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No brilliant opening for this post... let's just get to sussing about this Sawyer-centric episode!

Beginning with the events on the island...

Sawyer has been taking care of the injured Jin at Crazy Claire's makeshift tent:

Jin's all, "Dude, we gots to get outta here! Before those whackadoodles come back!"... but Sawyer's like, "Chillax, Kato... it's all good." Sawyer lets Jin know that he's with Locke, "or whoever he is", only because he can them off the island (or so he says).

Flocke, Crazy Claire, Kate, Sayid, and the rest of the Others from the Temple finally appear. Everyone wants to know what happened to those who stayed at the Temple. Flocke's answer: "the black smoke killed them".

Before they head out, Kate sees Crazy Claire's creepy squirrel-baby. And she's as freaked out by the thing as I was {

On the way, Flocke pulls Sawyer aside and drops the bomb that
he is the smoke monster. And that he wants Sawyer to paddle over to Hydra Island for a little reconnaissance. Flocke believes there are some others from the Ajira flight who "mean to do us all harm".

So Sawyer goes off to Hydra, and Crazy Claire tries to kill Kate... but luckily, Flocke saves her just in time.

Did anyone else scream at the TV, "
Sayid! DO something!", during this scene? Or was I the only one?

Sawyer makes it to Hydra and finds the Ajira plane. But first, he comes across Kate's dress in one of the cages:

Again, was I the only one thinking, "
Really? After THREE YEARS of being outside, the dress is still in that good of shape?"

Unfortunately, the plane isn't the only thing Sawyer finds. He also finds a pile of dead bodies... and... Zoe, who says she's the only one left from the flight:

Sawyer figures out Zoe isn't who she says she is... but she's
not alone, and before he knows it, he's taken to a sub and meets Charles Widmore.

Sawyer agrees to deliver Flocke to Widmore, in exchange for him and his friends getting safely off the island.

But then! Sawyer makes it back to Flocke... and proceeds to
tell him the plan of turning Flocke over to Widmore!

At nightfall, Sawyer finds Kate on the beach. He also tells Kate about Widmore and his people and while everyone's "fighting it out", they'll be taking the sub away from the island.

Now for what happened in Alterna-Lost...

Sawyer's in bed with an un-named woman:

And then he does the whole, "
Oops! I didn't mean to open this case full of money in front of you!" My first thought: "Ah, Sawyer. He's up to his old tricks."

But the woman pulls a gun on Sawyer, saying she can spot a conman since she's married to one:

Sawyer then begins to tell her that this is a set-up and the room has been bugged. It wasn't until Sawyer uttered the "magic word" that I believed his story! The cops bust in the room, arrest the woman and we meet
Detective James Ford's partner:

Miles! I didn't see that coming, either! But I
loved it.

Two more things I loved about this scene: 1), it was Sawyer's turn to be called by a nickname ("Dimples") and 2), the magic word ("La Fleur").

Detective James Ford is using his cop skills for personal use... even in Alterna-Lost, he's trying to find "Anthony Cooper":

I don't know how this is going to play out. Because
we know who Anthony Cooper is. And in Alterna-Lost, he seems like a good guy!

Meanwhile, Miles has set his partner up on a blind date with a good friend of his, who also happens to work with his dad "at the museum". I thought (and hoped!) it would be Juliet, but the blind date turned out to be:


Of course, Charlotte and
Detective James Ford hit it off and end up in bed together:

But the good times don't last very long. Looking for a tee shirt, Charlotte happens to come across the "Sawyer" binder hidden in the dresser drawer.
Detective James Ford goes all postal about what Charlotte saw and kicks her out.

And as if that wasn't bad enough...

Miles finds out his partner has lied about being in Australia and isn't too pleased about it:

Miles knows he's being lied to... but again,
Detective James Ford won't tell the truth. Miles storms off, saying he's no longer Detective James Ford's partner.

And of course, as with every episode this season, we have the central character staring at their reflection:

Later, Detective James Ford makes up with Miles by finally telling him the truth. "Anthony Cooper", aka "Sawyer", is the man responsible for his parent's deaths. He's been searching for "Sawyer" since leaving the police academy and finally found a lead in Australia. Detective James Ford reveals his plans to kill "Sawyer" when he finds the man.

A car then slams into Detective James Ford's car... and he and Miles are on the pursuit. The fugitive turns out to be none other than:


I was a little surprised at this. We know that our Losties keep interacting with one another in Sideways World... but thanks to Erica, I thought the next person to run into Kate would be Jack. Remember when Jack and his mom were searching for Christian's will... and when found, it mentioned "
Claire Littleton"? Jack and his mom need to find this mystery person... and what's the easiest way to find someone? Run a credit check on them. Who has Claire's credit card? That's right... Kate. So I figured Jack and Kate's paths would cross next...

