Thursday, February 5, 2009

"The Little Prince"

Thirty minutes into last night's episode, I felt mildly sick to my stomach. I came thisclose to texting my brother-in-law, lamenting, "Lame. This is weak." But I didn't want to whine 'cause he was already threatening to stop watching. Like me, Robbie finds Jack and Kate b-o-o-oring. Our expectations were low, and by that point in the show we were not disappointed.

Lost always proves me wrong, which I love. Lost always brings the unexpected, which I love. What I thought was going to be a weak hour suddenly became rather powerful. It got strong. Really strong. So strong that I actually uttered an expletive, which prompted me to text Kristen and tell her, "I just uttered a 4-letter naughty word. A kinda slow episode just got good!" Thankfully Kristen loves me through my admission. And admit it--if y'all didn't utter a choice word or two, you were at least thinking it in your head.

We all know both Locke and Sawyer had crap-for-fathers. Let's just keep it real here. Both have had daddy issues in the extreme. While watching "The Little Prince" last night, I found significance in Locke's referring to Sawyer by his given name, "James." From the very first time we learned Sawyer's true identity was actually that of James Ford, no other character on the island (even Kate) has continually called Sawyer who he really is. Locke has been consistent in this manner. That little fact never meant much to me until last night. Our Man of Faith seems to be much like a father figure to Sawyer now. I think both are rising to their island leadership roles, and while I don't see either of them becoming cuddly, warm, & fuzzy in their relationship with each other, I do see somewhat of a father/son respect building between these two. I. Love. It.

Did you catch Locke's line to Sawyer? "I needed the pain of the past to get to where I am now." My heart lurched at this, because not only is this true in Locke's case (again--Daddy issues--Anthony Cooper, you sorry excuse for a human being), but it could well be the title of Sawyer's autobiography. I mentioned in my season 4 finale recap that no other islander has grown as an individual more than James Ford. His redemption has been found in loving someone more than himself and he is continually playing out his reluctant hero status.

My proof is in the pudding with this scene, which served two purposes:
I wish Saywer didn't love Kate, because she is unworthy. (More on that later.) Yet love her he does, as evidenced by his restraint at not revealing himself to in-the-past Kate and Claire.

I also think this particular scene answers the four season-long mystery of the whispers. It's been hinted at the past couple of weeks but I now believe we can say with certainty that all those eerie, ghostly voices we've been hearing over the previous four years are indeed the remnants of our people flashing back and forth through time. Awesomeness.

Let's discuss Kate. I don't want to, especially after this:
These two make me tired. The only reason we had to endure this rehashing of their "we have to lie" scene was for Kate to tell Jack, "I am always with you." I wanted to smack her. Again, she is unworthy of Sawyer's helicopter sacrifice, as well as his love. Go be with Jack always, Kate. I don't care.

Let me backtrack and state that I do not watch Lost for the romantic aspect of it. I'm not a big shipper (big into the love relationships, that is) by any means, but I have said, since the season 4 finale, that I am digging the potential union of Sawyer and Juliet. They've both been jilted by the people they care for (Juliet, of course, had/has feelings for Jack, which she admitted to him last season...right before he planted a big smooch on her). They are both strong, physically and mentally, and I believe these two are worthy and deserving of each other. The scene with Sawyer and Juliet (whom I also want to add has also referred to him as "James" from their first introduction) on the beach, after being attacked (again) in the water (this time with guns, rather than flaming arrows or trip-wire bombs), was poignant. Juliet forced James to be forthcoming about his feelings, and we all know Sawyer is not a big one for revealing emotion. That scene was brilliantly played. Yeah, Josh Holloway is a vision to behold, but beyond his fabulousness he is a mighty fine actor. Amen.

Speaking of the canoe/beach scene, what happened before the ocean hijinks puzzled me all night long. The gang finds their camp destroyed, a big ol' canoe, and water bottle from an Indian airline? Perplexing. I couldn't even begin to sort that one out.

