Thursday, March 4, 2010


Folks, I don't even know where to begin...
'cause this, as a reply to Ben's "There's still time to escape...":

"Not for me..."
Well, it scared the heebie-jeebies outta me.

Long have I loved our former Iraqi Republican Guard, our Ninja in the black wife beater. But it appears Mr. Kung Fu Fighting (as Cara texted to me during this episode--"Everybody was kung fu fighting...") is now kicking for the dark side.

Queue the Imperial March from Star Wars.

Rather than recap what I found to be a very confusing and mysterious episode, let's jump straight to the sussing, shall we?

*Dogen (God rest his soul) referred to Fake Locke as "evil incarnate."
Call me bonkers, but my definition of "evil incarnate" is Satan/The Devil/The Man Downstairs, whatever you wanna call him. Are we finally to believe/accept that the Man in Black/Fake Locke is the bad guy? That he's inherently evil? If so, what does this make Jacob?
Well, he's cute...but is he an angel? Truly good? The White Knight?

*Ahhh, Martin Keamy...
Don't hate me, but Kevin Durand (who portrays Keamy) has the sexiest voice ever. EVER!

Just as he did in the Season 4 finale, Sayid opens up his can of whup-ass on one Martin Keamy, leaving him deader than dirt. It seems that regardless of timeline, regardless of locale, Sayid is gonna have the last laugh, as far as Keamy's concerned.

But let's discuss...what does Keamy have to do with Jin in this timeline? Does he still work for Widmore? Why's he storing a Korean in a freezer? And didn't those eggs look delicious?

*Was I the only one who, upon seeing this scene, had a Buffalo Bill flashback?
"It puts the lotion in the basket!"

It's apparent that Claire has "done gone and lost her mind," as Shannon so succinctly put it in last week's recap of "Lighthouse." If the mangy hair and eerie crooning of "Catch A Falling Star" weren't enough to cement her position in the loony bin, the two things Claire yelled to Kate from the depths of the pit are more than enough to convince me that she's riding the crazy train: "I'm not the one who needs rescuing!" and "He's coming, Kate. He's coming, and you can't stop him."

*Dogen is now deader than a doornail, and Fake Locke is able to enter the temple...
But whyyyyyyyyyy? Or, better put...WHYYYYYYYYYYY? Was Dogen the only thing keeping the Man in Black out of the temple?

My 5+ years of being an uber fan of Lost have left me with somewhat of a swelled head. Like most hardcore Losties, I have a pretty good idea of where this journey is leading us. Yet now I'm hearing a hissing sound...and it's the sound of the air being let out of my head. Because, like Claire, I've done lost my mind over this episode.

I came thisclose to writing this post as:


It's literally how I felt the minute "Sundown" ended. Don't get me wrong, I loved this I usually love the Sayid-centric hours. But I'm stymied, y'all. Really and truly perplexed.

Hold me...
and by "hold me," I clearly mean I want HIM to hold me:

Commence with the discussing...shed light on this mystery-laden episode, please!


Rina the Mama Bear said...

I very much love Kevin Durrand. Sexy sexy - and yes, wonderful voice.

The lack of a Sawyer appearance made me sad.

The (good) tension between the Sideways Nadia and Sayid was awesome.

Dogen now seems to have been pointless to me, to have killed him off...I don't know.

I don't know how I felt about the whole episode. They keep promising answers but...I'm not feelin' it. I want more!

CaraBee said...

Remember when Dogen said that Claire was like Sayid? Does that mean she's back from the dead like he was? She's definitely not all there.

Also, does the fact that Sayid killed Dogen in the pool o'life mean that he will come back? But eeeeevil? I'm just not thinking we've seen the last of him.

Keamy's return was all too brief. Work for Widmore? Hmm. Seems likely.

This episode definitely left me scratching my head. Girl, I am so going to miss you next week!

Shannon said...

I came thisclose to writing this post as:


BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I think the same can be said about every episode so far this season (and can there really only be 10 left?! WAH!!!)

The more I see Cindy the flight attendant, the more I want to know what the crap she is doing with the Temple Others. What did they tell her that made her go, "I've been abducted by you, never to leave this island, never to see my family and friends again? Yeah, I'm cool with that." "Oh, now you want me to 'watch' Jack being held in a cage? Awesome. Bring it on."

Seriously?! Why is she OK with this?!

I'm in agreement with Rina... Dogen and Lennon getting killed now?!

Cara: I didn't even think about Dogen coming back to "life" since he died in the spring! Veddy interesting...

Do we assume Keamy is working for Widmore in Alterna-Lost? If the island has sunk, is Widmore still looking for it?

Michelle said...

This was the first epi of this season to not mirror season 1 character-centric epis. It would have been a Sun/Jin epi if it continued along that line, but I think they are holding out on the long awaited Sun/Jin reunion. The next epi in season 1 was about Claire so hopefully next weeks 6.0 epi explains WTF is wrong with her.

The looks on Sayid and Claire's faces when they walked through the massacre at the end made me sick.

I can't figure out if FLocke was happy to see Kate or thinking "she's gonna be trouble" and um why is Kate following them? simply b/c crazy Claire is going? I'm so jumping on the Hate-Kate bandwagon b/c she doesn't seem to care at all about my buddy Jack.

When Sayid said "..died in my arms" I knew he was talking about Nadia, but Shannon died in his arms too remember? It doesn't seem safe to be his chick

Jo said...

If Fake Locke is 'evil' and Jacob was 'good' and they are continuously struggling over control over the island and Jacob continues to seek out the right person to 'lead' the island, etc etc. Is it that much more of a stretch to say that this island is like a living purgatory?

Was the one dude able to keep fake-locke out of the temple because he was specifically placed there by Jacob and willingly took that role?

And I'm a little sad that Sayid has joined the seemingly darkside in all this. And ontop of that they ALL looked zombie-fied upon the exodus out of the temple. Creepy! What does this mean for Kate?

And on another note where the heck did Ben disappear to after that creeeeeepy ::shudder:: exchange between him and Sayid?

My head hurts AS usual!

Tony C said...

I was literally screaming at the television for Sayid to shoot Keamy! I enjoyed watching him die a second time too.

Also, the wife got my best Buffalo Bill impersonation during the Claire scene (I was right there with you)...voice that is...I'm not into the tuck and pose thing.

Michelle said...

Jo -

I believe Ben went with Ilana, Lapidus, Sun and Miles through the secret passage in the wall. Anyone figure out what that "O" like symbol means?

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

Well I was a little confused in Alterna-Lost and now both sides are giving me a headache...not to mention freaking me out! However, I also found bad Sayid to pretty damn sexy...scary as hell but yummy none the less.
I can't decide what I make of Jacob. I do remember what I was thinking when Sayid came back to life...HE IS JACOB...NOT!
I am going to start this season over this weekend and maybe I will have a flash of brilliance...

Melissa said...

Just loving every minute of this intricate show. The writers of this show are nothing short of pure, raw, genius talent.
I love reading everyone's thoughts. I'm kind of figuring that maybe some of ya'll intuition will rub off on me.

Queenie Jeannie said...

This was the first episode I didn't like this season, or for any season for that matter, because NOTHING made any sense and no questions were answered for me.

It's almost as if the writers know how it all ends and they are just stringing us all along till the finale episode. That really kind of pisses me off.

Because if I see one more commercial telling me the "time for answers is NOW!", I'm gonna hurl! Just sayin.

veterankindergartenteacher said...

Have a great day tomorrow Heather. I have never even watched this show but I wanted to wish you a good night! Blessings!