Thursday, March 5, 2009


Given my enjoyment of the characters of Sawyer and Juliet, you know I was completely digging the latest installment of our show. In fact, most of the texts I sent during the hour it aired were of the, "I LOVE IT!" variety. And I did love it. Well, most of it.

Typically my "adult word" moments occur in the last few minutes of the show. But this is Lost of which we're speaking, so "typical" doesn't apply. Moments after Locke descends the well to turn the Frozen Donkey Wheel, time flashes (ok, so up to this point the time flashes are pretty typical...I'll give you that!) and our gang is once again spinning through time. Their stopping point? Oh, just yards from the statue. THE STATUE! Yep, I said a typical adult word, folks. Less than five minutes into the hour. I love this show.
Another flash and one ginormous, fall-on-the-ground, "earthquakeish" moment later, and the gang realizes it's the final flash, as evidenced by their lack of headaches and nosebleeds. Yay, John turned the wheel!

Flash-forward three years later (thanks, writers of Lost, for keeping our frame of time in check throughout the episode), and there's a "hootenanny" going down with some Dharma peeps. Those of you who know me are aware that I have a deep love of music. I cannot express to y'all the utter joy that swelled from the depths of my soul when I heard the jaunty strains of Tony Orlando and Dawn's "Candida." I mean, seriously...nothing shouts "BIG 70's!" quite like the wholesome goodness that is Tony Orlando. No wonder Mr. Security and Miss Geronimo Jackson (did you catch her shirt?!?) had to get their groove on. It was warranted.I love white people dancing...these two are not ready for Don Cornelius and Soul Train.

Mr. Party Pooper interrupts their moment and the trio discovers drunk Horace on one of the security camera screens. (Anyone catch Mr. Security's mention of "polar bears in cages?") The two men--Jerry and Phil--race to find LaFleur, also known as Sawyer, James Ford, and now James "Jim" LaFleur. Yes, our Sawyer is head of security for the Dharma Initiative, and it only took three years for him to reach that status!

Please pause for a moment while I enjoy Saywer's latest and greatest nickname pronouncement for Miles: Enos! Oh, how I love me some Dukes of Hazzard references. Oh, how I love me some southern men who casually and correctly use Dukes of Hazzard references. This was my favorite comedic moment of the night, no question.Roscoe P. Coltrane and Enos fulfill their duties as Horace's designated driver (friends don't let friends drive drunk, of course!) and return to Dharma Village only to find an exasperated, very pregnant Amy. Oh, she's not pregnant for long. But before we get into that drama let's back up a bit, shall we?

Three years earlier our Daniel is loopy, grieving the loss of recently-passed Charlotte. Dan tells Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, and Enos (OK, it's Miles--but I like Enos better!), "Wherever, whenever we are now, we're here for good." Sawyer and Miles banter a while about their plan, or lack thereof, and Juliet steps up to Team James. She "has his back." I do not blame her one bit, 'cause with that back comes his front. Yep.

*Crickets chirping. Elevator musak. Dew on the grass.*

I got sidetracked. Forgive me.

We then hear shouting and gunfire, and our crew witnesses yet another jungle showdown. Before Saywer can get his Captain Rescue on, Juliet channels Annie Oakley and proves, once again, that she is the island's resident female badass. Juliet shoots first and accurately, while Sawyer follows suit. And then I started singing "All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me..." Rock on, Destiny's Child. Amy is the damsel in distress, of course. After a brief burial, Jin's gracious offer to haul Paul, and Sawyer's "we shipwrecked here on route to Tahiti" lie, we learn Amy is not quite the damsel she appears.
Girlfriend needs a new 'do and some hot oil treatments. They had VO5 back in the day, or at least the Dharma equivalent.

We learn next that Amy is in labor and her child is in the breech position. Sawyer makes haste in requesting the services of the one auto mechanic on the island who is also capable of performing surgery. Have I mentioned how much I love Juliet? "Girl, I didn't know you could get down like that..." Y'all know you're still singing "Independent Women." Admit it.While in the waiting room (or the infirmary's back porch, if we're being specific), Jin reports to Sawyer/LaFleur that Grids 1-3 have been searched, with no sign of "our people." Saywer instructs that the search will continue, "as long as it takes." Oh, and Amy's' baby is fine, thanks to Juliet's mad skills. It's a boy! Let the cigar-passing commence!

