Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Follow the Leader"

Where to begin?

Seriously. I don't know where to begin talking about last night's episode. Other than to say it was AWESOME! Uhhh... if you haven't figured it out by now, "awesome" is one of my favorite words.

Well, let's start with Locke. First, I have to point out something that was shown in the "Previously... on Lost" portion before the episode's start. One of the clips shown was of Ben (speaking to Sun) saying about Locke: "Dead is dead... you don't get to come back from that."

So what is up with Locke? Don't get me wrong... I do prefer the confident, purpose-driven Locke we see now over the depressed, lost (no pun intended) Locke we saw just a few episodes ago, in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham". But even Richard says "there's something different about you", when Locke shows up at the Others' camp.

I wonder if Locke has really been brought back to life. Am I the only one thinking this?

The scene with Locke, Ben and Richard arriving at the beech craft... to see LOCKE walk out of the jungle... I still don't get how Locke knew to go there. And knew to bring Richard with him, and what to tell Richard to say. I know Locke said the island told him to go there... but I still don't get it.

Moving on...

Back at the beach, Locke addresses "his people", saying for years they've taken orders from Jacob without knowing his identity or whereabouts... but it's high time they get some answers, and he invites the Others to come with him to see Jacob. Richard and Ben aren't too thrilled with this idea, however...

Richard: "I'm starting to think John Locke is going to be trouble."

Ben: "Why do you think I tried to kill him?"

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, how I love Ben...

Speaking of Ben...

When the Others are marching to see Jacob, Locke reveals to Ben the biggest shock of the night...

Locke doesn't care about reuniting with his friends who are back in 1977... he tells Ben he's going to see Jacob... "so I can kill him."

Do we love the look on Ben's face after he hears this?

Yes. Yes, we do.

Now for what happened in 1977... things are beginning to unravel for our friends who are stuck in the past.

Jack and Kate witness Daniel being shot... then are captured by none other than Charles Widmore.

Meanwhile, back at the barracks, Sawyer and Juliet are handcuffed and interrogated by Radzinsky (who I now refer to as "Radzinsky the Tool"... seriously, what is this guy's problem? And him referring to Kate as Sawyer's "girlfriend" was so not cool. Not cool at all.)

Radzinsky the Tool's fist meets Sawyer's face each time Sawyer refuses to tell the truth about Kate and where they came from.

Do we hate seeing Sawyer's face bruised and bloody?

Yes. Yes, we do.

As if watching Sawyer getting beaten wasn't bad enough... Phil says he has a way to make "LaFleur" talk:

Oh, no he di'int!

Hurley, Miles and Jin are on the run, trying to make it to the beach... when they are discovered by Chang....

Remember back in "Namaste", when Hurley asks, "What if they ask me something I don't know? Like, 'who's the president?'"... and Sawyer tells Hurley to relax, "this ain't a game show"! Turns out, it was the president question that got 'em busted!


Know what else was awesome?

The return of Sayid!

Know what wasn't awesome?

Kate... interrupting a very sweet moment between Sawyer and Juliet! Why, Lost producers, why?! UGH! These two had just professed their love for each other... and Kate has to come in and ruin the moment. I, for one, hope that the season finale puts and end to the Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet love rectangle. At this point, I don't really care if Jack and Kate end up together... but Sawyer belongs with Juliet.

OK, here are things I'm pondering after this episode...

If Locke's purpose is to kill Jacob, and not to bring his friends back from 1977... then why does he keep placating Sun, giving her hope of reuniting with Jin?

What was with all the threats of death in this episode? Radzinsky threatening Sawyer with death if he doesn't talk... Sawyer telling Phil he's a dead man for punching Juliet... Kate telling Jack if he's wrong about the bomb, the whole island dies... Locke on his way to kill Jacob..

And Richard telling Sun that he recognizes Hurley, Kate and Jack from the 1977 "new recruits" photo, because he "watched them all die"? Forgive me, but I'm starting to think this is going to happen to all of the present day folks who time-travelled back to 1977... minus those who have already died, of course (R.I.P., Charlotte and Daniel...)

Here's why:

In the last episode, Daniel said to Jack, "this is our present". I think Danny Boy had much more info to divulge... unfortunately, he was shot dead by his dear old mum before he could spill the deets.

So, Jack wants to detonate the h-bomb in hopes to undo all the misery of the past. But he won't be changing his past... he'll be changing his future.

The 2007 version of Jack has travelled back in time to 1977 BUT this doesn't mean the 1977 version of Jack doesn't exist. Case in point: Miles. Baby Miles and 30-year-old Miles are both presently living on the island. So while Jack 2007 is on the island... somewhere in the world there is also Jack 1977. It is this Jack, the one in 1977, who will board Oceanic 815 in 2004. So if Jack 2007 does succeed in detonating Jughead, this doesn't change his past... it changes the future of his 1977 self. So what happens to the 2007 version of Jack?

Have I lost everyone?

Let's discuss!


Renee said...

This was a great episode, but instead of answering even one question, so many more appeared! Why does Locke want to kill Jacob? I am still at a loss over the whole Jacob phenom. And Sayid Rocks! Saves the day!

Season Finale next week. Can't wait!

FROGGITY! said...

I think Phil's a dead man. Sawyer doesn't forgive and forget easily. Remember Tom and 'That's for taking the kid off the raft!'?? *BLAM!!! He dead.* Yeah. Phil's a goner. Good riddence. And Radzinsky can go suck an egg. Grr. We all know what happens to him.