Until I found the above screencap and came to the realization that maybe this particular scene took place in the near future. Perhaps the Oceanic 6 flew on the Ajira Airline, once escaping Los Angeles. Perhaps they are now on the island, in this point in time. Perhaps I'm completely wrong, but it's the direction I'm leaning toward. Over the next few days DarkUfo, Doc Jensen over at EW, and LongLiveLocke will have their theories posted. We'll see...smarter minds will possibly prevail.

A few more observations:
I knew, the minute scrub-wearing dude sauntered through the door, that Sayid was gonna get his ninja on. He never disappoints. I say it again, as always--he is so badass. But who wanted to harm our former torturer? Ben? Widmore? Ben?

What about this?

Ben and Sayid's getaway van, which they took to meet with the lawyer Ben hired to harrass Kate. "Canton-Rainier." It's been pointed out over on DarkUfo that Canton-Rainier is an anagram for "Reincarnation." Chew on that one a while. 'Cause yeah, I cannot even go there without getting a headache.

Charlotte is probably not long for this world. But let's not discuss Juliet's brief bleed ('cause I refuse to believe she's going anywhere--she's been my favorite female character since season 2, and she has to make beautiful babies--that survive--with James.) and instead, let's discuss Miles' red-running nose.

Daniel explains the nosebleeds could be due to "overexposure of the island." Let's think that theory through. Juliet's been there three years, which seems like a long time, and she bleeds, but not before Miles. (And I will not discuss her nose again.) Then we have Charlotte's sniffer, which has been bleeding almost from the inception of the time flashes. Miles is feelin' the flow now. Witness this exchange:

Miles: Those yahoos have been here for months. I've never been here before two weeks ago.
Daniel: Are you sure about that?

Methinks Miles just answered the "mystery baby" question posed in Season 5's very first episode. It's looking like Mr. Ghost Whisperer is Chang's (et. al.) son. I think. Probably.

Moving on...

The instant I heard French being spoken, I knew...Danielle & crew are in the house! Er, island. Whatever.

Because the Lost world is fully populated with truly intelligent and investigative geeks, I know a translation will soon be posted on the net, and we will learn what Danielle, Montand, and the rest were shouting while surviving the storm. Anyone out there fluent in French? Give us a heads up!

A few final tidbits...

I'm glad we got to see Claire, even if it was only in a photograph.

I bestow my badass status upon Sun, because receiving a gun in a box of Godiva is completely hardcore.

I'm unable to determine if Sun is really after Ben and in cahoots with Widmore, or if she's really wanting Widmore's head on a platter and this is all a big act to protect Ben. It's delicious, though, regardless of her motives. We learned in season 1 that Sun has an evil streak in her (remember she lied to her father and blamed the broken ballerina on the maid?), and her pursuit of vengeance over Jin's death is building to a big showdown. I cannot wait.

Finally...who was thrilled to see Jin? Alive? But alive in the past? This opens a whole new can of worms, indeed. I love it. I love this show. Let's discuss...

p.s. I get my pictures from DarkUfo's screencaps page, and just found this:

The episode's title has nothing to do with little Aaron. Lost's writers have once again thrown in an Easter egg I'd never catch if it weren't for the uber-geeks who watch this show. I have no idea what any of this means, and I've never read The Little Prince. Looks like I'll be heading over to Wikipedia to do some sussing.


Tiffany said...

It was a great episode...the only Oceanic 6 scenes I like are the ones with Ben, because he usually whips out something crazy ridiculous. Kate/Jack can go away.

Ah, Sawyer. I love you even more. When he first whiped under his nose I was like "No! Not him!" then he was motioning for Juliet. Sad, but at least it's not Sawyer. :)

Can't wait till next week, Sun puts the smackdown!

Sunshine said...
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Sunshine said...
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Sunshine said...
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Sunshine said...
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Sun said...

First off,
Did you really post this at 5:34 a.m.?? Uh uh. You are superwoman.

I can't stand Juliet.. still. I mean I have a love/hate relationship with her. She annoys me. (Love me through this admission, Leigh Anne :) ). And I like Kate../saywer and Jack. Maybe they could all get married? ?

If James and Juliet get together.. I'm gonna be po'ed. How freaking obvious and convenient.. I mean really. Sawyer is way to amazing..and fabulous..for her.

