Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Beginning of The End.

While it made me tear up, I really wasn't surprised to receive this message...from the finest cast of the finest show on television:

Strip away every mystery, every unanswered question, and every theory, and what remains is the characters. For six years we have journeyed with these fictional people--and hasn't it been a blast?

We, the viewers, have spent this these final few days preparing for The End. I find it awfully kind and classy for the cast of Lost to have taken a moment out of their day to do the same for their audience.

If you have written or will write a post about our favorite show on your personal blog, we Sussers want to read it! Link it up here and let's all enjoy the very final turn on the exhilarating ride we call Lost.



CaraBee said...

Okay, seriously, I teared up during that 2 minute video. I can't believe it's almost over.

Karen said...

Seriously, what is wrong with me? I couldn't even get through that short video without crying. I'm lame. And I'm going to be a big ol' mess on Sunday.

I wrote a post today that I particularly love, if anyone wants to read it. I didn't link up above because it's not my farewell post, which I'm not posting until Sunday morning. But here's today's post, in which I wrote letters to some of the characters:

Melissa said...

Why am I so emotional over a TV show? I feel like I know these people and I will never see them again. And if I do see them again, it will be like Phil Connor on Groundhog's Day....a repeat of what I've already seen.

Queenie Jeannie said...

What an awesome finale!!!! Apart from never having this show end...this was perfect! I can't believe they did such a great job. No, not all my questions were answered but I'm still very satisfied. And I'm SO relieved that the alternate endings were just spoofs as I really couldn't have handled that otherwise!!!!

One last question...why was Ben not in the church?? If Sayid could be forgiven, why not Ben?? Anyone?

Michelle said...

Hey Jeanne, I think Ben couldn't yet forgive himself for what happened to Alex.
I don't understand why everyone else (Frank, Charlotte, Dan, Eloise, Miles) were in the church?