Thursday, March 26, 2009

"He's Our You."

Because I like to remain completely spoiler-free I never know the title of each new episode of Lost until after it has aired. My favorite line from last night's installment was Sawyer's description of Oldham to Sayid: "He's our you." When I woke this morning and went to Lostpedia (the encyclopedia of all things Lost, of course), I literally gasped upon learning the title of episode 10 of Season 5: He's Our You. Brilliant!

"He's Our You" opens with an adorably young Sayid breaking the neck of a chicken, as his older brother is clearly fearful of any harm coming to that animal. (No harm, no fowl! OK, bad pun...couldn't resist!) Immediately I thought of Season 2, and a young Eko in Nigeria, killing a man so that his younger brother, Yemi, would be spared that experience. Coincidence? Of course not! This is Lost. One of the Nigerian guerrillas tells Eko that he is a "natural born killer," and the same could be said of Sayid's destiny...all those early days of snapping chicken necks will hone him into the ninja he's meant to become. (Y'all remember in Season 3's finale, "Through the Looking Glass," Sayid broke that Other's neck using just his legs? Yeah. One of my favorite moments ever. He's so badass.)

We then see young Ben delivering a sandwich and some reading material to the imprisioned Sayid. Let me just pause right here and tout the casting of the kid portraying lil' is spot on, I tell ya. He is amazing! The book Wee Ben passes to Sayid is A Separate Reality by Carlos Castaneda. I won't even attempt to break that one down for you, but feel free to click on the book title for Wikipedia's synopsis. And, as always, remember that nothing is happenstance on this show. Ben gave Sayid that particular book for a reason. Duh. (And the book lover in me again rejoices at all the literary references which circle the world of Lost. Truly fantastic.)

Next we find ourselves in Russia, where Sayid is doing what he does best...chasing people while brandishing a gun. Honestly, have you ever seen a better dressed hitman? Sayid...dude...with that sleek black ensemble and your hair so carefully blown-out, you are rocking the GQ style. When offing a Russian, why look like a thug when one can look like this:Sayid effortlessly pulls off the look of a classy assassin with the ease of a runway model. I dig him. After killing the Russian Sayid meets up with Ben, who informs Sayid that his work is done. It seems Sayid has managed to exterminate all of Charles Widmore's organization and Ben is all "Mission accomplished...we so rock!" And by "we," Ben clearly means Sayid, 'cause Ben's hands haven't been pulling, Ben's hands are more of the strangling kind. (Cough-cough--John Locke--ahem.) Sayid has been a badass his entire life...torturing, killing for a living, and being a super Ninja is all he knows, which is painfully evident when he begs of Ben, "What do I do now?" The chipper Ben replies, rather smugly, "Go live your life." (And then I started singing T.I. and Rihanna's "Live Your Life." I'm sure Ben did,

Back in 1977 Horace tries to get all McGruff Crime Dog on Sayid. It doesn't work, because seriously...McGruff would be a more convincing interrogator than Hippie Horace.McGruff The Crime Dog Pictures, Images and Photos

Next we see that Juliet not only brings home the bacon, but she also fries it up in a pan. Oh yes, she is a W-O-M-A-N. In this brief, tender scene between Jules and James, we learn the crux of the entire episode..."It's over--this--us--playing house," laments Juliet. Yes, dear viewers, the Dharma Way of Island Living is coming to an end. I love that Saywer tries to convince her (and us!) otherwise: "So they're back, nothing's changed." Puh-lease.

Sawyer takes off to deal with Sayid, and we then hear my second favorite line of the evening:

Sawyer: How you doing?

Sayid: A 12 year old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I'm doing?


Meanwhile, Kate, Hurley and Jack are feasting on waffles. While they're chowing down, let me praise Hurley for a minute. Firstly, please tell me the little chef hat & cutlery symbols on his Dharma patch completely rocks your world. Because it's totally rocking mine in a big way. It's the coolest Dharma station yet!Secondly, Hurley had some of the best lines in this episode...

Jack: He (Sawyer) told me to leave him alone and let him do his job..."

Hurley: (incredulously) You going to?

Just like the audience, Hugo has Jack's number.