Once again we find ourselves three years earlier, where Sawyer is spinning the Tahiti yarn for Horace. Do we love Sawyer's Black Rock reference? Of course we do. Horace tells Sawyer, "You may be looking for the rest of your crew, but your boo-tays are on the next sub out, my friend." Uh-oh.

Interrupting not a moment too early is our guy, Richard "He's Always Been Here" Alpert. Firmly planting his torch in the ground and purposely striding into Dharma Village like he owns the joint, Richard tells Horace, "You've got some 'splainin' to do!" Before offering to conduct a peace summit with him, Sawyer refers to Richard as "Eyeliner," thereby causing me to leap from my bed while clapping with glee. "Eyeliner." That. Is. Spot-On Perfection.

Meanwhile our island peeps are having a summit of their own, hanging out on Dharma patio furniture, as was often enjoyed in the days of yore. You know, in 1974, also known as the year in which I (Lula!) was born. Daniel waxes poetic, telling the gang, "The record is spinning again--we're just not on the song we wanna be on." If that is not one of the most profound statements I have ever heard, I don't know what else qualifies. Oh, and let's not forget adorable little redheaded Charlotte, running around outside in the dark of night. Why isn't she in bed? And does this mean our Charlotte was approximately 36 or 37 at her time of death, given her age in this scene and the "1974" reference? Um, no. Sorry. That timeline is not matching up, I tell you.

We now come to my favorite scene of the entire episode. "Sawyer and Juliet sittin' by the sub, in less than three years they'll be in luv!" Like my little jingle? (Melissa says: "Oh you know I love me some jingles)

Juliet longs for home, however Sawyer convinces her to stay for two weeks. He needs her to "have his back" (and front...cough-cough...), as Mad Scientist and I Speak To Dead People are not Sawyer's idea of island badasses. This serves as the setup for our final "three years later" timeline. And let me tell you, it made me happy. (Even though my brother-in-law declared this scene as the beginning of the show turning into "Days of Our Frickin' Lives." OK, Robbie...I hear you.)

Fast forward a few years, cue the mellow gold music (I hope there was an 8-track of Bread playing...or Roberta Flack, maybe?), dim the lights, and prepare yourselves for love, Dharma-style. Let's enjoy some Initiative Merlot, shall we?
Two weeks has turned into thirty-six months, give or take, and what I predicted after Season 4's finale has happened. Sawyer+Juliet=The Most Well-Adjusted Couple On The Island. She has his back...he believes in her...she prepares his pasta...he gifts her with a freshly picked blossom. This is love, folks...true love! I enjoy kitchen make-out sessions!
We later find our man reading. Of course. He may be a badass, but he's an educated badass, and I love him for this. Horace is feeling the need for a little heart-to-heart, whereby Sawyer assures him: yes, three years is absolutely long enough to get over someone. Oh gee, the foreshadowing.
During this conversation with Horace, I found Sawyer to be the most sincere he has ever been since landing on the island. I truly believe that, at this very moment, he is long over any feelings once held for Kate and is completely devoted to Juliet. I mean, come on...they're SPOONING, for goodness sake!
Y'all know you loved the spooning. I did. For real.

While asleep in the afterglow, Jin rings the happy couple to inform Sawyer of Some Very Big News. Yes, the Oceanic Six (sans Aaron, but with many others) are back on the island. Which means Kate is on the island. Which means I want to puke at how fast Sawyer darted out of his Juliet-shared bed. Which caused me to lament the day of my birth. Sigh...

I. Hate. Kate. I'm sorry, y'all, but I do. She is has such a talent for bringing ruin and devastation to those who cross her path. I'm hoping she will redeem herself (in my eyes, at least) in the future, but for now I will continue to hate on her. 'Cause I can. If Sawyer dumps Juliet for Kate, I will first claw his eyes out, followed by the removal of my own.

Oh, the melodrama!

We have a two week wait until the next episode of our show. Two weeks? Painful! Until then, let me mention further tidbits about "LaFleur."

*Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell are brilliant actors. Heck, the entire cast of Lost is so unbelievably talented. Their commitment to excellence is what allows Lost to be, in my opinion, the finest hour of television currently on the air. Let's not forget to give the creators/producers/directors/and writers a shoutout! They rock, too.

