Thursday, May 14, 2009


Did last night's final season finale leave you breathless? Emotionally drained? More confused than ever? Devastated that we have yet another looooong wait before the start of the beginning of the end for Lost?

Yeah, us too.

In the words of The Carpenters, that great superduo of the seventies, "It's gonna take some time, this time..." The recap will be posted soon, but bear with us as we sort and suss out all that took place in last night's 2-hour finale.

I leave you with this...
...the closing image in the last two seconds of the show. It wasn't possible deaths, the shedding of tears, or the headache caused by two hours of pure head-spinning drama that kept me tossing and turning last night. No, it wasn't one hundered and twenty minutes of Lost was this:

For five years we have seen our show open with its well-known, ominous theme, and the title written in white against a black background.

My friends, it seems that beginning is no more. The background is white...the title is in black. It's been reversed. Flipped. Changed.

Yes, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. I caught it. I get ya. Everything has been reversed. Flipped. Changed.

Here. We. Go.


Shannon said...

Right now, I can't figure out which I want to do more...

Make out with Cuse and Lindelof... or smack the crap out of them.

Heather said...

Thanks for no spoilers.

I am gonna watch it today. With Gabe, of course.

Good times.

FROGGITY! said...

I'm with Shannon. Totally feel that way.

I am still having a little mini-mourning this morning for the final season finale. It came so soon! It was so GOOD... but I agree, the white screen... ahhhhh!!!!

Elena said...

I wish we didn't have to wait sooooo long to see more. It makes me crazy! Such a good show last night! Can't wait to hear your take on it all.

CaraBee said...

It. Was. Awesome. And now I need to cry because we have to wait 8 months. Waaaaa!

Karen said...

I just don't even know what to say. Or what to think. Or what to believe.

I feel like everything I thought I knew about this show went right out the window last night.

And yes, I too loved the reverse effect of the end title. Brilliant.

katesafterthoughts said...

I was up last night too! Toss, toss, toss! I was thrown by the twists and turns and unknowns and the white screen was obviously symbolic of the last season.....I LOVED the ending.

Jill said...

Who was that guy with Jacob in the opening???? That's all I thought about all night!
But can I just point out the absolute best lines of the evening????
"It seems like a million years ago."
"Or 30 years from now."
I can't wait to hear what my favorite Lula has to say!!!!

Kat said...

I just watched it. And rewatched it. And I'll watch it again when my mom watches. I love that we got some answers to some questions. But I have a whole stash of new ones!

Michelle said...

Jacob and his buddy remind me of the two fallen angels in Dogma.

Does this mean we can't Suss for the next 8 months?? Can't we still Suss over re-runs? woh-es-us-sussers

Heather said...

OH. MY. STARS. Lula texted me through tears last night and scared me silly that someone would die. I had NO idea that we now have to wait 8 months to see if anyone actually does! And Sawyer sobbing at the edge of the big hole magnet?? Devastating...and yet I was overwhelmed with a need to comfort him. And the whole Jacob thing...totally confusing yet exciting. I can't wait to discuss.

T. said...

They do it to us everytime don't they?!? I am glad they ended it this way...sort of. I was afraid they were going to leave it at the bomb dropping and not let us knpw if it went off or not. There were a lot of biggies for the finale (January...really!! Gosh!!!) but I agree it was the first few minutes again, so if you were in the potty go watch it again online lol! Spoier alert here: the guy at the beginning not yet named with Jacob, who said he wanted to kill Jacob, must be the one responsible fore everybody who is dead showing up throughout the show is what I was thinking. Because Locke is dead as a doornail, so I think this guy inhabits them and gets to read who they were or something, there have been lots of hints about communicating with the dead: Hurley, Miles, all the people showing up again like Jack's dad, Claire ( on the island in Jacob's house) and so forth. The fact that they are calling the final season "redemption" intrigues me even more. I am dying, just dying, to know how the next one will start off. I am wondering if they will not even be on the island but on the plane, and then not crash, and then all connect in life again somehow anyway. But I am also sad this is going to be the last season...this is just the best show and it will just suck to not have it on anymore :( And that flipping of the titles...still has me glued to the light and dark theme that has been floating about for 5 years...oh I am just dying!

Michelle said...

Spoiler Alert -

I could not believe that John Locke was in that box! How funny was Lapidus? Didn't he say something like "lovely" when Ilana showed him what was in the box. lol.

I cried when Juliette said goodbye, and I sobbed more when Sawyer sobbed. So sad. I hated Juliette last season and came to really like her this season.

I can't believe Jack wants to sacrifice everything that happened and start over as if it never happened. If he loves Kate as much as he tells Sawyer he loves Kate why would he sacrifice it?

And I think it would suck if next season is back in the States with the Lostie's meeting each other by chance in the "real world"

Heather said...

Finally got to watch it Friday night.

Holy crap!

Who the heck is Jacob?

The scene where Nadia was hit by the car? I gasped out loud.

Then again when Sayid was shot.

Then again when Locke rolled out of the box.


Can't wait to read the recap!

Rhea said...

I was so frustrated that Jacob was introduced and taken away all in one episode. I liked him. I need to know him more. And WHO IS THE WEIRD GUY WHO TOOK OVER LOCKE'S BODY?!!

Rhea said...

And oh my gosh, Juliet's moment was incredible.

Em said...

I cried. So brilliant to have Juliet do the deed - did NOT see that coming.

8. Long. Months.

I need to go back and watch the whole thing again. I totally missed the flipped background.

Do I have to become an unfollower?

Queenie Jeannie said...

How can there only be ONE MORE SEASON left??? It's so unfair!!! This show makes the rest of tv look like the crap it sad!!!!

But I love this blog because you all make me think of things I had forgotten and make the show even better!!

High fives all around!!!!