Hurley then spills the beans about Sawyer and know, how they are not just roommates? The expression on Kate's face, upon hearing this revelation, was utterly priceless. As was Hurley's next line, "Who couldn't see that coming?" I'm taking this one as a gentle nod from the writers and producers of Lost, for those of us (Me! Me! Me!) who predicted Sawyer & Juliet's coupling during last season's finale. I knew it the second shirtless Sawyer swam up on the beach to find Juliet buzzing on some Dharma Initiative Rum. Good times for those two. And good call for Hurley...I so love him stating the obvious. I so love him, period.

Moving on...

Let's discuss Ben's dad. He sucks and got what was coming to him in the purge. The end. That's way harsh, I know, but we now realize part of the reason why Ben is the way he is. What is it with this show and father figures? So many of our island peeps--Sawyer, Locke, Jack, Ben, Sayid--have daddy issues.

And then we return to the time when Sayid was working for the greater good. One minute he's a finely skilled hitman for hire, the next, he's getting all Habitat-y in the Dominican Republic. Here's our Sayid laboring on the behalf of those less fortunate, selflessly devoting his time and talent in a situation where the only potential for bloodshed is an accidental hammer to the thumb, or getting knocked on the noggin by a 2"x4". Of course Sayid's reprieve is curtailed by the appearance of Ben, doomsdayer that he is. Ben spends the next few minutes reminding Sayid of his murderous traits, gently prodding him with statements such as, "You're capable of things most men aren''s in your're a killer!" Way to be encouraging, Ben! Using a potential threat to Hurley as bait (and casually tossing out the intel on Locke's murder), Ben once again manages to place Sayid under his thumb. And on the trigger.

Then we come to Oldham, Mr. He's Our You. I want to go on record here and now with the following opinion: Best. Casting. Ever. It's LARRY, from Newhart, y'all! Oh my head, this made me so happy. William Sanderson as Oldham! I kept waiting for him to say, "Hi, I'm Larry...this is my brother, Darryl, and this is my other brother, Darryl." Pure awesomeness. (He's currently on True Blood, too...if you're wondering where you've seen him.) This Oldham chap intrigues me. He listens to Billie Holiday, lives in a teepee, and knows a square full of sugar helps the medicine go down. Methinks he's probably hit the hookah a whole lot, too. I'm just sayin'.

Seeing Sayid chained to the tree was reminiscent of "Confidence Man," from Season 1, in which Sayid "tortures" Sawyer for withholding Shannon's asthma medicine. Yes, the tables have turned. And I have to admit that seeing Sayid tripping on that truth serum was far out, to use a term from the era in which they currently reside. Sayid breaks it down for the gang, as truthful as he can be. The gang then all but exclaims, "What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?" Clearly, they don't believe Sayid...or his "you're all going to die" prediction. Silly gang.

We then learn that after storming off from the marina (leaving Jack, Kate, Sun, and Ben behind), Sayid gets his MacCutcheon on in a swanky bar. Desmond, we miss you. Please come back. And if you didn't see this coming: friends, you need to bone up on your Lost sleuthing skills. Oh...and that's hot.

We have the brief scene between Juliet and Kate to discuss. Or not.

(Crickets chirping.)

The Dharma City Council holds a meeting to determine Sayid's fate. By the time the gavel pounds, it's unanimous: Sayid's cell has become death row! The more I learn about Amy, the more I fear her. Girl is shifty, to put it mildly. She's pretty hardcore standing there, cradling baby Ethan, waxing about the safety of all Dharma children...a regular Old Mother Hubbard. Wanting to stomp Sayid with her shoe.
After being a total follower with his affirmative vote, Saywer heads to Death Row and offers to free Sayid. But Sayid will have none of this, declaring to Sawyer, "I know exactly why I'm here." Alrighty then.

Sawyer then goes to see Kate...blah-blah-blah. Oh look! A flaming VW van! Did we love the speedy manner in which the Dharmaville Volunteer Fire Department sprang into action? We did. The show's writers made a serious effort for the audience to see just how tight-knit this community is...notice how Sawyer called a bunch of redshirts by name as the flames blazed? Like any of us cares if it's Erin or Steve or Sally Lou holding a hose. But Sawyer cares. Noted.