*Why has Sawyer not been Big Man On Campus all along? Dude has a better head on his shoulders than Jack or Locke ever thought of having. OK, so he's committed murder and stuff...but that's in the past. Current-day Sawyer/James/LaFleur is quite the leader. I'd even go as far to say that he is the leader the island has long needed. 'Cause it's certainly not Horace!

*So Horace and Amy had a baby boy. Significance? Will this child grow to be someone we know and love? Shannon is guessing Ethan, which I think is a brilliant deduction. Hopefully time will tell.

*Why does Richard want Paul's body? It didn't take much convincing for Amy to hand her deceased husband over to an Other. Oh, and the Ankh she took from his neck? Wikipedia tells me it's the symbol for the "key of life." Mull that one over for a while.

*Is Charles Widmore still on the island? Last week he told Locke that his people were on the island for three decades, before being "exiled" by Ben. We don't know how long they had been there when we saw him as a young gun-toter (along with Ellie) in the 50's, but if that was near the beginning of their time on the island, 1974 would not be too far into the future to suggest that Widmore and crew had departed the joint. Widmore currently on the island? With Richard? And Ellie?

As usual, my head hurts. But I love it. I do...'cause I love this show. Or hadn't you heard?


The Royal Family said...


Shannon said...

Girl, this was your best recap yet! Loved it!

Sawyer calling Daniel "Plato" and Miles "Bonsai" ...also HI-larious!

I cannot believe we have to wait TWO. WHOLE. WEEKS. for the next episode... I'm already going through Sawyer-withdrawal.

Here are a few of my burning questions (I'm sure I'll be back with more):

- Why did the Hostiles shoot Paul? And it looks like they were about to shoot Amy, too... before Sawyer and Ms. Badass Juliet came to the rescue.

- How did Sawyer and the rest convince Horace to allow them to stay longer than their initial 2 weeks? Horace had told Sawyer he wasn't "Dharma material"...

- What are the details of the "truce" between Dharma and the Hostiles?

- I also wonder why Alpert needed Paul's body...

- Did it seem to anyone else that Jerry & Phil were more than a little nervous about waking Sawyer up? Or getting in trouble for having Rosie there?

GAH! This was such a great epi... I say it every week, that the hour goes by way too fast!

Michelle said...

I'm trying to remember where we last saw Horace's body. Locke had to dig him out of the mass grave for something didn't he? I can't remember what, a map?
Is Horace the man who raised Ben? I remember Ben's mother dying in a car as she gives birth to Ben. I think that baby boy of Amy's is Ben for some reason.
when Sawyer says he's looking for "their people" he means the rest of the survivors, like Rose and Bernard right? what the heck could have happened to them. Why weren't they flashing too?
And WHY for the love of God could we not get a frontal view of that statue?
So happy for Juliet when she saved Amy and the Baby, she's gonna be sick when she finds out its Ben (like I said I don't know why I just believe that baby is Ben).

oh and if Widmore seems to be privvy to like...well...everything and everyone, how come he doesn't know how to find his old colleague, Ellie? Doesn't he know she's held up in a church and the mother of Faraday (whom he sent to the island)? Why hasn't he gone to her.

We have two weeks to pray for Penny, Desmond and Lil Charlie! It's killing me not knowing.

Lil Charlotte was so cute! But yeah she was def not in her mid thirties when we last saw her, that time line is screwed. Poor Daniel.

So when Sawyer, Juliet, Jin are rejoicing for Juliet's baby delivery, and we saw Miles help out with Horace.....but where was Daniel in that 3 yr fast forward during the 70's?

Who exactly is our small mexican man with the big attitude that was on the plane? He seems to have some authority over the marshalette.

Shannon said...

I am watching the epi that I DVR'd... and reading the Lostpedia blog...

get this! (regarding the statue):

"the right hand item looks like the top of an ankh"


Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I am really hoping Kate doesn't screw everything up, as she usually has a tendency to do.

I have not always been a huge fan of Sawyer but I am really starting to dig him, it seems like his character has grown the most through the show.

I really want to know why the others where holding Amy and Paul at gun point, and where the truce is between the two groups.

Kat said...

Hey all. One of these days I'll help out with all this. And hopefully my life will have some sort of semblance of order before the end of the season.

I am most curious about the Charlotte timeline. Does anyone remember when exactly she was born? I am thinking that Ben said all her info when he first came in contact with her on the island.

