Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost Bipolar.

Alice commented on my personal blog, "I've gone Lost bipolar today...one minute I'm happy, then I'm sad."

I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks, Alice.

It is the day we've all been waiting for...the beginning of the end...tonight we'll begin season 6 of our beloved show.

Last May I had the duty of recapping the final half hour of the season 5 finale. (The final season finale of Lost. Gulp.)

As I rewatched the episode last week (yes, I'm aware it's now February and not May. Don't judge!) I couldn't get past this:


And since we'll have a brand new episode to discuss tomorrow, I'm gonna leave it at that. No, I'm not dropping the ball or taking the easy way out. (Shannon--please love me!) I just can't go there again. My head is still spinning, but more importantly, my heart is breaking. Y'all know how I feel about James and Juliet.

Tonight we'll receive some answers...of course, there will be more questions. But I'm dying to know:

*Did Juliet reset time? Because that's the mainest question, of course.

*"They're coming." Who's coming, Jacob? WHO?

*Is Frank Lapidus a "candidate?" And what's a "candidate," anyway?

*Will Kate still annoy the heck out of me? (Well, duh.)


*Are Sun and Jin ever going to be reunited?

*Is The Man in Black (aka Dead John Locke) now in control of the island?

*Will we learn the identity of Season 1's "Adam & Eve" skeletons?

*Will Rose and Bernard have their own spin-off show, called, "Aw, Hell No!"

See? I just cannot process it all.

Thank God we have a new episode tonight. We've waited so long.
Commence with the squeeing...NOW!


Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

I. Can't. Wait.

This may be the first time I am not happy to live on the West Coast.

The. End.

foxy said...

This - "Will Rose and Bernard have their own spin-off show, called, "Aw, Hell No!" - TOTALLY cracked me up. That's great.

Can't wait for tonight. YAY!!

Kelly Deneen said...

6 hours and 40 minutes to go!!


But yes, I am sad. It makes me sad that this is the final season premiere. :(

Heather said...

Let me tell you something sad: I have to leave for work at 10:45pm, or I'll be late.

15 minutes left of the show, and I have to leave. I almost cried when I realized what night I was working. I know, I know...I'll be able to watch it tomorrow, but it's just not the same.


Queenie Jeannie said...

Only five more hours for me. Don't hate, I'm on the east coast. Should I come and spill the beans???

Don't worry, I wouldn't dare, lol!!!

Is it wrong that I've looked forward to this almost as much as moving to Italy??

Another question:
WTH happened with Claire???? All that "stay away from moie bay-beee" and she just wanders off into the jungle???

Karen said...

Lost Bipolar. That's the perfect way to describe it.

I love Jack. Matthew Fox better be getting himself onto another TV show quick because I have to have him back on my TV every week!

FROGGITY! said...

definitely lost bipolar here too. only in my book, juliet annoys the heck out of me and i adore kate! :) sorry. it's true. (not that i didn't like sawyer and juliet together... i did!)

i am so excited about finding out more about the man in black, the candidate thing, and hopefully getting some answers about the dang smoke monster. i am excited about all of it... yet, i don't want it to be OVER!! sigh, catch 22. ;)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Giddy with excitement!!! I just finished watching the last episode while my girls are napping. That particular image stood out to me as well.

I actually like Kate though...I hope she and Jack end up together. I really reeeeally want to see some more of Juliet, but I'm guessing her new gig on "V" keeps her busy. ;)

I LOVED the whole play on dark/light, good/evil with Jacob and the man in the black shirt.

I hear there are a lot of returning characters. I want to know what happened to Claire!

Kat said...

I cannot wait to see if my theories are right on, or way off base. I want to know the answers to all of my questions. But I don't want it to end either.

One of the things I want to know...and it's really not important...I am just curious...is the people the O6 said survived, but not long enough to be rescued (Libby, Boone, and Charlie)...why them??

Tina said...

OMG the nervous anticipation is growing.... I watched the season finale last night and I'm all a flutter with ideas and questions... UGH. Seven hours can come soon enough!

Queenie Jeannie said...

CONFUSED!!! It's now 10:15pm and only 45 minutes to go on the premiere. What happened to answers??? Just have more questions - yikes!!!!

CaraBee said...

We're almost to the end of the season premiere and if I thought any of my questions were going to be answered in this episode, I was WAY off. So glad it's back, though!!

Alice said...

I'm glad you liked my comment. I feel a little famous now having made it on your blog. :D

After last nights epi, it's only more obvious now that my Lost mental breakdown has only just begun.

Seriously. Did we have to suffer the loss of Juliet AGAIN?? They gave us hope....then smashed it right in front of us. AH!!!

I need to be held right now.