With the fire crisis keeping everyone else occupied, Ben Junior is on his mission to rescue Sayid. Sayid tells Ben he will take him (Ben) to "his people" (Richard and the hostiles). "That's why I'm here." Sayid explains to lil' Ben. And off they go tromping through the jungle, as these two are wont to do. Until Jin and his No Rosetta Stone Required English shows up and almost thwarts the plans.

What plans? Oh, that would be Sayid fulfilling his mission. You know, to prove what Ben has been telling him all along: "You were right about me. I am a killer!" BANG!

The anguish on his face just slayed me. Brilliant acting, Naveen Andrews. Kudos to you!

Now, if you think Ben is truly dead...well, I'll just remind you...George Strait has some oceanfront property in Arizona that he'd really like to sell. Let's not forget Jin is lying there, too...Sayid's dropping bodies like flies. His game is back on!
Oh Ben...we hardly knew this age, that is.

A couple of questions:

*During the Dharma City Council meeting, Radzinsky mentioned contacting "Ann Arbor." As in University of Michigan? As in the DeGroots, the founders of the Dharma Initiative? Are the DeGroots still in a positon of power in 1977?

*When Ben Junior visits Sayid's cell just before breaking him out, Ben says of his father, "I hated him." Hated. Past tense. What does this mean?????? Or am I making something out of nothing?

(Edited to add: I must have hearing problems, because everyone's telling me Ben Junior said, "I hate it here." BUT...just so you know...I've scoured the lost message boards and others heard the same as me. I'm not alone in my mistake, and I find comfort in that. Good times.)

And now, please let the sussing commence!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Thank goodness for a new episode!  I do think "Namaste" was great, even though there wasn't anything truly mind-blowing about the episode.  Here are the highlights:

- The title of the episode, "Namaste", is Sanskrit for "I bow to you".  Sanskrit is one of the languages of Buddhism.  Two main ideas of Buddhism are rebirth and karma.  Hmm... very interesting.

On to what happened in 2007:

- During the flight of Ajira 316, the co-pilot recognizes Hurley as one of the O6.  As the plane encounters turbulence, they also experience a time flash (it's nighttime when the turbulence starts, but broad daylight when it stops).  Lapidus is able to land the plane on the runway... we assume this is the same runway Kate and Sawyer were helping to build while they were being held captive by the Others.  

- Lapidus awakens to find his co-pilot dead (does anyone remember what happened to the co-pilot of Oceanic 815?)... he leaves the cockpit to find Sun, then realizes Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid are gone (we know from the last episode that Jack, Kate and Hurley are back in 1977... why isn't Sun with them?!)

- On the beach, Lapidus gathers the survivors of Ajira 316 together, asking everyone to chill and wait for help to "come looking for us".  Caesar, however, wants to go off exploring the nearby buildings.  While this is taking place, Ben sneaks off into the jungle... which is noticed by Sun, so she starts following Ben.  Lapidus notices Sun taking off, so he starts following her. 

- Sun catches up to Ben and asks where he is going, to which he replies he's going "back to our island... wanna come?"   He tells Sun there are 3 outrigger canoes nearby that they can use to get to the main island.  (How does Ben know about the outriggers?  were they put there by the Others?)  When Lapidus catches up to Sun and Ben, he warns Sun that Ben is dangerous and she shouldn't trust him.  But Sun says she has to trust Ben...

- As Ben and Sun are getting the outrigger ready to go, Lapidus pleas with Sun again not to go with Ben.  She asks Lapidus to come with them, but he says he can't, as he has to look after the other passengers.  As Ben is telling Lapidus that he has people to take care of too, Sun whacks him in the head with an oar, knocking Ben out!  (You go, girl!)

 - Lapidus and Sun make it to the main island at nightfall.  Before they make it to the barracks, they see something disturbing or knocking down trees (Smokey?!), but continue on anyway.  They find the barracks deserted... whispers are heard and then a light comes on in one of the buildings.  A man appears in the doorway, who calls out "Hello" and identifies himself as Christian (how is it that Lapidus and Sun can see Christian?!)