My other big question is about Richard Alpert. When he comes walking into the Dharma camp he is looking rather put together. Nice outfit. Very business casual. Good haircut.

BUT when he meets Ben for the first time in the woods...he has long hair. Ragedy clothes. What happened between this episode and that meeting. Was his appearance a ruse? And why?

Shannon said...

Another tidbit regarding the statue...

check out this photo of the Egyptian god Anubus (god of the afterlife):



KDLOST said...

Great recap!!!!

Really nice episode. Almost glad that 2 weeks will pass before we see the next one, 'cause I need time to attempt to wrap my brain around this masterpiece.

Ahem, just playing defense here... I like Kate. I always have...she was the original B.A. and I think she's always 'known more' than we could realize. And for that I heart her. BUT! I DON'T always love Kate + Sawyer. I didn't start out as a Juliet fan. But she has my heart now. She rocks! She's earned her salt.

That being said: Sawyer + Juliet...sigghh, sooooo sweet. Hubby didn't like that moment...he doesn't care about the relationships... but I DO and this made me melt. They LOVE each other!!! SQUEEEEEE! I don't want Kate back in the picture. She can have Jack. That is all.

The Ankh was not surprising somehow after all of the Hatch hieroglyphics, and the statue was made sense also because of that...the whole Egyptian thing has been building up for awhile. I love that they are finally getting around to addressing it! YAY!

Sawyer is still 'conning'... he's quick on his feet! Good call with the Black Rock reference. (I love that about him.) This time he makes up stories for a good reason. The creators keep character themes so well!

I enjoyed that Sawyer and (Hottie androgynous) Richard saw eye to eye... and I am so curious about why the hostiles needed Paul's body.

'EYELINER' was one of the funniest moments ever.

Did you notice that both Sawyer and Charlotte (in a previous episode) both alluded to not being able to picture loved ones' faces? I thought that was interesting. You could tell he was trying to remember Kate but just COULDN'T. And Charlotte couldn't remember her mum's face. Hmmm...

Shannon said...

I have questions about Amy giving birth on the island. The doc stated he was an "internist"... not an OB. And that all the women give birth on the mainland... Amy was supposed to go there via the submarine. But why??? Amy gives birth to a healthy boy, so what is the need for pregnant women to go to the mainland to give birth... 'cause it obviously can be done on the island. So why would Dharma not have an OB on staff, or whatever, and ship pregnant women off island to have their babies?

And the baby being Ethan is a guess... I read somewhere that its someone we've already seen...

Denise said...

I loved this episode. I love Sawyer and Juliet together and I'll have the scream heard round the world if Kate splits them up. I loved that Juliet was a mechanic and a really cute one too with her side pony and bandana. I love that at the beginning that Juliet had Sawyer's back but 3 years later, Sawyer had Juliet's back. That is until he left her in his bed to run off to Kate. I really, really hope that he ran off to see the O6 in general, not just Kate. I hope. Hey, he told Horace he couldn't remember what she looked like anymore. Maybe he won't know her!!!

A girl can dream.

Manic Mommy said...

Haven't finished all the comments, let alone digested all of last night (or the last four years for that matter!) but as for the inconsistency with Charlotte's age. Dude. They time travel!

When she and her mother left, it could have been 1984 off-island rather than 1974.

Denise said...

I've been detained with sick kids and birthday parties for the last 2 weeks so I'm eager to share now!

Shannon: I think the hostiles shot Paul because he and Amy had left the Dharma compound. I took it that maybe as part of their treaty they had to stay with in their compound. But of course, I don't know. It's the only real explanation I could come up with. I also think that Horace let Sawyer and the others stay because they realized they weren't a threat and that Sawyer actually helped them.

Michelle: Horace was in the mass pit from The Purge and Locke needed the map to the cabin that Horace had built. Ben's dad was on the island, a very bitter hateful man, who raised Ben, unfortunately. Plus, the timing's not right. Ben was born in the 60's and this is the 70's, the baby would have been born in 1977. I also want to know where Rose and Bernard are. They would have found them by now if they were in their time period.

KDLost: I wondered about Left Behinders not being able to remember faces of loved ones and wondered if it was a result of time travel.

Shannon: Maybe they have mother's give birth on the mainland in case something happens and they need a NICU or a specialist. Just a thought. And I can see the baby being Ethan. I REALLY think it's someone we will know.

