Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LA X {Part 2}

Since I've procrastinated in getting the recap for hour 2 done (and a new episode airs tonight), I'm just going to hit the high points.

Well, the high points according to me. I've only been able to re-watch the 2nd hour in spurts, so I may have probably missed a thing or two.

But here we go! Starting with the events of the "flash sideways":

  • Did anyone else notice Artz giving a weird look to Sayid, as the two of them waited for their luggage?

  • I can't decide if this look is "This guy looks familiar, somehow" ...kind of how Jack was to Desmond on the plane. OR is Artz suspicious of Sayid being a terrorist, which is what Shannon accused Sayid of being on the original Flight 815. Hmmmm...
  • Kate manages to escape from Marshall Edward (he has a name!), taking his gun in the process. Another interaction with Sawyer on an elevator... then she's outside trying to take Frogurt's cab but he's not having it. "There's a line!"

  • With the Marshall hot on her heels, Kate jumps in the nearest cab and tells the driver to go. The cabbie tries telling Kate he already has a passenger, but she points the gun at him and we see the passenger is... CLAIRE!!!

  • We don't see if Claire is preggers or not... if she is, do we assume she's in LA for the same reason she was on the original Flight 815? To give her baby up for adoption?
  • Jack is called to Oceanic's courtesy desk... where he's told there's been a problem with his "cargo". Apparently the coffin containing Jack's dad never made it on the plane. Sounds to me like Christian was never meant to be buried. Again, hmmm...
  • Jin is also having issues with his baggage. Apparently he didn't claim a big wad o' cash. (What's the deal with the watch, though? I don't remember it...) I did catch Sun being called "Miss Paik"... does this mean Sun and Jin are NOT married? And I do not like this Jin. At. All. What a jerk.
  • The final scene in the airport involves another encounter between Jack and Locke. Both are filling out paperwork in an Oceanic office. Jack, because the airline lost his father's coffin (and his father). Locke because the airline lost his knives. (Again... I don't remember the significance of the knives...???). I admit I was tearing up right along with Jack, when Locke was explaining to him the airline just lost his "father's body".
  • Jack tells Locke he's a spinal surgeon and asks what happened... only to be told by Locke that surgery can't fix him. Jack gives Locke his card and tells Locke, "Nothing is irreversible."

  • Are we to believe this bit of advice, too? That somehow things in the past can be changed?

As for what happened on the island:

  • Miles stays behind with Sawyer to help him bury Juliet, while Jin, Jack, Kate and Hurley take Sayid to the temple.

  • Hurley is wearing a RED SHIRT!!!! NNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  • After burying Juliet, Sawyer forces Miles to "listen" to her. What Juliet wanted to tell Sawyer before she died? "It worked."
  • What we can assume from this is that somehow Juliet (or her conscious?) was able to see the "flash sideways" and that Flight 815 doesn't crash on the island. Right?
  • Jin, Hurley, Jack and Kate make it to the temple wall with Sayid. While making their way inside, Kate wanders off and then doesn't respond when Jack calls for her... why? I didn't catch the whispers the first time around but heard them when I re-watched. The gang is attacked by the "Others" and we get our first look at the actual Temple (of Doom?)...

  • Meanwhile, back at the beach... Ben and MIB/Fake Locke are still inside the statue. MIB/Fake Locke tells Ben that the real Locke was confused when Ben killed him, and his last thoughts were "I don't understand." MIB also says Locke was the only one who realized how special the Island is, the only one who didn't want to go back to his pathetic pre-Island life. And how this is ironic... because MIB only wants to go "home".
  • Just exactly where is "home"???
  • We're back at the Temple... and so are Cindy and the children from Flight 815 are at the temple?! WTF?!

  • The leader of the Others, Mr. Miyagi, gives the order to shoot Jack et al. But Hurley comes to the rescue, saying Jacob sent them and gave him the guitar case. I don't know what I was expecting to find in the case, but it certainly wasn't an ankh.

  • Seeing the way these Others are dressed makes me wonder if this was the reason Tom and the "Others" who attacked the Losties wore fake beards and shabby clothes. To somehow blend in with these Temple "Others"???
  • They take Sayid to the spring inside the Temple (where Miyagi and Hippie are stunned to see the water isn't clear). A few of the Others hold an unconscious Sayid in the muddied water, where he apparently drowns.
  • Sawyer and Miles have been captured by the Others and brought to the Temple... Hippie takes Hurley to have a talk with Mr. Miyagi. It's here where Hurley drops the bomb that Jacob is dead... and all heck breaks loose. Miyagi and Hippie are yelling for everyone to "get to your posts! ring the bell! prepare the ash!" They also set off a flare...

  • Which is seen by Richard. And he looks pretty freaked out. I wish I could find a screencap of this look, because it's awesome.
  • Also awesome are the reactions when MIB/Fake Locke comes walking out from the statue.

  • Lapidus: "I'm seeing it. But I'm still not believing it."
  • MIB confronts Richard, saying it's nice to see him out of those chains. Could this mean Richard was a slave on the Black Rock? Richard obviously knows who MIB is. MIB knocks Richard out, hoists him onto his shoulder and shouts that he's "very disappointed with all of you," then walks right past the real John Locke's body.

  • The final scene of the final season premiere happens back at the Temple. Hippie asks to speak to Jack in private, but Jack argues and starts to fight with a few Others. The fighting abruptly stops when everyone sees Sayid sit up! A confused Sayid asks, "What happened?" (And let me tell you, he wasn't the only one confused.)

So what did you think of the 2nd hour? Where is "home" to the MIB? What did you think the guitar case was holding? Do you think Jacob is now inhabiting Sayid's body? Any other thoughts? Suss it out!