- Christian takes Lapidus and Sun into the processing center and shows them a picture of the "new recruits" from 1977... included in the picture are Kate, Jack and Hurley.  Christian then tells Sun, "I'm sorry, but you have a bit of a journey ahead of you." (could this "journey" be some sort of way to get those who are in 1977 back to the correct time?)

Now what happened in 1977:

- We get a replay of the reunion between Sawyer, Jack, Kate and Hurley.  Jack tells Sawyer that Locke is dead... Sawyer then tells Jack that it's 1977 and they're a part of the Dharma Initiative.  
- When Jin hears Sun was on the plane but Jack doesn't know where she is, Jin takes off, saying he's going to the Flame... if there's a plane on the island, Radzinsky would know about it.  When Jin gets there, he finds Radzinsky building a model of the Swan station...

- Radzinsky verifies no plane has landed on the island... but then an alarm is sounded indicating a Hostile is inside their perimeter.  Jin runs off into the jungle and finds Sayid in handcuffs!  Jin asks about Sun, but Sayid doesn't know where she is.  Before they can talk any further, Radzinsky, who has also run off into the jungle, finds Sayid, forcing Jin to act as though Sayid is a Hostile and takes him prisoner.  

- Back in the north valley, Kate asks Sawyer, "Other than you and Jin, who else is still here?"  We don't see Sawyer's answer... and later on he mentions Faraday, to which Jack is surprised... so this makes me think Sawyer didn't answer Kate's question at all...

- Sawyer tells Jack, Kate and Hurley to stay put while he comes up with a plan to explain their appearance on the island.  He goes back to his house to gather clothes, and Juliet finds him there.  Sawyer tells Juliet, "They're back... Jack, Hurley, Kate..." Although she is stunned by the news (and a little sad, I think), Juliet tells Sawyer there's a sub coming in that afternoon.

- Sawyer gets back to Jack, Kate and Hurley, telling them of "2nd batch of recruits" coming to the island... the plan is for the three of them to act as though they were on the sub.  The plan will work since everyone on the sub is knocked out, "no one meets until we process them".  

- Juliet tries to get the information on the recruits from a sleeping Amy without disturbing her, but Amy wakes up.  Juliet covers, saying she doesn't want Amy working today.  Amy reveals she and Horace have decided to name their baby... ETHAN!

- On the way to the barracks, Hurley asks Sawyer why he doesn't warn Dharma of "the purge".  Sawyer's reply is that he's "not here to play Nostradamus to these people".  And that "Faraday's got some interesting theories on what we can and can't do here."  As stated before, Jack surprisingly asks "Did you say Faraday?  He's here?"  (Sawyer's reply of "Not anymore" makes me think he means Faraday is no longer there mentally, rather than physically!)

- Sawyer takes Jack, Kate and Hurley to the processing center, telling them to watch the "meet and greet video" and listen for their names to be called to get their work assignments.  Miles drives up and tells Sawyer "there's a 14J at the Flame".  Sawyer gets on the walkie with Jin, who tells him the "Hostile" really is Sayid.

- In the Processing Center, Jack's name gets called by none other than Pierre Chang himself.  Chang tells Jack, "based on your aptitude test, you'll be doing janitorial work." Score one for Sawyer!

- Phil notices Kate's name hasn't been called... he says she's not on his list and grows suspicious.  Juliet walks in to Kate's rescue, telling Phil she has a new list from Amy, and that Kate is on it.  (Oh, the looks these two give each other... )

- Back at the Flame, Sawyer arrives intending to question the "Hostile"... Radzinsky thinks the "Hostile" is a spy, since he saw the model of the Swan station and the survey of where it will be built.  Radzinsky's solution is to shoot the spy, but Sawyer is adamant about talking to him first.  Sayid plays along, admitting himself to be a "Hostile".  Sawyer says he's taking the "Hostile" back to the barracks.  

- The "new recruits" pose for a photograph (the same one Christian shows to Sun in 2007)

- After the photo is taken, Sawyer drives up with Sayid, and takes him to the security station.  He locks Sayid in a cell, saying he can stay there until they can figure out what to do with him.  When Phil asks "what are we going to do with him?", Sawyer just replies, "bring the man some damn food, we're not savages".  Later, we see a boy come into the station saying he has brought a sandwich (as soon as I saw the boy, I knew who it was going to be...)  Sayid tells his name, and asks the boy his... "I'm Ben."  

