Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm looking forward to reading the comments on this episode... because I thought "Lighthouse" was a great one. Maybe even the best Jack-centric episode (so far) of all six seasons.

As with the last post on "The Substitute", I'm just going to highlight my main thoughts/questions. I'm sure I've missed some things, but that's what all you Sussers are for, right?

Let's begin with the Alterna-Lost timeline:

  • What is the deal with Jack not remembering when he had his appendix removed?!

(I also want to know about the cut on Jack's neck from "LA X: Part 1... remember when he went to the bathroom on the plane?)

I don't know what to make of this. After the first episode, I read somewhere that if you follow the original timeline of 815's crash, maybe the time Jack noticed the cut was about the time he was getting stitched up by Kate. However, if this is true... then the same can't be said about his appendix. In this Alterna-Lost timeline, it's been a few days since the plane landed. Juliet removed Jack's appendix much later in the original timeline.

Then again, we are dealing with time travel. So, who knows...

  • Jack has a SON?!

This was the part where I had to pause and rewind the DVR... 'cause my first reaction was, "Wait... did that boy just say 'DAD'?!"

So now the obvious question:

While watching the show last week, Lula had some interesting guesses... which included Libby and Shannon. Both of us agreed David's mom is probably not Sarah (Jack's ex-wife according to the original timeline).

The next day Lula and I chatted on the phone... and her new theory as to who could be the mystery mom is one I most agree with:


And Doc Jensen thinks so, too! From his "Lighthouse" recap (BTW, Doc's recaps should be required reading for every "LOST" fan):

Who's David's Mom? Who's the female participant in the creation of this inexplicably conceived Sideways child? Who's this phantom woman that Sideways Jack was once with and now isn't? Wouldn't if be totally ironic and fitting if she was the Sideways iteration of Lost's resident fertility doc/Jack dumpette, better known to us as Juliet? And you wanna know why she wasn't home last night? That's right, kids: Going dutch on coffee with new boyfriend Sawyer. (Your goosebumps? That's right, I did that.)

Anyone disagree to the theory that Juliet is David's mom?

Now for on the Island:

  • I didn't notice this until my 2nd viewing of this episode... but Jacob poured something into the Temple's spring... what was it and why?

  • Still wondering about the identities of "Adam & Eve"

Of course, Hurley (in the way only Hurley can) theorizes maybe the skeletons are one of the original 815 survivors. My sister thinks "Adam" and "Eve" are going to turn out to be Kate and Sawyer... the two people who are "meant to be alone" end up dying together. Hmmmm...

  • Claire has done lost her mind.
I can't be the only one who shuddered at the sight of this:


Out of all the scenes with Claire and Jin... here's what I noticed most:

Her "friend". Since the MIB has only been inhabiting Locke's body (or whatever you want to call it) for a few days, and Claire has been living in the jungle for the past 3 years,
  • Who does Claire "see" when she looks at her "friend"?
Could it be Christian? Or...?

So, what say you, Sussers? What are your thoughts and theories about this episode?


Morgan Zolar said...

It drives me nuts that they are tearing up everything on the island. Here is this cool light house, and Jack breaks it. Lock blew up the hatch, and I bet soon that cool temple will get destroyed.

I quit trying to figure everything out, just enjoying the ride!

Lula! said...

"Claire has done lost her mind..."

HILARIOUS, Shannon. And, sadly...true. Yes, her faux baby creeped me out.

I really like our whole "Juliet is the Baby Mama" theory. It would play out well--and be a good "GASP!" moment when David's mother is revealed.

I am loving your sister's theory--that the skeletons are Kate & Sawyer. We've heard so much speculation that those bones are gonna be Rose & Bernard and it'll be anti-climatic if that's the case. (I won't mind--it just won't be too gasp-worthy!)

I didn't catch Jacob pouring the stuff into the spring. So now I'm going to rewatch that.

The whole lighthouse thing was fascinating...who was on #108? (Screencaps show that the name "Wallace" is on108. WHO IS WALLACE?)

Also, did we LOVE Hurley's whole, "'Old school--trekking through the jungle, on the way to do something we don't understand" comment. I CRIED tears of joy over it.

Man, I love Hurley.

