in a way that will make you want to cry. Jumping through time can be bad for your health. Just a warning.

  • The two factions continue to co-exist on-and-off the island, as we anxiously await for them to converge. The Oceanic 6 are back home dodging bad guys (with Jack trying to collect everyone to bring them baaaaack!), while the island gang is caught in a cataclysmic time warp.

Now... my thoughts!

Regarding Desmond making us cry: We've all seen the promo showing Des, Penny and a newborn baby, right? Oh, I just know he's going to name the baby Charlie!

Anyone else hoping to see Jin alive and well? Maybe he made a leap off the freighter before it exploded? (But if he is alive, where/when is he? Did he start swimming for the island and make it back before it "moved"?)

Knowing there will be more of Josh Holloway (and his bare chest!) makes mama happy.

"Ageless" Richard Halpert gives me the heebie-jeebies... not sure if I'm looking forward to him being more pivotal to this season!

I want to know what "bad things" happened on the island after the Oceanic 6 left...

What are you most looking forward to this season?


Lula! said...

If Desmond dies I am cutting off my little toe.

I read that a "major character" dies sometime early in the season, and "someone we thought was dead will be back." Hmmmmmmm...

Still, it better not be Desmond. Or Sawyer. Or Vincent. I love that dog. (Like I love Annie, Rhea's dog.)

Kelly Deneen said...

I have not seen Penny, Desmond, and a baby!! I love their story. It made me cry! I look forward to seeing more of them together. I am just looking forward to all of it! The interview in that article was hilarious. lol.

Kristen @ {dancing} in the margins said...

Everything. I am most looking forward to everything.


Denise said...

I'm on Team Sawyer so I'm a very happy, happy woman.

Rhea said...

I am very curious about w hat's going on with Claire. Is she dead? What other reason would she have left her baby?!!

Sun said...

I'm just excited period.
It was amazing..
don't worry - no spoilers.. west coast people :)