- That night, Jack goes looking for Sawyer's house.  Juliet answers the door and they first embrace before Jack says he must have the wrong house, as he was looking for Sawyer.  Juliet tells him he does not, and invites Jack in.  After a brief awkward moment, Juliet leaves Sawyer and Jack to talk...

- Saywer's smackdown to Jack was awesome!  When Jack asks "Where do we go from here?", Sawyer calmly replies, "I'm working on it"... Jack comes back with, "Really? 'Cause, to me, it looks like you were reading a book."  Sawyer goes on to say he once heard Winston Churchill read a book every night, saying it made him think better.  He tells Jack, "That's how I like to run things... I think.  Back when you were calling the shots, you pretty much just reacted... you didn't think, Jack, and as I recall, a lot of people ended up dead."  Jack defends himself saying he "got us off the island"... but Sawyer says "but here you are, right back where you started."  Sawyer tells Jack he's going back to his book and think... 'cause that's how he saved Jack's "ass today... and that's how I'm gonna save Sayid's tomorrow." (BAM!) 

My favorite line of the episode:

Hurley, to Jin: "Dude, your English is awesome!"

All in all, not a bad episode... what did you think?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Freckles, Skeletor, and the rest of the gang...

I don't know about you, but I'm in serious Lost-withdrawal... stemming from the fact there was no new episode this week (why, ABC? Why?!)

So, to tide us over until the 18th, how 'bout some fun?

We all know Sawyer likes to dish out nicknames.

Ever wonder what your nickname from Sawyer would be? Mine is:

Go here to find yours!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Births on the Island

A monumental moment on last Wednesday's episode, La Fleur, hasn't been touched on much:

A successful birth on the island.

So, whatever happened on the island to make it impossible for women to give birth,
hasn't happened yet.

What's going to happen to cause birthing issues?
Perhaps the mysterious incident that takes Dr. Pierre Chang's arm?

Any thoughts?

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Given my enjoyment of the characters of Sawyer and Juliet, you know I was completely digging the latest installment of our show. In fact, most of the texts I sent during the hour it aired were of the, "I LOVE IT!" variety. And I did love it. Well, most of it.

Typically my "adult word" moments occur in the last few minutes of the show. But this is Lost of which we're speaking, so "typical" doesn't apply. Moments after Locke descends the well to turn the Frozen Donkey Wheel, time flashes (ok, so up to this point the time flashes are pretty typical...I'll give you that!) and our gang is once again spinning through time. Their stopping point? Oh, just yards from the statue. THE STATUE! Yep, I said a typical adult word, folks. Less than five minutes into the hour. I love this show.
Another flash and one ginormous, fall-on-the-ground, "earthquakeish" moment later, and the gang realizes it's the final flash, as evidenced by their lack of headaches and nosebleeds. Yay, John turned the wheel!

Flash-forward three years later (thanks, writers of Lost, for keeping our frame of time in check throughout the episode), and there's a "hootenanny" going down with some Dharma peeps. Those of you who know me are aware that I have a deep love of music. I cannot express to y'all the utter joy that swelled from the depths of my soul when I heard the jaunty strains of Tony Orlando and Dawn's "Candida." I mean, seriously...nothing shouts "BIG 70's!" quite like the wholesome goodness that is Tony Orlando. No wonder Mr. Security and Miss Geronimo Jackson (did you catch her shirt?!?) had to get their groove on. It was warranted.I love white people dancing...these two are not ready for Don Cornelius and Soul Train.

Mr. Party Pooper interrupts their moment and the trio discovers drunk Horace on one of the security camera screens. (Anyone catch Mr. Security's mention of "polar bears in cages?") The two men--Jerry and Phil--race to find LaFleur, also known as Sawyer, James Ford, and now James "Jim" LaFleur. Yes, our Sawyer is head of security for the Dharma Initiative, and it only took three years for him to reach that status!

