Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Exotic Matter

OK, with Lula's permission, I'm going to jump right in here:

In the season finale, we learn The Orchid is not really a botanical research station. Instead, The Orchid was designed to investigate 'unique properties' of the Island, it is these properties create a kind of Casimir Effect. He points to a white triangular door, calling it the vault.

Halliwax explains that the vault was constructed adjacent to what they believe to be a pocket of negatively-charged exotic matter. Halliwax then warns the viewer never to place any metal objects inside the vault. Halliwax then places a white rabbit inside the vault, closing the doors and stating that they will send it 100 milliseconds into the future.

I'm curious. Exotic means foreign, not native, right? (I looked it up in the dictionary to be sure) So, Where did it come from? Outer space? There are hieroglyphics on the rocks and such down in that icy place where Ben goes to "move" the island.

How does it work? How do they move the island? Where does it go? How will the Oceanic Six find the island now?

I'm curious if you guys have any thoughts on this.

Let's discuss!!


Denise said...

I found this blog through Heather's blogs and thought "OMG!! How did I not know about this????" And then I saw it was all brand new. Whew. You have a new devoted follower!!!

Can you tell I'm a bit excited with all the exclamation marks!?!?!?!?!?

Kat said...

Have you seen the "other" video of this? The one they showed over the summer? Where you see the malfunction of the bunnies...and can clearly hear Faraday's voice??

Denise said...

No, where can you see this? Have you all checked out J Woods blog on Lost at Powell books? He's pretty deep but you can glean some interesting theories from him. I always feel very pseudo-smart after reading him.

Denise said...

Okay, now my total geekiness is showing. You all will have to block me from this site. I just don't have anyone to talk to about this so I'm REALLY EXCITED!

Exotic Matter is what causes wormholes. It is an actual term for particles that repel gravity. They are a hypothetical concept to particle physics. They are negatively charged particles and are considered hypothetical because their existence is not yet proven.

Kat said...


The Pierre Chang video from comic con is on page two...

Lula! said...

OK, Rhea...
You have opened a whole new can of worms here.

Exotic matter better not be outer space. If this show gets all aliens & UFOs on me, I'm gonna be a bit perturbed. I'm down with the time travel bit...I'm down with time travel being the reason the island is able to move. But I'm not down with the outer space stuff. TOO FREAKY!

Seriously, that foreign matter better come from Hong Kong.


Yes, Kat--that 2nd video from ComicCon--totally Faraday's voice at the end. I'm thinking Faraday, Charlotte, and Miles are going to be pivitol this season. (And I love me some Lapidus...'cause I love me some Jeff Fahey.) I'm leaning towards the whole Charlotte-is-Ben's-real-daughter-with Annie theory. She's definitely connected to the island somehow--that much we know.

I'm reiterating a bunch of my final Lost post from last season here. If I get bored enough, I'll repost it. 'Cause I'm a nerd like that!

Welcome Denise! Feel free to be geeky with us. 'Cause you don't know geeky 'til I start flying that flag myself. Promise.

Mariah said...

You all are the coolest geeks around.

Rhea said...

I never heard or noticed Farady's voice at the end. WOW. That's mind boggling as well.

Heather said...

I must've been smoking crack when I watched that last episode. I don't remember any "exotic matter" being discussed. Or maybe I was just overly focused. Don't get me started on how I try to find the hidden clues in each episode. Often, I can be heard shouting, "That! That rock right there is a clue! See how it's kinda pointing to the east?"

And as far as the Oceanic Six finding the island again...If the island is wanting them to come back, then won't it make itself known to them somehow?

And we haven't addressed if Claire is dead yet?

And speaking of dead people...I think there is great significance to Nikki and Paulo being buried alive. Will they stay dead? Did they ever really die? I don't think we've seen the last of them. I just have a gut feeling. It was too random of a story to be a random story.

Lula! said...

I will crap my pants if Nikki and Paulo are the "Adam and Eve" skeletons from the first season. Cuse & Lindelof have promised they will reveal that at the end...if it's lame, like Jack and someone, then whatver...but it would totally rock if it were those two freeloaders. Seriously.

But then again, as John said, "Nothing stays buried on this island." Unless those two actually do.

See? It all makes my head swim. Which is why I totally love it!

Sun said...

I'm desperately hoping that it's all about time travel...I'm not down with UFO's and aliens...at least not at this point..

my head is already confused and the season hasn't even started yet! ahhhh!!!

I'm excited!