Melissa said...

Reading these recaps adds so much to my love for this show. I need it because my "pea-sized" brain cannot really fully get this show without help. Nevertheless, I still love it and will continue to depend on my fellow losties for the insight I so desperately covet.

BTW, Lula, I added a little sum sum to your line about the jingle. I couldn't resist.

Michelle said...


I totally forgot Horace built Jacob's cabin!! Too many things to remember sometimes.

Michelle said...

you think "Richard" had that eyeliner tattooed on? He always looks yummy, so there's something to be said about that eyeliner love he's got.

Michelle said...

you know what else I just realized? How the HELL could Kate leave Aaron behind? And why won't she answer questions about him?

Vickie said...

I am loving the Juliet and Sawyer storyline!

Actually after last season ended I thought, Wouldn't it be funny if they had them hook up. The guys get back to the island and walking out of the jungle was a pregnant Juliet!

She wasn't walking out of the jungle pregnant but I will take this!!

I hope he doesn't dump her for Kate. Right now I am in the I Hate Kate Mood. She is such a skank!

Vickie said...

I am loving the Juliet and Sawyer storyline!

Actually after last season ended I thought, Wouldn't it be funny if they had them hook up. The guys get back to the island and walking out of the jungle was a pregnant Juliet!

She wasn't walking out of the jungle pregnant but I will take this!!

I hope he doesn't dump her for Kate. Right now I am in the I Hate Kate Mood. She is such a skank!

Jill said...

Ok I was freaking out last night. I seriously yelled when the hour was up. These are my 2 cents.
*My hubby also thought the baby could be Ethan but I don't think so because remember Ben exterminated all of the Dharma people so that baby probably would have been one of them right?
*I was totally thinking Amy's baby was going to be Charlotte but then it was a boy.
*Also "Jim" calling Alpert "your boy with the eyeliner" Love It!
* Question: Have we seen Horace before? I can't remember and he looks familiar.
* I love me some Juliet! I never thought I would come around to her because Kate was my girl, but then I realized I only really like Kate's teeth, not actually her.
Such a good episode, so much stuff in my will I survive 2 weeks????
* PS how much did you guys LOVE the avocado stove & fridge?!
*PPS Now I remember Horace in the Pit-FABULOUS!

Motor-head Lady said...

Love Love LOVE your LOST recaps!

This show is my obsession.

I wanted to let you know that I have presented your blog with an award. You can see it by visiting my blog and reading the "Fabulous Blog Award" post.
Keep blogging!
The Lady

Shannon said...

Y'all have got to get over to Long Live Locke... e has her recap up... and she has some pretty awesome thoughts on this epi. Especially on who the statue might be of!


Denise said...

It's up ALREADY???? Gotta go....

Eudae-Mamia said...

Seriously, why you and Shannon are not the "offical" recappers for ABC is completely beyond me.

Another. excellent. post.

Especially this..." 'cause with that back comes his front"


Yeah, Kate. Should have drowned in the lagoon.

Eudae-Mamia said...

P.S. Am I the only one willing to admit that Richard is pretty smokin' too?

Eudae-Mamia said...

OK, got through the comments - KD and Michelle - I'm with you on Richard.

And question about the Charlotte timeline - do you guys think she looks too young to be in her mid 30s? Maybe this is a wishful thinking 37-year-old talking, but I think she looks dead on mid 30s.

Karen said...

Finally got to watch Lost just now! Only took 2 days...yikes!

Anywho, I believe it's possible that Horace and Amy's baby is Ethan. To have been born in 1977 would make that baby boy 27 in 2004 and Ethan could conceivably have been 27. However, when Ben and Richard and The Others wiped out the Dharma Iniative, I don't remember them saving anyone, including children. So I'm thinking it's more likely (unfortunately) that the baby died with the rest sometime in the 80s or 90s, whenever Ben et al took over.

Just my guess.

Loved this episode, though. I like Juliet, and I like Kate and I like Jack and I like Sawyer. (Finally. I used to hate Sawyer and his annoying rounded shoulders.) I don't want them to all go back and forth anymore. Sawyer is with Juliet. Kate and Jack still have feelings for each other. It needs to stay that way.