Please pause for a moment while I enjoy Saywer's latest and greatest nickname pronouncement for Miles: Enos! Oh, how I love me some Dukes of Hazzard references. Oh, how I love me some southern men who casually and correctly use Dukes of Hazzard references. This was my favorite comedic moment of the night, no question.Roscoe P. Coltrane and Enos fulfill their duties as Horace's designated driver (friends don't let friends drive drunk, of course!) and return to Dharma Village only to find an exasperated, very pregnant Amy. Oh, she's not pregnant for long. But before we get into that drama let's back up a bit, shall we?

Three years earlier our Daniel is loopy, grieving the loss of recently-passed Charlotte. Dan tells Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, and Enos (OK, it's Miles--but I like Enos better!), "Wherever, whenever we are now, we're here for good." Sawyer and Miles banter a while about their plan, or lack thereof, and Juliet steps up to Team James. She "has his back." I do not blame her one bit, 'cause with that back comes his front. Yep.

*Crickets chirping. Elevator musak. Dew on the grass.*

I got sidetracked. Forgive me.

We then hear shouting and gunfire, and our crew witnesses yet another jungle showdown. Before Saywer can get his Captain Rescue on, Juliet channels Annie Oakley and proves, once again, that she is the island's resident female badass. Juliet shoots first and accurately, while Sawyer follows suit. And then I started singing "All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me..." Rock on, Destiny's Child. Amy is the damsel in distress, of course. After a brief burial, Jin's gracious offer to haul Paul, and Sawyer's "we shipwrecked here on route to Tahiti" lie, we learn Amy is not quite the damsel she appears.
Girlfriend needs a new 'do and some hot oil treatments. They had VO5 back in the day, or at least the Dharma equivalent.

We learn next that Amy is in labor and her child is in the breech position. Sawyer makes haste in requesting the services of the one auto mechanic on the island who is also capable of performing surgery. Have I mentioned how much I love Juliet? "Girl, I didn't know you could get down like that..." Y'all know you're still singing "Independent Women." Admit it.While in the waiting room (or the infirmary's back porch, if we're being specific), Jin reports to Sawyer/LaFleur that Grids 1-3 have been searched, with no sign of "our people." Saywer instructs that the search will continue, "as long as it takes." Oh, and Amy's' baby is fine, thanks to Juliet's mad skills. It's a boy! Let the cigar-passing commence!

Once again we find ourselves three years earlier, where Sawyer is spinning the Tahiti yarn for Horace. Do we love Sawyer's Black Rock reference? Of course we do. Horace tells Sawyer, "You may be looking for the rest of your crew, but your boo-tays are on the next sub out, my friend." Uh-oh.

Interrupting not a moment too early is our guy, Richard "He's Always Been Here" Alpert. Firmly planting his torch in the ground and purposely striding into Dharma Village like he owns the joint, Richard tells Horace, "You've got some 'splainin' to do!" Before offering to conduct a peace summit with him, Sawyer refers to Richard as "Eyeliner," thereby causing me to leap from my bed while clapping with glee. "Eyeliner." That. Is. Spot-On Perfection.

Meanwhile our island peeps are having a summit of their own, hanging out on Dharma patio furniture, as was often enjoyed in the days of yore. You know, in 1974, also known as the year in which I (Lula!) was born. Daniel waxes poetic, telling the gang, "The record is spinning again--we're just not on the song we wanna be on." If that is not one of the most profound statements I have ever heard, I don't know what else qualifies. Oh, and let's not forget adorable little redheaded Charlotte, running around outside in the dark of night. Why isn't she in bed? And does this mean our Charlotte was approximately 36 or 37 at her time of death, given her age in this scene and the "1974" reference? Um, no. Sorry. That timeline is not matching up, I tell you.

We now come to my favorite scene of the entire episode. "Sawyer and Juliet sittin' by the sub, in less than three years they'll be in luv!" Like my little jingle? (Melissa says: "Oh you know I love me some jingles)

Juliet longs for home, however Sawyer convinces her to stay for two weeks. He needs her to "have his back" (and front...cough-cough...), as Mad Scientist and I Speak To Dead People are not Sawyer's idea of island badasses. This serves as the setup for our final "three years later" timeline. And let me tell you, it made me happy. (Even though my brother-in-law declared this scene as the beginning of the show turning into "Days of Our Frickin' Lives." OK, Robbie...I hear you.)