But you are right.. we do not watch this show for the love triangles..

we will agree to disagree.
and we will love each other anyways.

Despite the fact that you love Juliet.. Lula
you are freaking genius.

Didn't think anything about the van.

I think Miles just may be the"mystery baby".

And yes, I was excited to see Jin alive :).

This show has my head swimming. Again.

Shannon said...

Oh, my is this season getting good.

I had always thought Kate and Sawyer would end up together. But then after last night's "I've always been with you"... methinks she will end up with Jack. If there's any other woman who would be good for Sawyer, it's Juliet.

Sayid getting his ninja on... yeah, he rocks my world.

So Jin has been time-traveling with the rest of them, right? He's just been knocked out, floating in the ocean this whole time?

And did you see on the preview for the next episode... Ben says to Sun that Jin is not dead. How does he know this???

Shannon said...

One more thing...

I'm now convinced Miles is Halliwax's baby.

Shannon said...


I'm reading the episode recap on Lostpedia. Under the theories I found this:

"Rose and Bernard are Adam and Eve. After the fire arrows come down they go back to the caves where they die together. Their bodies then stop time traveling - 50 years in the past. Jack says the bodies look like they've been here 50 years. Plus, the bodies have one black (Rose) and one white (Bernard) rock on them.
But if they go into the caves and die who placed the bodies and the rocks? This theory makes a lot of sense once you realize one thing: the bodies of the fire arrow victims are missing from the beach. It seems that you have to be alive to travel thru time. (Presumably, the Hostiles buried the victims in an unmarked grave like the one the soldiers were in.) If Rose and Bernard hid in the cave to escape the attack, and if they died in there for whatever reason, then their bodies would remain behind. As for who placed the rock, it could be anyone who found them later: Sawyer, Juliet, Steve, whoever."

Yowza! What do you think??!!!? I've been wondering where these two are... we haven't seen them since the arrow attack...

Miss Blondie said...

What a great episode!! I agree with Shannon about Jin. I think he's been flashing back and forth too but he's just been floating. I knew it was Danielle's crew too!!

I said after the season 5 opener that the whispers were probably people flashing back and forth. Brilliant!

Now here's something to ponder...remember how Jack kept seeing his "dead" father and so did Claire. Maybe he is flashing through time as well?? Just a thought. But i have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Claire either..i'm waiting for her to pop up any minute.

And one final thought...the polar bear from season 1...i'm thinking thats going to be explained soon too.

Sun said...

The Numbers Appeared again...

First Jack said that Sayid was knocked out for 42 hours, then we learned Kate's address was 42 Panorama Crest, and then Ben told Jack to meet him a 23rd dock in the marina.

Found this on:

Hmmmm?? What is up with those mysterious numbers?

KDLOST said...

AHHH! AHHH! I mean, how many times did I freak out last night? JIN! It's Jin!

Also, Shannon, just read your Rose/Bernard theory... and it just blew my mind. I am about to go watch the episode again, get some insight and come back.

I really love this show with a passion.

I cried my eyes out when Sawyer saw Kate in the jungle. SUCH a great scene. Le SIGH.

KDLOST said...

Alright, and let me mention before I go off to watch again: Kate + Jack = Boring. Kate + Sawyer = SIGHHH. She's not worthy... but he loves her and I love that.

Also just seeing some of our old friends: Claire in the jungle, Rousseau in younger days... it just did my heart good.

Barnes Yard said...

I LOVE IT!!! As soon as I saw the group in the storm I said to my hubby, "I totally bet that girl is pregnant!" And it was Danielle and she seemed so optimistic...oh well...
Anyway what seriously kept me up all night was wondering how the moles disappeared off of Claire's mom's face.
PS Do you think the reason Widmore funded all of Dilbert's research and takes care of Theresa is because Daniel is his son??? I'm convinced Ellie/Eloise is him mum (I love how Penny says that), but I'm not so sure about Widmore as his daddy...Also someone had an idea about Ellie/Eloise being Penny's mom, but wouldn't Penny put together Oxford + new CA address...I'm just assuming she knows her mother.

