Thursday, January 29, 2009


If you are a Desmond fan (love me some Scottish brotha!) you must have enjoyed last night's episode. And rightly so! Just as Season three's "Flashes Before Your Eyes," and season four's "The Constant," last night's "Jughead" has proven to be extremely pivotal. It's become a given equation: Desmond-centric+anything to do with time travel=TAKE NOTICE! But that could be said about every Lost episode, of course...still, I think the Desmond-centric episodes are some of the best each year, and I love that his came early in the season.
Just as I love this:
The minute Dr. Foreign procclaimed, "It's a boy!" I said to my mother, "It's CHARLIE! They named him after Charlie!" And by Charlie, I certainly don't mean the child was bequeathed that moniker to honor his maternal grandfather. How much do I love Desmond even more now that he's paid homage to our late, great, one-hit wonder?

Admit it. You are now singing "You all Everybody." I truly hope the powers-that-be release Drive Shaft's greatest hit(s) one day. I will totally buy it. And while we're at it, some Geronimo Jackson would be lovely, too. (Season 2...the hatch? Locke's high school locker? Hurley's surprise party last season? Remember?)

Early in the episode Juliet reveals yet another of her many talents: Latin, which she learned in "Others 101." How classic is that? Our girl Juliet has some of the best lines. Remember last season's quip to Jack? "It's very stressful being an Other." No doubt!

While Juliet is engaging Gun Boys in an ancient tongue, I kept telling my mother (who could have cared less, I might add), "Those dudes are from waaaaay back...seriously, they have to be from the 50's or something...look at their hair!" It never crossed my mind that Head Gun Boy would end up being the Big Kahuna. I just wanted to know how far back in time they'd flashed this go around.
Meanwhile Locke's all gangbusters in his quest to reach Richard Alpert, he of the heavily-eyelined eyes. Juliet clears up a long-standing mystery when she tells Locke, "He's always been here." That's ageless Richard she speaks of, naturally. I need to know more about him.
One reveal from this episode that I found fascinating was Locke's instruction to Richard, "If you don't believe me, come and visit me." We now know John sent Richard to visit him at his birth, as a young boy, and while in high school. This is altogether thrilling...and confusing. All this back and forth between John Locke and Richard Alpert makes my head spin. I love it.

And then we come to Theresa, and Desmond's attempt to glean information from her. This is all I'm gonna say about Theresa:
Season 1. Boone. In Locke's vision, before Boone meets his Maker at the hands of Yemi's aerodynamic drug cartel. Ring any bells?

"Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs."

Is this the same Theresa?

If so, I will continually bow down to the greatness that is executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. Mysteries are becoming unraveled, things are starting to fall into place, and I still don't understand much of it. I won't even go into the whole "Daniel's time experiments have ruined Theresa's life/Widmore is paying for her care" scenario. 'Cause literally, all I can ponder is "Theresa falls up the stairs..." And Boone's bloody face.

(Yes, Boone tells Locke that Theresa was his babysitter. Yes, the above Theresa is bedridden and in a comatose state. I realize these could very well be two different Theresas. But come on, y'all...this is Lost! I may be wrong, but this show has proven time and time again that names are not just casually thrown out for no reason.)

And just because I love him:

Hi, honey!

Near the end of the episode I kept focusing on Rifle-Toting Ellie. Since she was in Daniel's face the entire hour, I know she's a Very Important Person and not just background filler. Is she Penny's mother, possibly Charles' island love? Or is Ellie short for Eloise, as in Mrs. Hawking? (The producers confirmed, in the informative repeat of "The Lie," that Hawking's first name is Eloise.) As in possibly Daniel's mother? Is she both Penny's mother...and Daniel's? Another secret sibling matchup? Jack and Claire, anyone? Oh, the deliciousness of it all just slays me.
Finally, whose mouth dropped open when it was revealed that head gun boy was none other than our very own Charles Widmore? I squealed like an eight year old! I also squealed when Richard confirmed to Locke that he was in the year 1954. This revelation opens a new can of worms and I won't pretend to have knowlege of the ramifications of Charles' presence on the island fifty years ago. Oh, the did he find himself there? How long was he there? Why did he leave? Has he always been completely angry and insufferable? How did he become so doggone wealthy? Again, it makes my head spin.

I loved this episode. Completely. Some mysteries were answered, and in Lost's grand tradition, new mysteries surfaced. Also, please don't kill me when I mention this, but I enjoyed not seeing the Oceanic 6 for an entire episode. The crux of the story is island-based, and I appreciate that a whole episode was devoted to the events taking place there. I know Jack and company "Have to go back...we have go baaaaaaack!" but honestly, the action is on the island. Plus, Sawyer and Juliet are on the island, and those two happen to be my favorites. I'm just sayin'.