Also, my disdain for Jack has steadily grown over the past 3 seasons. It's been since season 2 that I've felt any love for him. "Lighthouse" changed that for me. I'm now on the road to redemption...lead the way, Jack!!!!!!

CaraBee said...

Claire's substitute baby? Fuh-reaky.

I think Claire has been seeing the Man in Black, when he looked like the Man in Black. Because if it was anybody from their camp, she would have expected Jin to recognize him/her.

As for who the baby mama is. I go back and forth on that one. I convince myself that it is Juliet, because how awesome would that be, but then I think that it will be someone more unexpected. It definitely wasn't Kate. Could be Libby. How about Penelope? Is the fact that he is musical relevant to this?

Do we even know that the skeletons are male and female? Could they be two men or two women? If they are, though, I like them as Bernard and Rose. I know it's predictable, but I like the idea of them dying there together.

Can't wait for tomorrow night!

FROGGITY! said...

the fuselage thinks it's probably juliet as well... at least that's the consensus... i hope so! i think it would be a fun twist. we're definitely going to find out about that dutch coffee date... good times.

i LOVED this epi. it was one of the best since season 1 imo.

can't wait for tomorrow night...

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Claire's faux-baby gave me some serious nightmares. That thing freaked me out!

I am one of those people who doesn't stress much over all the mysteries. I kind of like not knowing/hypothesizing...b/c if I guess right then I'm disappointed when they reveal.... I like to be surprised.

Melissa said...

Okay, it is apparently time for some word verification on our suss blog! This is getting a little out of hand.....:)

Loved this episode. I literally said "Holy buckets" at least 4 times. Seriously the best episode this season. That lighthouse was crazy. I was on the edge of my seat.

I seriously have nothing of value to contribute to this post. I, too, am just enjoying the ride.

Michelle said...

I immediately thought David's mom is Kate. In the Lighthouse we see the number address on the side of the house, I'm trying to figure out if thats Kate's address. Remember last season that hitman who tried to kill Sayid in the hospital was carrying a little piece of paper with an address on it and Jack said, thats Kate address. I'm trying to find time to watch that epi and see if the numbers match.

why does anyone think its libby?

Claire has lost her effing mind completely. I nearly gagged when I seen that thing in the cradle. and why is she so pissed that Kate is with Aaron? She walked away and left Aaron, surely she remembers that.

does anyone else miss Desmond and Penny an awful lot?

No idea who Wallace is, unless Jacob is Jacob Wallace, or can Walt be a nickname for Wallace?

Twister was on last night, the guy who plays Faraday was in it, and Frogurt, and the guy Sawyer put in the closet I can't remember his name.

ok listen, that kid is SO Kate and Jack's kid, he's got dark hair, I kept looking for freckles, he's reading Alice in Wonderland like Jack used to read to Aaron.

Shannon said...

Cara: Interesting about Claire seeing the "original" MIB.

Michelle: One reason to think Libby is David's mother is just because Cynthia Watros (the actress who plays Libby) is definitely coming back sometime this season. And we haven't seen her yet... so she could be introduced as David's mom.

It can't be Kate... she was on the plane with Jack, they even had a moment where they looked at each other. I think if she was the mother of his kid, there would've been a little more interaction between them, don't you?

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

I loved this episode. Mainly because I love Jack and I liked feeling happy thought s for him once again.

I really hope it's Juliet. It has to be! I'm hoping Libby comes back in as Hurley's love interest or dare I say it....wife? That would be Epic!

Squirrel Baby was creepily awesome. Kudos to Darlton for that one.

Also Damon posted on twitter....."Could this be Wallace?" and linked this article.

Figured I'd throw that out there since the man himself tweeted it.

PS. I can't wait to talk about last night. Sayid has always been my favorite on LOST and last night still has me reeling and I am not so sure if it's in a good or bad way. But I have to say that Keamy as the loan shark was GENIOUS!

Michelle said...

I can't wait to get home and re-watch last night. I missed so much of it because we were cooking dinner.

Shannon - I completely didn't even connect the flash sideways to each other! Ok so it's not Kate. Maybe the patients daughter with the dark hair, the one Jack kissed and then confessed to his wife about?
Maybe it's Ana Lucia, possibly introduced through Christian.

KK said...

I left you some linky love on my blog today :)