Thursday, April 16, 2009

Recap Coming Soon!

Did y'all love last night's episode? Oh my stars, we loved it. LOVED IT! And we have lots to say about it...however, due to life being a little hectic today, the recap will be up later than usual. So please come back tomorrow to suss with us. And thanks for being patient!

In the meantime...
If you have a free moment, head on over to Long Live Locke and show "e" some support. Our favorite Lost blogger has had a tough week. The Lost community is generally a supportive one, full of fun, interesting, and intelligent people who love to discuss this most fabulous show. "e" puts an extraordinary amount of thought and time into her weekly episode recaps, and some lame-o wannabe has outright plagarized her posts, as well as stolen from other well-known Lost bloggers. Not. Cool. At. All.

Finally, our very own Sawyer became a daddy a week ago! Josh Holloway & his wife welcomed their daughter on April 9. People has the story here.

See y'all later!!!

(Edited to add: The post will be up later than I originally expected. Please forgive me and my life, which is definted by the term hectic. Also, please know that the recap will feature a plethora of goodies, including the term "douche," a reference of the movie Hook, and my impassioned plea to includes a marriage proposal. Just sayin'.)


Heather said...

I won't be able to suss until tomorrow anyway. Darn work, getting in the way of Lost.

Can't wait to read the recap.

Can I just say I LOVED Hurley writing the Empire Strikes Back for George Lucas, to make it easier for him? Loved it! (And I wanna try his garlic mayo!)

FROGGITY! said...

LOVED THIS EPISODE!!!! Miles and Hurley: brilliant team! Can't wait to discuss. The past 2 weeks have been a ma zing...

that stinks about the plagarism!! Grrr.

Michelle said...

I LOVED this epi too! It was awesome. I taped it, and watched it again as soon as it ended. Yes Im that much of a geek.

Hurley writing The Empire Strikes Back had me laughing for what seemed like forever. And then his Luke and Vadar analogy to Miles....brilliant.

Well I guess a lot of us called that one, we knew Chang's baby was Mile's. Poor Mile's I feel SO bad for him. He just wants to be loved by his daddy!!!! Daddy issues are a big thing on this island aren't they? Can you think of any one character who had a good dad? B/c I can't.

Oh I almost forgot the goons who kidnapped (briefly) Miles said the statue thing! Maybe they are Other-Others!

Next week is going to be one of those repeats where they show the cliff notes on the bottom of the screen. I can't wait two weeks for more Lost!

I also just read that the guy who played Boone is dating Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen from Twilight).

Karen said...

Can't wait for your recap.

I can't say I LOVED it last night, but I did enjoy it. A lot.

Shannon said...

Good things come to those who wait...

Em said...

What is up with Miles and Hurley talking to dead people - hmmmmm. Those two are great together.

Patiently waiting :-)

Plagerism. Got to love it. String 'em up by their pencil!

Mariah said...

I had no idea there was a LOST blog!!!! Where have you been all my Lost life?!?!?! I am so pumped to read every week. My friends think I'm nuts for writing every Thursday about the epi.