Let's commence with the discussion please, including the nuggets I didn't mention. What do you think of Charlottte's chances for survival? How awkward-but-adorable was Daniel's profession of love for her? Did the bomb get buried? What will happen to Des, Penny, and Charlie when they attempt to return to the island? How old is Richard actually? And when will Sawyer and Juliet hook up? I'm so over Kate it isn't even funny.

Again, as always...I love this show. Why the rest of the world doesn't laud and applaud it is beyond me. People are strange, as Jim Morrison famously sang. And stupid, too.


heathersister said...

Girl, first of all, I wish my brain worked like yours. You are my idol.

My boy knew it was the '50's because of the guns. He knew the guns the others had were WWII weapons and because of the mention of a bomb. He is a total war freak and play way to much XBox. But, I was impressed with his 13 year old little mind.

Good thinkin' on the baby being named Charlie. I thought he named the baby after Charlie, not that it IS Charlie. OMG. You are good.

I am pleased to know that your jaw hit the floor as mine did when it was said that, young other solider boy, was Charles Widmore. And Ellie Penny's mother, and Daniel Penny's brother. Oh, this is going to be good. Really, really good.

Melissa said...

Okay, LA, you're are just on a completely different playing field than I am. You. are. a. friggin'. wonder. girl. If I were a brain doctor, I would ask you to donate yours to science when you go home to be with Jesus. That's how much I admire your intelligence. Do I get the butt kisser of the year award? I thought so.

Lula! said...

Michelle..."heathersister", I totally think the baby was named after Charlie. Not "is" Charlie.

I'm so confusing, I know. I confuse (and annoy) myself.

And please do not even think of bragging on me. Intelligent? Me? No way. My Lost deduction skills are meger at best. Those chaps over at DarkUfo are the brains. Seriously. I can't wait to read their take on things.

Shannon said...

It was seriously one of the best episodes. And it went by way too fast! 10:00 came and I was all, "Noooooo.... I need to know more, now!!!!"

I read through LLL's recap of episode 2 just before the show started last night... one of E's theories was regarding the men that attacked Sawyer and Juliet...

"they're not DHARMA or part of the Hostiles/Others. Their accents lead me to believe that perhaps the Island is now in a time when Widmore was also there,..."

Then we find out "Jones" is really none other than CHARLES WIDMORE, himself! WHOA!

KDLOST said...

I almost lost it when:

1) Charles Widmore circa 1954 surfaced... seriously, what a great moment...

2) They named the baby Charlie...loved that. I miss Charlie so much...

Also, that is an excellent point about Theresa. I walk around the house saying 'Theresa falls up the stairs...' to hubby (sometimes, when I'm in a weird mood lol)... surely that's her!

I enjoyed not seeing the 6 also. I love all of the island mystery, the 6 needed a break for the week. Also you're absolutely right: Desmond centric = pivotal episode.

You know who else I really am intrigued by? Charlotte. And of course Daniel... in fact, all 3 of them have been positive additions.

I liked this one. I am starting to get a bit misty eyed as each mystery is slowly addressed... because the end is unfolding before our eyes and while I want to know what in the heck... I don't know what I will do when the show ends...

KDLOST said...

Oh- and I think they buried the bomb. Charlotte... not so sure about her survival! Do you think she has a constant? Is that even relevant here? I just figured since she was bleeding from the nose...

Sawyer thinks Kate is dead, he'll totally hook it up with Juliet.

Melissa said...

Yeah, the whole Charles thing? Never saw that coming. Incredible moment. The hubby and I just looked at each other like, "OMG!"

Of course, Ellie is totally Mrs. Hawkings.

A few weeks ago, I was watching a re-run of that Theresa falls up the stairs episode. Strangley and creepily reminiscent of Twin Peaks. It just had the spine tingling effect. I love shows that give me the willies and this one is all up in my face freakin' me out!

That's good tv right there.

Denise said...

Okay, where to begin???

I love, love, LOVE that Desmond and Penny named their baby Charlie. Although I DID wonder what type or prenatal care Penny received, but that's just me.