Oh and I think Charlotte could definitely be 36-37 in 2004. She is youthful looking, but there are some wrinkles around those eyes. Although I'm sure Rebecca Mader wouldn't love hearing that since she turns 30 this year...

Miss Blondie said...

Ok, I'm just gonna throw this monkey-wrench into the mix. Since we know that Horace built Jacobs cabin, perhaps Jacob is Amy's baby!

Rhea said...

I haven't read the whole post yet, but I wanted to say, I did catch the Dukes of Hazzard nickname and loved it.

And I was so mad when they didn't get to stay long in the time period with the full statue!! I was bummed!

Rhea said...

The eye-liner bit was FABULOUS as well.

And I wonder if Horace was lying about knowing the Black Rock...

Juliet rocks, and I love that she and Sawyer got together.

Rhea said...

I was so incredibly disappointed when Sawyer jumped out of bed and lied to Juliet about what he was doing. Kate is not that great. I'm pissed.

Heather said...

I was digging Juliet's seventies-straight hair. It suits her. As do Sawyer's glasses suit him. Bad-ass AND smart. Juliet has GOT to appeal to him in that way. Brains simply must eclipse the tom-boyishness of Kate. Let Jack have Kate. He's turned into a whiner.

Roxane said...

Hey there! Just found this blog and I was wondering if anyone else thought of this:
- Richard wears eyeliner (ancient Egyptians men used to do the same!)

- the Egyptian statue

- The cave where the smoke monster hides had hyroglyphics (spelling?) on them

I dont know what it all means but it all fits...ideas anyone?

Sun said...

My head is still completely in an for that reason I will not add to our confusion.. HOWEVER,

I will comment that ..

this is the FIRST time only . . that Juliet was a bit more appealing and less annoying.

but, I still don't hate Kate.

(I had to throw that in for you Leigh Anne :)).
ha ha.

Can't wait for tomorrow night.

Michelle said...

Miss Blondie, you could be right!!! That baby could be Jacob since Horace builds his cabin. Interesting!

sheila said...

Hi I'm new here, sent by Cara landofbean :). Very cool site you have here!

The timeline theory on Charlotte could may be wrong. If it's 1974, and she appears to be about 6 in that scene...that would make her 29, providing that LOST is currently set in 2009, which its not, I THINK (not sure, but I think) it's 2004.

The baby I think is Ben. I don't know how old Ben is in current LOST time though. If he's 35 it may fit. But if it's 2004 that makes him 31. Maybe that's why he's laying in the infirmary at the 'new crash', out like a light...he's brain warped between being born and coming back to the island.

Why was it so important for Ben to get Locke back on the island? So Ben could be born???

Now I know you'll say that Bens parents were Roger and ? Emily ? but Horace IS linked to Ben. Ben supposedly brought Ben to the island with his father. Maybe Ben was lying about that story? Ah, I don't know. (Ben is known for untruths.) Is the reason for women not being able to give birth on this island because of THIS birth?

What's the LaFleur connection? That's got to be significant. I can't find any famous person with the surname LaFleur other than a couple politicans and hockey players. lol.

Sorry, taken up too much of your time.

Christina said...

Btw, I'm shocked so many of you love Juliet and Sawyer together! I hate it, hate it, hate it. Mostly because I really hate Juliet, I guess. And, I, too, do not hate Kate. I kinda want to be her. ;) Regardless, is it Wednesday yet?

Queenie Jeannie said...

Sorry hun, but I had to stop reading at: "Girlfriend needs a new 'do and some hot oil treatments. They had VO5 back in the day, or at least the Dharma equivalent."

LOL! OMG!!! I was thinking the same thing when watching!! I'll be back to read more and join in on all your fun! LOST is the bestest show EVER!!!!!

Ritch in Love said...

I am with ya on Kate. JUST LET SAWYER BE! It kills me!

Queenie Jeannie said...

My head hurts too!!

It's like this show requires a huge, college sized textbook to go along with each season. Lost for Dummies??

Totally love it though, because it keeps you guessing and because you can take from it or add to it to make YOURSELF happy. How on Earth are they going to wrap up all these loose ends by the end of the next season?? They keep making up new ones!!!

Two more days till the next episode!!!!

Jamie said...

Love the re-cap Lula! A bit late commenting but I'm glad I checked in! And yay for Shannon guessing the baby is Ethan, rock on girl!

StampinMom :-)

Anonymous said...