Lula! said...

I rewatched the ep again just now and something leapt out at me...

what if Sun holds Jack responsible for Jin's death? We don't know that she received those pictures & the gun because of a vendetta against Ben...because both Ben & Jack are in the pictures. Plus, in the season premiere she made a point to ask Kate, "How's Jack?"

Then, when she was in her car at the marina, watching the showdown between Kate & Ben, those pictures (the ones delivered to her hotel room--with the Godiva gun) were on the seat next to her--and Jack's face was clearly seen.

So...I'm now wondering if her beef is with Jack. Would be a very interesting turn of events.

Also, something else that has bugged me for 2 weeks now...when she first meets Kate at the hotel, she shows a picture of Ji Yeon, it's of her as a newborn. This scene was supposed to take place 3 years after they'd left the island. Who shows a 3 year old picture, without following it up with a, "and here's current ones..." That whole scene felt so forced and "off." It still bugs me.

I'm now wondering if something has happened to Ji Yeon. Perhaps she died as a young infant. (I'm not morbid, but work with me here.) And that is what is further spurring Sun on in her quest for vengeance.

OK, I could be wrong on all counts and I probably am...just throwing it out there.

My head hurts now.

Kristen said...

Oh, no. I knew it was bound to happen dear, sweet, favorite Lula of mine. We've come so far with every. single. thing. in common.

But alas, I'm a Jack girl. I love me some Sawyer, too. But Jack is a favorite of mine.

And Juliet? BLAH. Isn't she supposed to be married to Santa Claus? Send her back to the North Pole. The BI gets on my nerves. For real.

I was SO happy when Jin made his appearance. Have you seen that man smile in interviews? Best smile I've ever seen. I just like him. Sun, who I like too on the norm, is going to go all evil, I think. She has turned to the dark side.

Overall, it was a good week. Could have been better but still good.

Heather said...

I had to wait a day to comment and let this all sink in, but now I'm spinning again. Sooooo much to think about here.

Kelly Deneen said...

I loved this episode!! I don't mind the Jack/Kate saga, but they do make me roll my eyes at least once an episode.

I wish Sawyer and Juliet would hook up and get over Kate and Jack. They would be awesome and bad-ass together.

Jin! OMG! I was so surprised! Was he just floating close enough to the island to get caught in the blinding flashiness of time travel?

I love that you think the whispers they heard in previous seasons were the group time-traveling. Fabulous theory!

Eudea-Mamia said...

The whispers theory - so brilliant!!

I'm with Kristen, I'm a Jack gal, as well as a Sawyer lover - don't make me pick.

Kate needs to be hit by a bus.

Rose and Bernard - also brilliant.

Information overload. I think I need to lay down.

Jamie said...

OMG, I just discovered your blog and IT'S LIKE THE BEST THING EVER. I just put your button on my sidebar and will for sure be catching up with you every Wednesday. Lost is the only show in my entire life that I've HAD TO WATCH. I tivo every episode and keep it until the next season...then buy the DVD's when they come out. It's so darn confusing but I LOVE IT and this recap (AKA. help me figure out what the you know what is going on) is just perfect :-) Thanks and we'll be chatting soon!!


Lula! said...

Hey Jamie--welcome!

Michelle said...

I didn't understand the part about Dilbert or Theresa. Someone's going to have to explain that to me.

I like watching Lost when no one else is home so that I don't get interrupted. Not the case these past two weeks.

Michelle said...

Ok so the whispers theory is a really good one. And so is the Rose/Bernard/Adam/Eve.

I love Jack and Kate, I can't stand Juliette.

Juliette was in love with Goodwin. He gets murdered and she's horrified right? She blames Ben, blah blah, no so soon after the loss of her love (Goodwin) she loves Jack now? Why?

Miles has got to be Halliwax's son. I think Jin should have told Danielle that a crazy man would steal her baby.

I googled Luke 3:16 (I saw this in a comment on Jorge Garcia's blog)

Here it is -
"John answered, saying unto them all, I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I cometh, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire:"

I think it would be awesome if Grandaddy Ray were actually Jack.