Juliet spoke Latin, which I didn't necessarily find all that surprising since she's a doctor. Many doctor's study Latin although its usually for reading not for actually speaking. Latin is the TRUE universal language though. The question is did Juliet come the island knowing how to speak Latin? Did she learn how to speak it there in the 3 years she was there before all this drama started? And why don't we ever hear any Others speaking Latin? Why didn't she and Goodwin whisper sweet nothings in Latin to each other? Something doesn't seem right with all of this, but again, maybe its just me.

Before we leave the boys in the jungle, did anyone else notice how quickly Locke's leg is healing????

Creek side reunion: I love how the Others said they knew where to go because Sawyer told them. They also dispensed of 2 more red shirts. How many more are left? What I also found interesting is that Daniel didn't seem surprised that Miles could communicate with dead people. Guess they all knew each other's area of expertise. I thought it was kind of funny when they asked who was in charge that Miles instantly told them it was Daniel.

Daniel. Does that boy seem to be stepping up more and more each episode? Think back to the first ones when his mind was mush and he seemed like he was scared of his own shadow. Then look at last night, Daniel was the go to guy, large and in charge and he never hesitated for a minute. Could it be that time travel is actually helping his brain facilities return? In the meantime, it seems to be frying Charlotte's. Whoa baby. That didn't look good. Get that girl a constant, stat.

Others in disguise: Why are the Others wearing the US army uniforms? Are they trying to trick the soldiers they know are coming? That really doesn't make any sense. Personally, I think the Others are just totally into dressing up in costumes. Who can forget Mr. Tom Friendly and his God awful beard? And the clothes that looked like they had just stripped off of Huckleberry Finn? Maybe they're all theater major wanna bes.

Richard, Locke and Jacob: Richard my man. You have gorgeous eyes, why in the world do you think you need eyeliner? You need a Rachel Ray intervention son. But wait, you'll have to wait about 50 years for that. In the meantime, where does someone happen upon eyeliner in the jungle? I absolutely LOVE the whole Locke "come visit me in 2 years" 'cause he DOES!!!! NOW we know why Richard got a bit upset about Locke not claiming the compass. One question I have is who's the leader in 1954? Richard? I don't think so because why would he just turn his power over? Obviously Jacob is around. But now I see why Ben, who encountered the Others/Hostiles when he was a boy, then became leader since Richard said they groomed their leaders early. Ben was groomed. But does anyone else see a pattern? Outsider comes to the island. Outsider becomes leader. Why doesn't one of the Others become a leader? I also love Richard's answer as to how to get off the island: "Its complicated." So how did the US Army get there? I also noticed that Locke didn't get his trusty compass back. Uh oh. Guess he has to wait 50 years.

OH! One more thing about the US army and then I'll let it go (I think.) Remember how Hurley got his numbers to win the lottery? From the crazy guy in the Santa Rosa Mental Health Care Facility. And where did HE get them? HE was in the US army with another guy at an outpost and heard them. I think there's a connection there somewhere. I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone else anywhere mention it. In any case, I'm going to dig out that episode and re watch it. If I can just remember what season it was...

Teresa: Wow! I bow to your greatness Lula 'cause I NEVER caught that one. I admit that I am confused as to how that would play out. Veggie casserole Teresa is currently in LaLa Land and Boone's Teresa fell on the stairs and died. But leave to Lost to explain it and make it make sense.

Others in the Real World: Little Hot Head Charlie Widmore living in paradise? How did he become an Other and how did he get off? Kicked off, maybe? Broke one neck too many? And Ellie, never saw that she could be Mrs. Hawking (could there really be any doubt now? Widmore said she was living in LA) but the way Daniel looked at her, her name. Yeah. Its her.

OMG! IT'S A HYDROGEN BOMB!!! yeah, there's a bomb but you heard what Daniel told Mommy Dearest: Bury it. Like into the ground. Like a leaking hydrogen bomb buried in the ground giving off energy. See where I'm going with this? How do we explain the Hyroglyphics? And the Donkey Wheel? I don't know yet, but it totally explains some of the exotic matter and energy. Maybe if its mixed with the island's energy it creates some mega super power, Cashmir Effect inducing energy.

I, like Lula, enjoyed a break from whining. I get enough in my own house, especially since I have multiple sick and therefore whiny children surrounding me right now. (Even as I try to type) But let's compare something for a minute. Jack, Super Neurosurgeon Extraordinaire, look at how he handles the stress. Double fisting it all the way. Then look at Juliet. Did anyone else notice how calmly she is taking all the time traveling, different others, being shot at by flaming arrows? Either her shock factor has worn off (not that I could blame her), she's got a super stress handling personality (I think there might be something there, thus the comparison to Jack) or she knows more then she's letting on. And if she DOES know more, why isn't she spilling already????