Now, I keep wondering if Locke is 'in the same place' as Christian and perhaps even Richard... I still am having some issues with the supernatural nature of things... but I am CERTAIN next week will give us all kinds of things to think about.

I think Jack, although he FINALLY is a believer (thank goodness!) may be somehow off mark in his calculations. He always seems to be...

And for the first time I was not a fan of Kate. Did you see Sawyer's face on that sub? I kept thinking... uh oh... he's about to bail (A la Cassidy's warnings about his long term commitment issues)... I suppose they stay and fight. All 3 of em. But I hope they all 3 stay safe and Kate BUTTS OUT. She belongs with Jack anyhow.

GREAT season. I loved this season and will be happy to see the finale but a bit misty eyed to see it go.

CaraBee said...

Great recap, Shannon!

Radzinsky is a total tool. But Phil? For punching Juliet? Bigger tool! What does Radzy think they were there to do? What exactly is the Dharma initiative doing on the island that they are so worried about infiltrators?

The whole h-bomb detonating business throws me off, because doing that would seem to create a paradox. If they don't crash then they would never be on the island to detonate the bomb, right?

I totally agree with you about the love rectangle. I LOVED hearing Sawyer tell Juliet he loved her. Pure awesomeness. Seriously.

Can't wait for next week's episode! How are they going to leave things? Why, oh why, do we have to wait until NEXT FEBRUARY to find out! The agony!

The Royal Family said...

so its going to end before the bomb blows up and I just dont know that I can wait. i'm annoyed. But It was a good episode... and why does Locke want to kill Jacob?

Melissa said...

Ok this show has me brain fried!! But I am going against the grain and say that Sawyer and Kate need to be together!!

They are perfect each other!

Lula! said...

best recap ever.

And I will comment more, when I can take notes on your notes and then sound coherent and stuff. Because I just said "stuff" and that's not acceptable when it comes to discussing Lost.

Brilliant. So glad you did this one. Mine would've sucked. Seriously.

Kat said...

Okay. I am done. So take my name off as contributor...because I haven't. But also because there is no freakin' way I could even begin to compare what you and Lula do.

That being said...I LOVE this episode. And I love watching it with my mom each week. And listen to her contant prattle about confusion and headaches :-)

I cannot wait to see where they go next week...and then how they wrap it up next year. I want to know it all. But I can't imagine it coming to an end!

Em said...

Rock it Shannon!

I loved when Ben commented about starting a coup - excellent.

And I'm beginning to think John is another Christian, which kind of makes me sad, cause he's so cool when he's a bad a.

Last, but certainly not least, I'm starting a petition to have the writers tie Kate to the H-bomb - anyone want to sign? That chick has got. to. go.

Rhea said...

Oh, I'm lost alright. I have no idea where's they're gonna go with this and how things are doing to end up. All this time traveling confusion has me LOST!!

Great recap, Shannon!!

Rhea said...

Oh, yes, I really want Juliet and Sawyer to be together and to keep damn Kate out of it. UGH.

AND, where are the DeGroots? And Alvar Hanso?

AND, how did Ellie and Charles Widmore end up on the seems like they were there for a looooooong time.

T. said...

Oh Sooooo Happy to have found this blog! I am joining right after I post this :) The thing that I am pondering is...we all knew time travel had to come into this bloody thing, and voila this season it did. But, Locke is the key I think. If what they were doing now wasn't going to affect the past, then why would Locke make sure Richard helped his past self with yonder bullet wound? And since the island is guiding him, I think we are going to have a lot more past present flipping and overlapping to scramble our brains further. Don't forget Desmond was our original time poofer saving Charlie over and over again...I believe things are going around in some kind of cosmic loop here. I also still cannot keep my mind off the "light" and "dark" themes over and again (like the backgammon between Locke and Walt, or "Adam & Eve" in the Dharma outfits back in the cave...which couple will they turn out to be? And the kill Jacob line, ugh, at the end of ever episode they do this to me, yet I am hopelessly addicted lol!

Michelle said...

I don't remember if Adam and Eve were in Dharma jumpsuits? were they really?
in that case, they may just be Sawyer and Juliet. OR- Horace and Amy, maybe Evil Ethan put them there in the cave b/c he felt "slightly" bad about letting them die?

Shannon said...

The season finale is just a little over an hour away... I CAN'T WAIT to see how this all goes down! I'm starting to get anxious, though...

I don't like not knowing what's going (or not going) to happen!

Oh, yes... Phil is a dead man. Fo sho.

OMGosh... I can't remember if "Adam & Eve" were found in Dharma 'suits! Were they?! If they turn out to be Sawyer and Juliet... oh, I can't even go there.

Shannon said...


I immediately thought of this when you said Kate needed to be strapped to the h-bomb:


Shannon said...

Another thing...

Just who are the Hostiles/Others? We've seen Widmore and Eloise with Richard back in the 1950s... so were all those other people back then Others?



FROGGITY! said...


this season finale is awesome.

i raise my wine glass to you, Lost sisters.

just dreading the next 9 mos. DREADING it!

sheila said...

Well, you were so DEAD on about Locke after watching the finale! So who is he? That guy in the first scene with Jacob? How would his face transform into Locke?

I cannot believe that next season is the final season. Ughhhh.

Oh, and was that Juilets EYE at the end of the finale? So that would mean that the bomb worked and she's alive.

I didn't catch the book that Jacob was reading when Locke fell out of the window...did you?