Fast forward a few years, cue the mellow gold music (I hope there was an 8-track of Bread playing...or Roberta Flack, maybe?), dim the lights, and prepare yourselves for love, Dharma-style. Let's enjoy some Initiative Merlot, shall we?
Two weeks has turned into thirty-six months, give or take, and what I predicted after Season 4's finale has happened. Sawyer+Juliet=The Most Well-Adjusted Couple On The Island. She has his back...he believes in her...she prepares his pasta...he gifts her with a freshly picked blossom. This is love, folks...true love! I enjoy kitchen make-out sessions!
We later find our man reading. Of course. He may be a badass, but he's an educated badass, and I love him for this. Horace is feeling the need for a little heart-to-heart, whereby Sawyer assures him: yes, three years is absolutely long enough to get over someone. Oh gee, the foreshadowing.
During this conversation with Horace, I found Sawyer to be the most sincere he has ever been since landing on the island. I truly believe that, at this very moment, he is long over any feelings once held for Kate and is completely devoted to Juliet. I mean, come on...they're SPOONING, for goodness sake!
Y'all know you loved the spooning. I did. For real.

While asleep in the afterglow, Jin rings the happy couple to inform Sawyer of Some Very Big News. Yes, the Oceanic Six (sans Aaron, but with many others) are back on the island. Which means Kate is on the island. Which means I want to puke at how fast Sawyer darted out of his Juliet-shared bed. Which caused me to lament the day of my birth. Sigh...

I. Hate. Kate. I'm sorry, y'all, but I do. She is has such a talent for bringing ruin and devastation to those who cross her path. I'm hoping she will redeem herself (in my eyes, at least) in the future, but for now I will continue to hate on her. 'Cause I can. If Sawyer dumps Juliet for Kate, I will first claw his eyes out, followed by the removal of my own.

Oh, the melodrama!

We have a two week wait until the next episode of our show. Two weeks? Painful! Until then, let me mention further tidbits about "LaFleur."

*Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell are brilliant actors. Heck, the entire cast of Lost is so unbelievably talented. Their commitment to excellence is what allows Lost to be, in my opinion, the finest hour of television currently on the air. Let's not forget to give the creators/producers/directors/and writers a shoutout! They rock, too.

*Why has Sawyer not been Big Man On Campus all along? Dude has a better head on his shoulders than Jack or Locke ever thought of having. OK, so he's committed murder and stuff...but that's in the past. Current-day Sawyer/James/LaFleur is quite the leader. I'd even go as far to say that he is the leader the island has long needed. 'Cause it's certainly not Horace!

*So Horace and Amy had a baby boy. Significance? Will this child grow to be someone we know and love? Shannon is guessing Ethan, which I think is a brilliant deduction. Hopefully time will tell.

*Why does Richard want Paul's body? It didn't take much convincing for Amy to hand her deceased husband over to an Other. Oh, and the Ankh she took from his neck? Wikipedia tells me it's the symbol for the "key of life." Mull that one over for a while.

*Is Charles Widmore still on the island? Last week he told Locke that his people were on the island for three decades, before being "exiled" by Ben. We don't know how long they had been there when we saw him as a young gun-toter (along with Ellie) in the 50's, but if that was near the beginning of their time on the island, 1974 would not be too far into the future to suggest that Widmore and crew had departed the joint. Widmore currently on the island? With Richard? And Ellie?

As usual, my head hurts. But I love it. I do...'cause I love this show. Or hadn't you heard?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Many Talents of Michael Emerson

Okay, I am troubled that I cannot find any video of Michael Emerson playing William Hinks on ABC's "The Practice" except this little 4 second clip. I just wanted to share the genius that is Michael Emerson with ya'll. He is, by far, on of the best actors I have come across. It doesn't matter a lick to me whether he is good or bad. He is just. plain. amazing. And he's actually kind of cute in a freaky, serial killer sort of way. Stay with me here.

I mean, look at this face:

I am going to have to spend some more time doing research on the William Hinks character from "The Practice". It's seriously worth watching. The time he spent on that show earned him the privelege of playing our beloved Benjamin. This is all I can find for now. However, his William Hinks character is mentioned in this View interview.

Okay, is he not the coolest bad/good guy?