Jo said...

I think that Jacob is now in Sayid... is Sayid... how does that work - anyway. I think that Jacob is the one that is alive now - because of what the non-english speaker and man in glasses said when they decided to "help" Sayid... if they DON'T then they're all dead - so my guess is that they needed Sayid as a portal - but if that IS true what a lame way for REAL Sayid to die. Boo. Drowned? Guess the actor still gets to be badass so we can pretend it IS Sayid.

Why is the red shirt significant? Just a bad color? ;-)

I did notice that Sun wasn't a Mrs in that conversation and did we think that she DID understand the english or never learned it in this flash sideways?

I did a little internet search on the watch Jin was holding - not sure it's the SAME one - but in Season 1 apparently there is a watch that Jin goes nuts over Michael wearing because it belonged to Sun's Dad and Jin had been entrusted with it (don't think we ever knew why back then either)

The watch reappears in the same episode?? or another one in season 1 when they flashback to Jin talking to his father that convinces Jin that he loves his wife more than her father can do anything for them so Jin's dad convinces him to disappear and so Jin decides to follow his father's advice: after delivering two Rolex watches to Sydney and LA under Mr. Paik's orders.

Before boarding the flight to LA though one of Mr. Paik's men wanrs him not to attempt to escape his current life and if he did there would be consequences.

The Rolex reappears (according to another website) when Michael trades the watch for a revolver and ammunition at a Manhattan pawn shop so that he can shoot himself and then Michael is interrupted by Tom Friendly (an Other)and offers him a job... Michael eventually takes the job after failing to kill himself and then seeing the Oceanic 815 wrechage on the news at the bottom of the ocean.

That's all I got.

Jill said...

I'm thinking "home" could be the temple...or maybe Hell. Hmmm.

Shannon said...

Jo: A "red shirt" usually means that character is going to die. Crossing fingers this is not the case for our beloved Hurley.

I also wondered about Sun not knowing English... was she just pretending again?

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I think Sun knows English, and I think all the money was in the suitcase so Jin could escape with Sun. The other commenter was right about the watch. I remember those episodes.

Had no idea about the red shirt!!!

I think home is the temple.

Jo said...

Really about the red shirt?!?! I have to watch every episode again. This is brand new information ;-)

Kat said...

I noticed that about Hurley too. And isn't he the one that brought it up in the first season anyway?? Katie won't wear her only red shirt anymore :-)

And I saw Darlton on the Jimmy Kimmel show and JK asked them if Jacob was now in Sayid. Their response seemed to be no...and that our opinion on that would evolve over the next few episodes.

Shannon said...

The thing about Jacob being in Sayid's body or not...

at first I thought it was, like how MIB is inside Locke's body.

BUT... the MIB isn't really inhabiting Locke's body... 'cause it's laying on the beach.

So if this was the same scenario for Jacob, wouldn't there be another Sayid's body somewhere?

Lula! said...

'Member when I texted you and was all, "HURLEY'S WEARING A RED SHIRTTTTTTTTT! NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Think of all the dead red shirts on this show...last season alone we had Frogurt and JULIET. Seeeeeeeeriously. I love Hurley. This better not be a bad omen.

Where is Home? Heaven? Hell? Sephora?

I dunno if Jacob's in Sayid's body...or if Sayid has been "reborn," much like Richard did with Ben back in the day.

And will you be home from your date in time for me to text you tonight? When the show airs? I'll be so sad if not. I mean, come on...Lost is a priority, dude!!!

Karen said...

I think Richard was not a slave. I think he was a prisoner. Sort of like Kate. I think the same type of collection of people from Oceanic 815/Ajira 316 has ended up on the island before.

I was worried about Hurley too. The changed shirt was SO blatant that it was either a nod to fans to kiss him good bye, or just a way to keep us on our toes. Because I know Darlton is perfectly aware of that non-coincidence.

And I don't think Jacob is in Sayid. I think Sayid is alive, although I think Jacob really does have something to do with it.

CaraBee said...

I'm so behind. Just got around to reading this. You'd think that being snowed in would give me all kinds of free time. Wrong.


I am getting more confused with every episode. There are so many elements that I just can't pull together. Sayid? Dead/Alive/Somewhere in between? What's with the alternate universe?

Melissa said...

Cara, I'm right there with you. I've decided to just relax my brain a little and just enjoy watching everything. Then I can come and let Lula and Shannon do all the hard work....:) I'm a bad member of the sussing club. I never once offered to do a recap. I don't honestly think I could. My pea brain just is not capable. Cop out? Probably, but that's gonna be my excuse.

Didn't give any thought to the red shirt until you all pointed it out! I hope that's not the case.
I thought Sayid was Jacob, but that wouldn't make any sense since his body was in the same place when he came back to life.

The previews for the 2/16 episode looks like it will shed some serious light on some of this mystery. I just can't handle them putting anymore on us.

Lula and Shannon. My absolute, undying love goes out to both of you for taking the time to recap these puppies! You all help me understand and work this stuff out. I really do love this show.

Michelle said...

I think that Sun's dad gave Jin the watch to give to a business associate. But I'm pretty sure Jin wasn't planning on going back to Korea. He was either gonna run away on Sun or with Sun. Funny they were both going to make an escape of some sort.

WTF with Cindy just standing there ok with our Losties about to be shot? And um why did Mr. Miyagi's goons take those kids all those long seasons ago?

Who the hell is hippie? I feel like we've seen him somewhere before he's got some familiarity to him.

Why was Richard in chains? The slave theory is a good one!

I thought the guitar case was holding Charlie's guitar. Was that too simple a thought? lol.

kanishk said...

Really about the red shirt?!?! I have to watch every episode again. This is brand new information ;-)

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