But now, the big question is: What's Detective James Ford going to do? And maybe even a bigger question is, why didn't he intervene in the airport when he noticed Kate in handcuffs???

Time to end this here recap... and for our female readers, I'll leave you with a few more gratuitous images of Shirtless Sawyer...

You're welcome.

Now... get to sussing!


Lula! said...

Putting aside all the sideways and on-island stories going on in this particular episode, may I just pause and thank Damon and Carlton here?


THANK YOU, CARLTON CUSE AND DAMON LINDELOF. Thank you for all the shirtless Sawyer in "Recon." Thank you for TWO sex scenes.

No, really. Thank you. It's like y'all knew how much I love him...and this was such a nice, mid-season gift.

someone please give Josh Holloway his Emmy. Between this year and last, he's earned it.

OK, back to Shannon's recap. (Thanks, Shannon!) Here's my thoughts on Recon:

1. Sayid frightened me. He's straight up whackadoo now.

2. Claire needs some V05 hot oil treatments. Like Amy. (Ethan's mama.)

3. Sawyer had his "moment in the mirror," as has every character this season, in their flash-sideways. Yes, we're taking note, writers of Lost.

4. Do we love that Sawyer is conning both Widmore and Fake Locke? We do.

5. Did we hate that Sawyer had a "moment" with Kate's skanky ol' dress? We do. (Hi, Juliet's been dead mere days. He's NOT over her.)

6. I hate Kate.

7. Who is Fake Locke's mama? And why is she riding the crazy train?

8. If Sawyer's a cop, why did he help Kate out at the airport? I mean, she was wearing handcuffs and running from the law. ?!?!?!?!?!?

9. I love shirtless Sawyer. That is all.

No, really.
That is all.

(Love you, Shannon!)

Shannon said...

After I hit "publish", I realized I left out the part where Flocke tells Kate about his crazy mama.

But... since the scene involves Kate...

Eh, who cares?

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I just don't know how they're going to wrap this all up and "explain" it to us. I feel like each episode is great, but it opens up new questions for me....

Melissa said...

I was kind of wondering if Claire is just the vessel of Flocke's mom like Locke is the vessel of ummm Flocke......just a thought. Probably wrong, but it's my best attempt at intuition. I have none where this show is concerned.
I can't wait for the Richard epi tomorrow!!! I hope it will shed some light on a lot of mystery.

CaraBee said...

Great recap, Shannon! As usual, you rocked the hizzy.

1. I LOVED that Sawyer was a cop. I did wonder about the not doing anything about Kate when he saw the handcuffs, though.

2. La Fleur. Perfect.

3. Seriously, I don't get the Kate/Sawyer thing. She's the PAST, dude.

4. Thank you for all that topless Sawyer hotnesssss. Yum.

5. The new others on Hydra looked familiar?? What's their deal?

6. Charlotte was totally going through his drawers. Looking for a shirt is one thing, and that wasn't it. There's more to that than meets the eye. I don't trust her.

7. Also, love that Sawyer kept the beer and left the flower. Man after my own heart.

8. I am really interested to see how they pull these two timelines together. The questions, there are still so many!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the extra pics of shirtless Sawyer! Your post was awesome, brightened up my afternoon.

I kept wondering why Det. Ford let handcuffed Kate go at the airport. Maybe he didn't want anyone to know he was in the international terminal?

Charlotte was really digging through Det Fords drawer....maybe Miles sent her in as a spy to find out why his partner's lying to him.

The thing with Kate's dress had me yelling "O Come On!" AND he called her Freckles again at the end of the epi! That's what pissed Juliette off in the first place and made her decision to get off that sub when Kate showed up.

I watched Doc Jenson's "Totally Lost" videos today on and they think it could be Desmond behind the locked door on Whidmore's sub. Another theory is that Whidmore kidnapped all the children to use as leverage (Ji-Yun, Aaron, Charlie)that would be gross, I don't tolerate child kidnappers even on the island! lol

Kate is the only character who in her sideways hasn't changed. Well expect Jack I guess. Hurley is super lucky, Ben is super nice, Sayid is super Uncle.

Ok I can't think of anything else right now - brain fried - can't wait to get home and watch last nights Richard Alpi Epi while chowing down on some dharma buffalo wings.
(they aren't really dharma but I can pretend)

Kate said...

Ash sent me over here and am I glad she did! I look forward to trudging through your archives.

Did I mention that my name is Kate Sawyer? I didn't? Well, it is. Seriously.

I prefer to call Charlotte "Rocky" like from "Mask." Yep.