You can't change the past: B. S. Locke did just that last night giving Richard the compass and telling him to drop by in few years. Future Locke told Past Richard to come visit Locke in thew Pasts Future. Confused? I am too, slightly. But I think this throws the whole "you can't change the past" out the window. And speaking of the past, when Daniel was down in the 1980's Orchid under construction, he looks incredibly like he does right now. I think he's there in a time shift trying to figure out what's going on.

That's all I can think of and Yo Gabba Gabba's over so back to trying to make a slightly feverish baby happy.

Denise said...

Wow! Was that like the longest comment ever written?

Lula! said...

That was awesome, Denise. Seriously. You are hardcore and I love it.

Denise said...

I warned you... ***manical laugh**

Barnes Yard said...

Oh I was so freaking out with giddiness last night with all the little revealing names and such. LOVE IT! Daniel kept staring at Ellie saying she looked really familiar...hello, maybe it's because she is his mama! I nearly cried when they called the baby Charlie-he is soooo cute and I always love me some Desmond & Penny. I don't think Ellie/Eloise is Penny's mom, but who is???

Heather said...

Yeah, so if they bury the bomb...could THAT be the "energy that will destroy us all" that Hallifax (whatever his name is) referred to when they started drilling through the rock? It WAS leaking and Daniel was freaking out about that.

And Miles can totally speak to dead people. Cool.

Last night was one of the best episodes ever. I love how it's starting to come together...sort of...

Shannon said...

Denise: That may very well have been the longest comment ever... but I loved every word of it!

Now, here's a thought:
If Ellie is Eloise... and Ellie/Eloise turns out to be Ms. Hawking... AND Ms. Hawking turns out to be Daniel's mum...
He said Ellie looks "familiar"... BUT if she was his mum, don't you think he would KNOW?!!?!?! Has he never seen a photo of her from her younger years???

R Susanna said...

I am so jumping on board with y'all! And I was also floored when the young guy turned out to be Widmore. I actually started yelling at the TV. My kids think I am crazy.

The Mom said...

FABULOUS! I love how you pay so much more attention than I do, LOL!! Going to get Hubby to read this each week, love it! kudos!

Miss Blondie said...

Ok, so i loved last nights episode!! I love coming here and reading what everyone elses take on the episode was. Brilliant!

One thing that i noticed was the whole Locke and Richard thing. I remember the episode that Richard saw Locke in the hospital when he was born. Anyone else remember that?? So Richard did go visit him like he told him too. Also, in that same episode, Richard had gone to Lockes house only a few years later (Locke was just a kid) and told his mother he was there to see if he could be enrolled in his "special" school. He poured out a bag of stuff and asked Locke what he thought of it all. And Locke didnt know. So, now i'm wondering if at somepoint during these time travels Locke will give Richard some stuff and tells him to do this. Hmmmm....anyone with me??

Miss Blondie said...
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Barnes Yard said...

Was there a compass in the bag????? I can't remember!

mine, by magpie said...

omg omg omg omg my mind is running back and forth i'm so excited! yay lula! i'm glad to land here! fill me with your absolutely unfailing observations that i seem to miss! i'm gonna go fall down the rabbit hole on lostpedia and see if i can get up to speed!

Rebecca Jo said...

Thank goodness for people like you - I totally dont even remember any of that stuff with Boone & Locke's Babysitter.... HUH? Thats why I need people like you!

And I too wanted to cry when I heard Desmond named the baby Charlie (in that awesome accent he has!!!!)

And Widemore... I about freaked out! Loved Locke was so calm "Nice to meet you"... Dude broke his friend's neck... he's a son of a gun from the beginning!

KDLOST said...

p.s. watched the epi again last night...

does the hydrogen bomb situation make the quarantine scenario and the hatches more plausible? i mean, that makes sense, right. hubby mentioned the injections might be iodine which would give some sort of protection from radiation...

heathersister said...

Ooooooooo, this is so much fun. I wish we could all be sitting around a big table of happy snacks and drinks all talking over each other.

Sun said...


you are genius.

have i told you lately?

And yes!!! this was a fabulous episode.

my brain is still reeling...

Rhea said...

This episode seriously rocked. The Widmore on the island bit totally surprised me. It was AWESOME.

I like your Theresa ideas. Very, very interesting.

And yes, I think Ellie is VERY important.

Love your review of the show. I'm so behind on posts, I'm trying to get caught up.

Captain Dumbass said...

Whatever happened to the days when Kate would swim in her undies every 2nd episode?