Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Incident, Part 3

My apologies for not having this up sooner... but, such is life.

If you need to recap the, uh... recap: Part 1 & Part 2


In this installment of the finale recap, there is only one encounter during 2007, so I'll start with that. Locke, Richard and the rest of the Others finally reach the four-toed statue (or rather, what's left of it)

Richard reveals to Locke that Jacob lives beneath the statue... Locke sure does look surprised by this news. Hmmmm...


First up is Jack's dura sac surgery... the one he told Kate about in the pilot episode. Christian is observing the operation, but when Jack can't calm down, he threatens to take over.

After the surgery, Jack takes his anger out on a poor, unsuspecting candy machine. Christian comes to tell Jack the surgery was a success, but Jack confronts his father regarding Christian's putting him in a "time-out in front of my team" and accuses Christian of not believing in him. It's then that Jack has a very brief encounter with Jacob... but they touch fingers, nonetheless.

The other flashback pertains to Juliet... her parents are telling her and her sister of their decision to divorce.

Kat points out that while this is supposed to take place sometime in the 1970s, nothing... the hair, the clothes, the furniture... looks very 70s-ish...

Juliet's mother tells her, "Just because two people love each other, doesn't always mean they're supposed to be together". And we also should note that this is the only flashback that does not involve Jacob.


The events from 1977 left off with Sawyer, Juliet and Kate standing in the road, blocking the VW van.

When Jack busts out of the van, Sawyer tells him they need to talk... Sawyer needs "5 minutes to say what I gotta say". Jack agrees to listen, and follows Sawyer into the jungle.

Sawyer tells Jack the story of how his parents died... and that this just happened last year. Sawyer could have taken the sub to the mainland and stopped his dad... but explains to Jack the reason he didn't is because "what's done is done". Jack counters that it doesn't have to be that way. Sawyer wants to know what did Jack "screw up so bad the first time around" that he is now willing to blow up a nuclear bomb in order to have a second chance. Jack confesses he wants Kate back but it's too late for him to "just go get her". Jack tells Sawyer his 5 minutes are up and goes to leave... but then, the rumble in the jungle ensues!

Y'all, this smack down has been five years in the making...

Juliet breaks up the fight (if you can call it that... "fight" usually refers to 2 or more persons, but Jack was clearly getting his butt whooped). She tells Sawyer that she has changed her mind, and that Jack is right in setting off the bomb. Sawyer demands to know why Juliet has changed her mind...

Juliet's answer is that maybe they were never supposed to be together and tearfully tells Sawyer, "If I never meet you, then I never have to lose you."

I'm sure Lula will wax poetic on the brilliant acting of Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell in the next portion of the finale recap... and she would do these two more justice than I ever could... but let me just say it was at this point of the finale where my tears started flowing...

Whilst Juliet is telling Sawyer about her change of mind, Kate and Jack have their own heart-to-heart.

In regards to setting off the bomb, Jack tells Kate, "nothing in my life has ever felt so right" and that he needs to know Kate believes that.

Jack: "Are you with me?"

Kate: "Yes."

Jack: "Then let's go."

Let's go, indeed...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Funniest Ever.

Please watch.  Please Love...

Are you kidding me?
Captain Jack
Harry Potter

All on the island.  Together.  As it should be.  Amen.

Brilliant.  Hilarious.  Genius.